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  1. I am confused

    Saaaad! but thanks for the reply!
  2. I am confused

    Is the game out yet? I can't tell because I haven't received any e-mail D:
  3. body customization

    How much can you customize your character? Can I add long hair, big or small breasts and bum to a female character if I'd wanted to?
  4. Can you....

    Can you be a cop at day...AND a stripper at night?
  5. Kidney

    I mean if you are this bad-ass guy who beats people if they don't pay, and collects their teeth as a reward... I guess you can be a tooth fairy, in a criminal brutal way.
  6. Trucking Empire

    Yay trucks!
  7. I was wondering what would happen to your character if you logged out from the game in your house. Will your character stay and sleep in your bed (for example, in Rust the body is still there.), or does your character disappear when you log out?
  8. Kidney

    Yes to the organ market!
  9. Kidney

    Dark but hilarious indeed! I haven't asked them yet since I live in another time-zone. I'll try to catch their stream soon as possible.
  10. Kidney

    Thank you so much for the reply, I'll ask Beach_Ball when he is live.
  11. Kidney

    So, you can almost do anything in this game. Then I am gonna ask; can you steal kidneys in this game?