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Found 8 results

  1. Kryukov Crime Familly Founded : 1970's Founded by : Mikhail Kryukov , Vladislav Bryukhanov Founding Location : Miami,Florida,USA Years active :1970's - present Membership : 20 made members, 500 associates PRESENTATION Mikhail Kryukov is the long-standing boss of the Kryukov crime family. Arriving in Miami in 1968 with close friend Vladislav Bryukhanov, Kryukov quickly set up extortion rackets in the italian and russian immigrant community. With Mikhail strategizing and Vladislav provided the muscle, the pair took control of the Miami Southport docks in the early 1970s, which made for easy smuggling alcohol and drugs. His family ruled the city for the next decade, operating discreetly with close ties to both politicians and police. Kryukov-Possad War Tension between the Kryukov and Possad families erupted into the Kryukov-Possad War. His Consigliere Vladislav conspired with Possad capo Serguei Maklilovich to bring an an end to the war by placing a bomb in maklilovich's car. This conflict ultimately cost Kryukov his underworld primacy. Current Operations Following the end of the Kryukov-Possad War, the Kryukov crime family controlled over eighty percent of the Mafia's business in Miami making it the most powerful family in the city. However, the war had weakened them significantly and the Kravchenko Crime Family moved in on many of their operations. Although they are not as powerful as they were in the past, they keep a tight grip on the docks and shipping industry via Anatoly Dyatlov, who is vital for their illegal import/export rackets. By late 1992, the Kryukov family had retaken their place asthe top family due to the deaths of serguei Mikalilovich and Vladimir Kalinka along with many of their men. Mikhail Kryukov Mikhail Kryukov was born in Soviet Russia in 1951 . After arriving in Miami in 1968 with close friend Vladislav Bryukhanov, Kryukov quickly set up extortion and smuggling rackets in the italian and russian immigrant community. Together they built the most successful criminal organization in the city's history with Vladislav providing the muscle and Mikhail the brains. Mikhail operates discreetly, having close ties to politicians and police. When tension between the Kryukov and Possad families erupted into Kryukov-Possad War. He emerged from the conflict victorious but weakened. He is one of the most feared and respected bosses in Miami with interests in construction and gambling. Kryukov also controls the Miami Southport dockworkers union, using his influence to bleed money from the merchant vessels that use his workforce. Controlling the port also enables him to smuggle black market goods into the city. He lives in a large mansion on the outskirts of Miami beach and owns The liberty bar, which uses it to launder money from his other less legitimate businesses. He also owns numerous racehorses and spends a lot of his time at the Miami Race Track. IMPORTANT PEOPLE Vladislav Bryukhanov Victor Bout Criminal activities : Drug trafficking weapons trafficking murder kidnapping racketeering extortion ransom theft fraud illegal gambling money laundering robbery fencing IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE Kryukov CRIME FAMILY MESSAGE ME Kryukov Mafia 2018
  2. Backstory of a stuggling artist

    Initially a struggling portrait artist, D. Marlboro began his career capturing the character of Ash Hill’s most lively citizens. Rarely getting paid for the pleasure however, he reluctantly turned his hand to forging fine art. His attention to detail and undeniable natural ability quickly made him successful and with this success came money, more money than he had ever dreamed of making as an artist. With the money however came pressure, pressure to churn out forgeries, pressure to perform, pressure to undertake more lucrative cons like counterfeiting…his small cosy studio quickly became more and more like a sweatshop with deadlines, backlogs, angry (and dangerous) customers. Coping poorly, and as many of the creatively inclined do, he turned to the bottle, and then, to various other…substances. This dependency quickly overtook him, driving him further from the artistic expression he cherished and pursued initially and culminated in a severe case of writer’s block. Unable to summon the energy to meticulously scour over and reproduce the more popular workings of the grand masters, his debt began to mount exponentially and it quickly became obvious something needed to be done. Being all too aware of the value of art (real and fake)and with his contacts in both the artistic community and black-market he figured he could flip an original painting or two for a tidy profit, pay off his debt and escape the criminals he had inadvertently fallen in with. The challenge however was doing this without any capital. A cheap plastic party mask and an old, rusted unreliable shotgun later he had pulled off what the press described as a ‘strong arm robbery’ but in reality was much more like a hectic smash and grab. Regardless, a new bug had bitten; he no longer craved the chemical highs but the massive and natural adrenaline rush which comes post heist. The arm full of paintings he had secured from his first job where enough to cover his debt and buy his freedom. Finally free but with only a couple thousand dollars to his name he retired the old shotgun replacing it with a much more manageable and reliable .45 pistol, replaced his plastic party mask with a non-descript black ski mask and began planning his next hit. It wasn’t long before the target of his heists became irrelevant and he branched out from galleries into local shops and businesses and eventually into the realm of banks and the ever more challenging stash houses of drug dealers and criminals who had harassed and threatened him in the not so distant past… Thoughts, feedback appriciated!
  3. Money System Ideas

