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  1. BODYBUILDING Can we do bodybuilding like are there gyms available in the game? It'll be cool if so players body size won't look the same like in GTA online.
  2. Job you would like (first choice): Assassination/Hitman. Job you would like (second choice): Drug Trafficking. Job you would like (third choice): Robbery/Hijacking. Age: 20 How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to The Traffickers? At least more then 15 Are you an avid "life" server player? Yes, I am eager to do many things. Will you take this group seriously? Absalutely Yes. Do you agree to take ANY orders from a General ranking or the Leader? I agree. What do you bring to The Traffickers? Respect and loyalty, All I got in this world is my Balls and my Word and ill break them for no-one.
  3. Bank Robbers

    wouldn't it be cool if we can pull big heists so we can buy like every thing in the game?
  4. Making Drugs Legal Good or Bad for Drug Dealer

    making it legal would raise the competition and the prices would be reduced. so I think it'll be good its illegal.