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Found 34 results

  1. "Star Child" Clothing

    This is Star Child clothing line. I enjoy designing clothes irl, so I figured I'd specialize in the same thing for Identity. Star Child will be a fairly expensive designer brand, with a focus on creating new ideas, and artistic freedom. Even though I will act as lead designer (being my brand) I would still love other designers work with me. If you work with me, you will come onto the team as a "designer" and must (as the name suggests) design for the brand. Since I can't imagine having many people with the brand in general, you will also be expected to fill other necessary roles for the job (as will I), until the brand is more established. If I find enough people interested in designing, I will create sub-design roles, as I see fit. Pay will be worked out once the game is released, so I have a better idea of how the economy will work. if interested, please reply!
  2. Victorian Luxury Watches

    At Victorian Watches we sell luxury watches, from plastic to platinum we have it all. Shop at Victorian Luxury Watches!

    Anybody here into fashion , anime , and just fucking shit up ? i know im not the only one .
  4. Sovereign A.F.

    Similar to the philosophies of my political party, this clothing brand will aim to provide the highest possible standard. The clothing produced will be unparalleled in quality and design. However, everything premium has a cost, and so does Sovereign A.F. Clothing from Sovereign A.F. will be limited and highly sought after, making them a collector's masterpiece in their wardrobe. If any of you would like to ask any questions about the brand, its ethos, or the political party, feel free to do so. Also looking for investors and any prospective employees.
  5. BODYBUILDING Can we do bodybuilding like are there gyms available in the game? It'll be cool if so players body size won't look the same like in GTA online.
  6. Press release: We've had a tumultuous week here at Supreme Identity. Our old CEO known as "Supremeleader" on the forums, has stepped down from his position as CEO. This transfer of power is merely a bump in the road. We here at Supreme Identity, under new ownership, will be creating and sharing new content monthly, and giving back to the Identity community. Supreme Identity is here to stay, we are one of oldest corporations, and we plan continuing that legacy New leadership: Our new CEO is Jack Clasen (JackC on the forums). Jack has been with us for half a year, and was the COO under the previous CEO. We have been undergoing a company restructuring, which has worked flawlessly thus far. Clothing concepts: Our first monthly concept is here! This is just a sneak peak of all the crazy concepts we have cooked up here at Supreme Identity. Hello. My name is Jack Clasen, and as you may know, I am the CEO of a street-wear clothing line called Supreme™, which is a chain that originates in NYC back in April 1994. Website: HIRING NOW! We are now hiring qualified Marketing and Human resource specialists CORPORATE - Marketing -Human Resources Qualifications: Must be 15+ year old Must have working microphone Must attend monthly meetings Must have some understanding of job Must be active How to apply:
  7. Supreme Clothing Survey

    Hello! I would really appreciate it if you could spare a minute to complete this brief survey. With the launch of Identity nearing, we are beginning to gather key data. -Jack
  8. (not sure if this has already been posted) ok, i KNOW i'm not the only girl/person who HATES the way the female characters in GTA 5 Online look (or just the entire game). I felt the same way about Saints Row too and probably Fallout 3/4. I get that the video game industry is trying to tone down on the over sexualization of women, but did they really have to make us look like men instead??! The shoulders were SOOO wide and the way they walked seemed so boyish too. Personally i would 100x rather play as an over sexualized character than be forced to look like the f*cking hunchback of notre dame. point is, plEASSE make the girl characters look/walk normal!!!!!
  9. Fashion Boutique - Stylist

    Hello, I know it is technically hard but I would love to have a Fashion Show Room. Ofc, if clothes and shoes are already in a General-Global Shop that cant work, but maybe It will be possible to buy an "exclusive sale" for some products with a fee. The best solution, for me, will be to create my own product to sell... but I know this feature will be not improved at the moment. I had a good success with my creations in other platforms so I cross fingers for this career opportunity HERE... hoping to have the possibility in the future. have a great day to all, Valya
  10. Eye patch

    As the title says, will things like eye patches or other eye wear be available in game? It's an odd question i realise and if made available every other players will probably wear one but will eye patches be a thing?
  11. Mode Française

    Mode Française is a new luxury french fashion department company set up by myself. Here is our website with all the information of the company: Our Companies Basically the idea of our company is a luxury department store with lots of luxury clothes brands. Here is a list of a few of the real life companies produce that will be available in our store: Louis Vuitton Chanel Loreal Paris Bourjois Paris Dior Lacoste Mode Française (My Collection) La Fayette French Connection Givenchy Balmain Paris And Many More Brands! ---------------------------------- Our Types Of Products: Shirts T-Shirts Dresses Skirts Suits Wedding Attire Luxury Swim-Wear Robes Shoes High Heels Ties Jewelry Handbags Make Up Sunglasses And Many More Luxury Clothes. --------------------------------- We are currently looking for staff, here is a list of the available jobs, please reply or private message me if you are interested: Cashier (Estimated requirement of 10 cashiers) Make up artist (Estimated requirement of 5 make up artists) Security (A private company can also contact me about this) Store manager (Only 1 required at the moment) Executive Board (Won't be needed until the company expands) --------------------------------- Companies Assistance Wanted ----------------------------------- We are currently looking to pay companies for assistance with the creation of our company: A company to make our products (hand make all of our products), here are some examples: A security company (To manage our stores security). A transport company (to transport our products from the factories to our stores and to also deliver our products to peoples homes) ---------------------------------------- Thank you ---------------------------
  12. Fashion Industry and Production

