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Found 42 results

  1. Tough choice Mafia Thread

    I have been trying to figure out what i want to do in this game and in this topic i would like to talk about the mafia side of things. I would like any one and every one to please flood this with the perks and downfalls with starting a crime syndicate. If i do i already have almost all the layouts already made but i'm kinda stuck in the choice. The other thread is under "the precinct" thanks for all your input.
  2. Gang war [pt/br and en/us]

    PT/BR A guerra de gangs com certeza é algo que vamos ver no jogo, porém o que todos nós estamos ansiosos para ver é como vai funcionar essas batalhas mortais ! Esta publicação tem varias perguntas que para os olhos de um desenvolvedor podem ser ótimas ideias para implementar no jogo. Acredito que um RANKING com as principais gangs do servidor seria uma ideia ótima para implementar no jogo, pois iria despertar a competitividade dentro do jogo. também seria legal, se houvesse uma fase de aprovação para entrar em uma gang, exemplo: Assaltar uma joalheria famosa ou ter entrado na prissão pelo menos 3 vezes para entrar na gang. Google Translate EN/US Gang warfare is sure to be something we're going to see in the game, but what we're all looking forward to is how these mortal battles will work! This publication has several questions that for the eyes of a developer can be great ideas to implement in the game. I believe that a RANKING with the main gangs of the server would be a great idea to implement in the game, since it would awaken the competitiveness within the game. it would also be cool if there was a passing phase to get into a gang, for example: robbing a famous jewelry store or entering the prison at least 3 times to get into the gang.
  3. Greetings. I am Centro. Upon looking at Identity, I have been interested in filling out applications. I am looking for things prior to work. Be it taxi driver, spy, private detective, thief, bartender, cook, paintball referee, waiter, hunter, or others. I'm interested in things related to legal work to illegal work. Keep in mind that I will only choose one job. You might be saying to yourself if you're a police officer, "He steals? We cannot hire him." Which isn't a bad idea, but keep in mind that I will only be working for one person. If chosen as a detective, there will be no thievery or random murder for me. If I am a criminal, I will not help the police. The job that I choose will go with the character, therefore if you are needing someone to trust, I am your man. If you are chosen as my boss, then I will solely work for you and work under you with following all the laws and rules you provide. Please keep in mind that I will be in 100% RP mode once I am in game. Things I am looking for: Seriousness - no trolls Formal - well written - in depth application Owners who are above the age of 17 Understands the full rules of Metagaming Understands that anything we talk about will be between me and the person I am talking with, not their character (Unless in RP) Full honesty in the recruitment process (ex; You say you are a detective agency when in all honesty it's a Family/Gang. Ex2; You have 4 people in the company but state 100 in the interview) I do not work with KOS/RDM organizations - We are here to RP, not to go on a killing spree Looking for organizations/jobs where you believe negotiation before pulling the trigger (ask if confused on what I mean) Understands that there are other things I may be looking for that may not be written above Aware that it is not first come first serve so make use of what you say to me More than 4 members Please contact me on Discord: Centro#5836 or here on the forums. Please be aware that I will only respond to private messages. All posts under the comments section for recruitment will be disqualified. I wish to work for an organization that can listen. [EDIT Added Content ] I may sound like a cherry picker, but here is why. Multiple people have come up to me. Why choose first come first serve when there's perhaps better organizations out there? I like to choose and compare to see if it will fit my needs, as well as there's. Not just pick it and move on with it. Thanks Centro
  4. LORDS

    No more trouble! DO YOU NEED A "SOLUTION"? CALL THE LORDS! OUR SERVICES In prison or on the streets, we are the solution. MURDER PROTECTION BEATING DEPREDATION “Behind every successful fortune there is a crime.” Mario Puzo, The Godfather WORK WITH US !!! Our leader? An anonymous police officer (corrupt)
  5. Lords (No More Problems)