    Money System Ideas Concept Firstly I would like to explain my concepts then I will go into more detail for some additions to the money system (some may be in the game or they may be in planning, I don't know what they have planned.) What I was thinking of is different states of money such as Dirty money (Money obtained unlawfully) Clean money (Money obtained lawfully). I will now explain what systems could be added. Clean Money The use of Clean money would be to use to buy items for your person, house ext... And you would be able to deposit the money into a bank or the game equivalent and also inside your house. This type of money you could use anywhere and you would not have to do anything to it to use it at all places. Dirty Money The way you would get Dirty money is by robbing a bank or any other big place that would have a large amount of money. The way this money could come into play is if there is a bank robbery instead of the robbers being able to deposit the money into the bank and it would be safe. It would add an extra "cleaning" method you would have to do. This would involve a system of if you had $10,000 of dirty money you would have to pay 20% of the money you want to be cleaned. If you choose not to clean the money you would not be able to deposit the money into a bank but would have to store it in your house or yourself, So if the police found dirty money on you they could investigate where the money came from. Notes There could be a few other ways you could gain dirty money through "black market" trades with players (it would be up to the players if you want dirty money or clean) The police could have a system on their computers to check if the money you have is dirty money. Such as if you got pulled over by the police and you had $10,000 on you they would question you why you had that amount on you and if you don't have an explanation they could run the money through a computer and see if its dirty (involved in a robbery) or clean (legally obtained) This is my second suggestion check my first suggestion out here :
  4. Welcome to The Peaky Blinders. One of the most feared and respected organisations around. Allies of the Luprano Family. The hierarchy of the Peaky Blinders: 1. Council of 6 - Highest ranking members 2. Officers - Run the lower ranks, bring issues to the Council of 6. 3. Enforcers - Enforce the Peaky Blinders rules on anybody (gang member/civilian/police/politician). 4. Hitmen/Assassins - Do the Council of 6 bidding. 5. Protection - Provide protection to members shops, businesses, Peaky Blinders businesses and provide protection to high ranking members. 6. Soldiers - Represent the Peaky Blinders on the streets, work your way up our ranks, attack rivals on sight, provide protection for Peaky Blinders. 7. Shop owners/Businesses - Shop owners who run their shops but aid the Peaky Blinders in providing guns/clothes/cars to us. We provide protection for them. Our Rules Are As Followed: Take the oath of silence Do not join a rival gang Do not aid the police in investigations regarding the Peaky Blinders Do not disrespect another member of the Peaky Blinders Always be loyal to the Peaky Blinders Be obedient How to join: PM peakyblinder (ME) Take the oath of Silence You must then complete the Initiation of the Peaky Blinders
  5. Like let's say a thug points a gun at you and asks for wallet and phone. Or a bank robbery is taking place and you're being kept hostage.Or a random crazy stranger just comes up to you and kills you with a weapon. I still don't know much about the specific of this game but considering that this is a Life rpg, it is to be suspected.
  6. Drop Off & Robbery

    Hi Guys, I plan on playing out my life in Identity through organised crime, but in a way that perhaps hasn't been thought of as of yet. What I'm thinking of doing is arranging an organisation that specialises in home robberies. Naturally, it will require confirmation from the Devs to say whether or not this would be possible, but what I'm thinking is having a coalition between couriers who pick up & drop off at people's homes for online purchases and thieves who are willing to sneak into these people's homes and steal their goods. The way this would play out would be as follows: A player orders an item online from another player, and decides instead of collecting the item they would prefer to have it delivered to their property. The courier is assigned the task of collecting and dropping off the item for the purchasing player. After being assigned the task, the courier contacts a thief and they travel to the purchasing player's property together. Close by to the property, the thief exits the vehicle and sneaks up to the property. Both players agree a rendezvous location for after the robbery has taken place. The courier then arrives at the property and proceeds to drop of the assigned item to the purchasing player. Meanwhile, the thief sneaks into the property by an alternate means of entry and robs items from the purchasing player's home. This would have to be completed within a pre-agreed timescale to maximise effectiveness. After the item has been dropped off with the purchasing player, the courier and the thief rendezvous at the agreed location and move onto the next job. This could be complicated by purchasing players owning pets that could give away the thief's location, or if the purchasing player is in fact a cop/SWAT an on-the-spot arrest could take place and the thief is sent to prison. Just a thought! Let me know what you guys think of the idea, and whether it is something you would like to see in-game! JFeetzz.
  7. So, I was reading the Reddit Q&A forum, and noticed that there was a question about armored vehicles. The response was that maybe S.W.A.T would have armored vans, but other than than their wasn't any. My question is, would players be able to steal an armored S.W.A.T van and drive it into a warehouse somewhere to use for some kind of heist they plan later on? This is assuming they disable any trackers and lose the heat.
  8. What would you do?

    So if you was getting robbed (Or in a place that was (Such as the bank). What would you do? Would you listen to the thieves? Or would you fight! Share your details here