    (We don't need) No, we don't need (no more trouble) No more trouble! (We don't need no more trouble) DO YOU NEED A "SOLUTION"? CALL THE LORDS! OUR SERVICES In prison or on the streets, we are the solution. MURDER PROTECTION BEATING DEPREDATION WORK WITH US !!! Our leader? An anonymous corrupt police officer
  6. Hello I wanna ask how much members can there be in one criminal gang. Would it be like infinity? That would make no sence cuz there are 300 people on 1 server and if its only 1 gang well no balance. I think 10-15 member per gang would be good. What do you guys think?
  7. We all know how the police department will work, but what about the criminal gangs. Ive got many questions in my head. Will they have own big cartell villas / bases ? How do you create such a gang? Are they already pre created and if there are bases its already chosen for these gangs ?
  8. Hello How will this whole court system and jail time work. Is it: a) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to a court room where he has to wait till a judge speaks out his sentence or the more better option imo.. b) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to the police station, where he gets put in from there to his jail room and has to wait his time. The time should be based on the wanted level the criminal got catched at. The wantet level shouldnt go away even if he logs off, since irl the crime doesnt go away either, think of it like that. At best the crime level should be lowered by some levels after 1 week or longer. Also you could get up to 99 or infinity wanted levels, it shouldnt just be stuck at 6 like in gta? So the times would look like this: for each wanted level its 30 mins. So for 10 wanted levels the criminal should have to sit 300 mins in jail or 5 hours. Then the criminal levels should be given like 2 for speeding over the speed limit, 6-8 for light roberry, 10 for killing someone, 10-20 for heavy bank heists and the list goes on from there. But dont be afraid to put on long sentences. Its the players choice if they wanna be criminal and try to get money faster than the average hard working civilian but then he has to also pay the price IN TERMS OF SITTING IN JAIL. Please respect this opinion and try to implement as much as you can like this in the game. Believe me it will work out so good. best regards Sun Diego
  9. Black Diamond Enterprises

    Black Diamond Enterprises Demonestra's Office (More darker wood and more modernized.) Themes About Us Black Diamond Enterprises is a business enterprise with many similarities of a normal Corporate Business, our goals are to be one of the best and biggest organizations out there, consisting of mostly manufacturing, transporting, security, and influence. We mostly got our inspiration from Grand Theft Auto Online's business tactics and gameplay with the whole CEO Offices and Businesses, Biker Businesses, and VIP work. We consist of a loyal crew with people willing to jump in and grind and make this Enterprise huge and booming. See ya'll soon. History Matthew Demonestra, or previously known as...Classified... started out as a middle class guy from Nashville, Tennessee as hopes of living a successful life. Life didn't want to give that to him and people, family, everything was giving him severe problems and he decided when he turned 18 was to pack up and leave. He landed on the island in hopes to start fresh and live a better life. Life here gave him shit aswell, and he was living poor and alone on the island. One day he bumped into one of his old friends Jose from back home and he saw the shitty way Matthew was in so he took to him place for awhile and discussed and catched up on alot. He told him that he was investing alot into Cryptocurrency and make a large amount of money and he wanted to start something big together. They sat in their condo for hours and hours discussing their plans. They finally decided on a Corporate Business and soon named it what it is today Black Diamond Enterprises. They used their conjoined cash to buy a classy Old Spice wooden style office in the highest building in Ash Hill and bought everything they needed for it. Jose would apoint Matthew to the CEO of Black Diamond Enterprises and soon he become his right hand COO of Black Diamond. Their plans was to make it a normally booming business legal wise, but Matthew decided to go a different route. Matthew made connections with local Mafias and large criminal organizations into making a huge profit more than any business on the island combined could think of. Matthew gathered a bunch of his old friends that were willing to take part in the whole deal and sat down and made a structure. Head of Production, Head of Smuggling, Head of Security, Head of Influence, Head of Logistics, Head of Operations, Underbosses for the heads, Sicarios for any rival organization issues, and Obreros for each section of work. They bought warehouses, Casinos, Businesses, setting up everything... all in all Matthew and Jose's simple idea of a business would turn into one of the biggest and most profitable business to their wildest dreams. Criminal Activities Drug Manufacturing, Weapon Manufacturing, Contract Killing, Illegal Gambling, High End Burglary, Racketeering, Rum Bootlegging, Loansharking, Police Corruption, Extortion, Money Laundering, Coercion, High End Hijacking. (Note: Some of the bad stuff like Coercion and Extrotion are only for dire circumstances and rivals, we're not here to hurt the general public... to either help or keep them far from harms way.) Hierarchy CEO of Black Diamond Detective Bulletstorm COO of Black Diamond Flamezz3344 Head of Production Spud Child Head of Smuggling ╣☃Nickofluffy☃╠ Head of Security TheChamp Head of Influence Miller Miljic Head of Logistics SpasticFantastic Head of Operations DefintlyNotReal Underbosses ------------------------------ GigglyPanda Jin Nolan Levack Consul DevilGuy -Vacant- Sicarios Employees Snadoshia JoshieHD Ben H. Philips Milo Jason Bourne Associates Maxwell_Entertainment RedDoesGaming EDDIE SPAGETTI NIGGEFETY Radio Aziz Chloe Allied The Moretti Mafia The Luprano Mafia Farmers Market Bourne Car Rentals Ice Jewelers Apaches MC Information CEO of Black Diamond The Chief Executive Officer of Black Diamond, he runs the heads, underbosses, obreros, everyone with a bit of freedom to keep everyone happy. He makes connections with the deepest of organizations and plans for activities, mostly with the Operations sector. COO of Black Diamond The Chief Operating Officer of Black Diamond and the CEO's Second in Command, he runs the company just as much as the CEO, basically an extra pair of hands to work with the load. Head of Production Head of Production runs the Underboss of Production and the Obreros of that section. They'd control a variety of warehouses and places to consist of making anything and everything that'll sell for a high price, Weed, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, PSP, LSD, Speed, Illegal Snipers, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, Pistols, Melees, Documents, you name it, we do it and the Head of Production is the ring leader. Head of Smuggling Head of Smuggling is basically the Smuggler, anything that can be smuggled, transported, exported we do it, the Head's Underboss runs the Obreros to transport their goods quickly, swiftly, without getting in to much trouble, so this sector only hires the best in Smuggling/Trafficking. Head of Security Head of Security and its Underboss and Obreros run the sector of... well... Security, they can range from Security of High End Officials, basically keeping the Enterprise secure from any and all forms of threat. Head of Influence Head of Influence and its staff are the connections other than the CEO. They get normal people into either working with or investing into Black Diamond, their major skill in persuasion and charisma take a major part into this sector of work Head of Logistics Logistics is considered the most simple sector in Black Diamond, sorta like Velocity Logistics but with a twist, if someone needs some equipment or anything transported, we'll do it at a price, simple as that. Head of Operations The Operations sector might be considered the most hardest in Black Diamond, but also the most rewarded. Employees in this sector will have a Large area of jobs and activities to work under. Employees can go from High End Hijacking of tuner cars and luxury vehicles, to Racketeering, to Rum Bootlegging, to Loansharking, to Illegal Gambling rings, to Money Laundering, to anything imaginable, it goes here in Operations. Underboss The, well Underboss of the Heads of each sector of work. They take the work load off of the Head and control the work of the Obreros of their sector, keeping things in check as they see fit. Employees Spanish for "worker", the Obreros are the main workforce of Black Diamond and keeping it ontop. Without any Obreros, they would be nothing and Black Diamond would fail in an instant. Their designated sector is where they work at, they are the most respected piece of Black Diamond Siacrios Associates The Assocates are not fully apart of Black Diamond, just there for support or small time help or anyone will be put here until they get hired for a position in the Sectors of work. Allied The connections and allies of Black Diamond, giving the Enterprise and HUGE wide range of network in the criminal world, more trade, more profit, and less enemies come outta here. Recruitment/Connections If you're interested in joining and/or connected as making a connection with eachother and making a deal, Add me on Discord to join my server and the process will go through with Me and the COO there. Discord: -Requirements to join- -Must be 16+ y/o -Have a mic -Have or going to pledge to TS -Active atleast once or twice a week Note: This is a WIP
  10. Backstory of a stuggling artist

    Initially a struggling portrait artist, D. Marlboro began his career capturing the character of Ash Hill’s most lively citizens. Rarely getting paid for the pleasure however, he reluctantly turned his hand to forging fine art. His attention to detail and undeniable natural ability quickly made him successful and with this success came money, more money than he had ever dreamed of making as an artist. With the money however came pressure, pressure to churn out forgeries, pressure to perform, pressure to undertake more lucrative cons like counterfeiting…his small cosy studio quickly became more and more like a sweatshop with deadlines, backlogs, angry (and dangerous) customers. Coping poorly, and as many of the creatively inclined do, he turned to the bottle, and then, to various other…substances. This dependency quickly overtook him, driving him further from the artistic expression he cherished and pursued initially and culminated in a severe case of writer’s block. Unable to summon the energy to meticulously scour over and reproduce the more popular workings of the grand masters, his debt began to mount exponentially and it quickly became obvious something needed to be done. Being all too aware of the value of art (real and fake)and with his contacts in both the artistic community and black-market he figured he could flip an original painting or two for a tidy profit, pay off his debt and escape the criminals he had inadvertently fallen in with. The challenge however was doing this without any capital. A cheap plastic party mask and an old, rusted unreliable shotgun later he had pulled off what the press described as a ‘strong arm robbery’ but in reality was much more like a hectic smash and grab. Regardless, a new bug had bitten; he no longer craved the chemical highs but the massive and natural adrenaline rush which comes post heist. The arm full of paintings he had secured from his first job where enough to cover his debt and buy his freedom. Finally free but with only a couple thousand dollars to his name he retired the old shotgun replacing it with a much more manageable and reliable .45 pistol, replaced his plastic party mask with a non-descript black ski mask and began planning his next hit. It wasn’t long before the target of his heists became irrelevant and he branched out from galleries into local shops and businesses and eventually into the realm of banks and the ever more challenging stash houses of drug dealers and criminals who had harassed and threatened him in the not so distant past… Thoughts, feedback appriciated!
  11. Bank Heist Crew

    I just need a few people to rob banks with me, we will call ourselves The Counterfeits.
  12. Police & Criminal Features

    These suggestions I think would add immersion to the roleplay in-game. If any are already planned, I apologize! Traffic Stops 1. Ability to see and "smell" items in a vehicle. 2. Ability to give citations, impound a vehicle, and give verbal/written warnings. Felony Stop 1. Ability to put hands up. 2. Ability to throw keys out of the window. 3. Ability to show waistband for weapons. Searching 1. Add a cool searching system where you actually look for items instead of a mechanic doing it for you. This can lead to things not been seen and stuff. This goes for people, vehicle, and property searching. Patrol 1. Many areas to patrol and escape. 2. Places to have realistic response times (a few minutes or more). Case Law & Procedures 1. To base mechanics for police from real life procedures used by real life departments. 2. To base police mechanics from case law and other laws like searching a person, arresting, etc. 3. Make the academy a big challenging to pass. This is to filter people who are there to mess around and who actually want to be a police officer. Force 1. Ability to drag people. 2. Ability to remove people from a vehicle and put them in a vehicle (must open the door first then remove/add)) 3. Ability to cuff/uncuff people. Other officer can add his cuffs and then other cuffs are removed to transfer someone in cuffs. 4. Ability to fight and tackle. Can be a fist fight, baton fight, etc. 5. Add peperspray (can spread to other people and yourself depending on the weather). 6. Animation for upholstering gun. Ability to put hand on holster to remove faster. Have any of your own suggestions? Comment them below!
  13. Bank Robbers

    wouldn't it be cool if we can pull big heists so we can buy like every thing in the game?
  14. Kidney

    So, you can almost do anything in this game. Then I am gonna ask; can you steal kidneys in this game?
  15. Hi guys! I think a cool idea would be if there was a last rank in the career for cops, being captain, where those in that position(only one position for one station) had a lot of power to change things and being like the leader for cops with the most authority. Also a job as city major where it would be similar to captain having much control/power and only having one for each city. For the cime bosses/gang leaders it would be cool if the person to create the gang itself to be the boss and to be able let others join the gang also giving people in his/her gang different permissions or ranks and other stuff. There should be a voting system as well if the current leader left his position ad leader or the entire gang. I would love to see these jobs/careers/ranks and also to see them have different options, like having to manage non-personal economy. For example if you are the captain of a police station and you want to buy in weapons for the station that the officers are then gonna use against criminals and maybe the station can't afford high quality weapons like m4's then you might have to buy cheaper and less effective, also being able to fire people(with limitations and restrictions so it wont be easy to abuse) and to be able to tell other police officers where they should patrol. For the gang leaders/crime bosses they should also be able to manage the gangs economy and be able to call hits on people and call gang wars. And lastly for the major he should be able to manage the cities wealth and economy and also being the person with most power being in a higher position than even the captain, shop owners and pretty much everyone except for gang members(also forgot to mention the firefighters, they should also have a captain) it would be nice if the major had a lot of different options in changing things like taxes etc. Also obviously it should be hard to get to these positions. You should have to be in the second highest rank of the career or gang, since the highest would be the captain/leader/major, and also there should be a voting system for these positions. If you read all of this then thank you so much! And please leave a comment down below about what you think of this idea.
  16. Secret trap doors

    I was imagining playing the game. And I thought of working black market. So I was thinking of the police breaking into my house to search for the weapons i'm selling. If I don't have a secret "area" such as a trap door in the floor. Because I'm pretty sure that the police would find an AK-47 if it was hanging on the wall in my living room. So I would like a trap door implemented into the game.
  17. hello it's to know if I can for example be a business leader and criminal. Because if we only do criminal we have no cover. Could you be a policeman and criminal (a fake policeman).
  18. Crime Organization

    Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce myself to all my fellow criminals, warlords, masterminds, alike. I shouldn't have to tell you who I am as you should already know, just like I know who you are...and if you do not know who I am, well then watch the island news once in a while and you will find out who I am real quick. But enough of that names White Mask, and since this whole policitical mumble jumble bull shhhi....crap is going down on who wants to be a governor of this great city of ours. I think it's time for the criminal underground to become one....I know what your saying 'nope I'm not joining you Mr. Mask ' good cause I don't want your sorry ass either, what have you done to make a name for yourself!....sorry sorry went off on a tangent there, what I'm saying is this. Let's have a higher group of organization which will have the brightest evil criminal masterminds of the island just to talk business make sure that everyone is making money, I know I know....what if we are not on the same page and the leaders of their gang or whatever you want to be called is feuding with each other? Well my dear boy it's simple this criminal organization will be like a safe zone so to speak. This safe zone is where you can have a one on one meeting with the leader of your rival and talk terms or whatever you want, like money or territory. Or call a sit down with all members of the court and hash it out together. Like I said we can have a massive sit down with all the leaders of their orginaizations and talk about, territory's or how we can take down the government of this city and turn it into our city! Or I don't care we can just has a sit down and drink and eat good food the choice is long as you know that it's a safe zone and there is no killing in the safe zone...even though that is a against my better judgement rules are rules. now if my fellow criminals like this idea we can go to the next step and coming up with a name of this organization, who should sit on this court, standard rules, get what I'm saying so what do you say? (just post let me know what u guys think and if I get enough people who like the idea we will get it going on discord and on the forum and if your in come up with a name for it, make some rules up and we can all have a sit down and hash it out like the criminal, masterminds we are)
  19. Car Odometers

    I think it would be cool if the vehicles had a working odometer on them. The more mileage you put on your car the less it is valued in the market. also the criminals could buy some tools to dial the odometer back on older cars.
  20. Bank robberies are one of many illegal activities that criminals may participate in. The take all depends on the amount of cops present at the scene. Basically: Higher Difficulty=Bigger Payout. However, I think it would be cool if you could put some more creativity in the planning and perhaps even complete a majority of the heist in a cop-free phase. Police chasing the crew after the scene is inevitable, but atleast there wouldn't be cops swarming when you crack the vault (with a lot of added effort of course to pull off). Perhaps even being able to tip off inside workers to arrange something that'll help the crew such as disarming the radio transceivers that detonate she packs in cash or looping camera feed.
  21. Hey, I plan on cooking "CRYSTAL" for a living. I imagine owning large scale corporation, and working with others of my same interest. contact me if you think you can cook. I will discuss with the mayor the benefits and qualities of "CRYSTAL". Thanks!
  22. Gangs

    My idea for this game is to implement some realistic gang programming. Where you can throw up gang signs (Maybe make your own gang sign?), Gang Tags (Make your own gang graffiti?) ,Shake hands with gang members, get gang tattoos, customize low riders, actual gang clothes of South central LA area (Crips, bloods, Surenos (Mexican gang) ) This will not only make the game more realistic but good for gang fights. Implement a system for gang members to sell drugs. Implement a drivebuy system. This isn't hard to put in the game as there small but great features that would make the gang side more realistic. Make is so when you walk in the hood its like real life and you know your in the wrong territory and your bound to get hit up and you know your in a dangerous place.
  23. Career Poll(improved)

    Hi, I was thinking this would be an interesting topic in the community. I haven't seen any of this kind of poll yet, so I decided to do one myself. I hope you all answer to this poll edited on May 12.
  24. Bail!

    Assuming it isn't a violent crime such as armed robbery, assault, or murder; would you be offered bail. For those unsure as to exactly what bail is: Bail is money that you pay to the court that allows you to be released until your court date, if you break no other crimes and follow the conditions of the bail, you will receive the money back. In real life the bail price is determined by an individuals wealth, would that be in the game as well?