    I'm thinking of creating a street-wear brand in Identity, but am clueless on how clothing can be produced and to what extent? How can you produce custom made clothing? How does the production system work? (Do i just apply textures to models?) Will it be a similar concept to paintings except applied to shirts? I'm curious and can't seem to find any answers on the webs, so if someone could answer these, that would be terrific.
  13. Hi, I want to create a Clothing Brand like H&M. So i am looking for a Co-Founder who wants to be the part of the 2nd letter in the name. Details about me: Country: Germany Age: 20 Language: German & English So if you are interested feel free to reply to this.
  14. Finesse (Suits Store)

    Hi there! Welcome to Finesse! A store which caters to your tailoring needs. Need a suit for any occasion, we have you covered! Retro and modern styles are available for purchase or rent. We also plan to sell shoes, shirts, ties, pocket squares, suspenders and cummerbunds, so you can add finer details to your outfit. Tuxedos, business suits and leisure wear are available at this store at an affordable price. If you interested in working with us or getting to know more about the business. You can comment below!
  15. Just to get a general idea of numbers.
  16. ?Crown Merch - NEW WEBSITE?

    Who are we? We are a small startup company that's aim isn't to pocket millions but to provide a service for the public. We charge very fair prices to ensure the client gets a good profit as well as us. However we will never do anything that will lose us money, were not a charity. We also now have a website. _________________________________________________________________________ What do we do? We offer a safe and secure way for radio shows, bands, celebrities etc to sell their merchandise. If you choose to sell your merchandise you do not have to worry about stock, security or workers. All you need to do is make sure you have a fan base willing to buy your merch. We will ensure that as long as there is demand we will keep your merch stocked up. Working with us will give you a stress free way to sell. We also may start selling our own clothing in the future which will be at a very competitive price. _________________________________________________________________________ How do we work? When a client first reaches out to us we ask for basic information. How much do you think you will sell every week? How much do you want to sell for? Once we establish all the details then we work out how much it will cost us to sell the products i.e manufacturing, shipping etc. We then check that the price the client wants to sell for is greater than the price to sell. If it is then we give the client the all clear and production begins straight away. If not then we will try to get the cost to sell down even lower or else ask the client if they would be willing to bring the price up. Our shop will be open 24/7 (provided the game allows this feature) to ensure the client and us make the maximum profit. _________________________________________________________________________ Fine details We offer 3 tiers which our clients can choose from- Tier 1 - $29 (3 designs base split of 60/40) Tier 2 - $49 (5 designs base split of 70/30) Tier 3 - $99 (10+ designs base split of 80/20) These are weekly prices which are there to ensure that if the clients design doesn't sell we will still make money. Also if the clients design isn't selling we will contact the client and give them a warning and if they don't improve on this then we will stop selling their designs. Also within each tier the client can choose to sell in store or online. Selling online will reduce the fees by 20%. For every 10 sales a clients design makes their share of the base split increases by 1%. At the end of each week it resets back to the base split. We think this is very fair as if the client sold the merch themselves they would have to buy a store, pay employees, ensure the shop is secure and do all the nitty gritty work with shipping companies and manufacturing companies. _________________________________________________________________________ Want to sell your merch? If you would like to sell your own merch then please click here _________________________________________________________________________ Careers Any of our employees with receive benefits like in store discounts, free clothing etc. Below is a list of the jobs currently available but this may change so feel free to submit any job aplications. Head VFX Artist VFX Artists Head GFX Artist GFX Artist s If you are interested in applying you can either click here or reply to this post filling out the following application form - RP Name: Forum Name: Do you have a working mic?: Age: What job are you applying for: Is there any past work you have done that you could show us?: Do you have discord?: _________________________________________________________________________ Any investors interested pm me _________________________________________________________________________ Merch example gallery
  17. Hi guys, I had some questions about the own designing/customizing of clothing. Will it be possible to choose like if you want to design sneakers, boots, loafers etc. If so can you choose if you want to have high or low top sneakers and if you can change like different type of things of the sneaker. I would like to see not only 1 type of a blank low top sneaker that can be customized or only 1 type of blank high top sneaker that can be customized, so everyone can be unique in their own way. For example only have laces on the sneakers, have laces with velcro, maybe add spikes on them or maybe a metal skull logo on the shoe tongue or other type of symbols in different types of materials? For the upperwear, like a t-shirt, would it be possible to have the same type of things like add a camo on it, also maybe add a metal skull or different type of symbols etc etc. Or is it just a basic t-shirt where you can only change colors of it. Regards, Dyn
  18. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ To visit the website, you may click on the logo or click the link here: Angelic Threads What is Angelic Threads? Angelic Threads is a clothing company dedicated entirely to women. Here at Angelic Threads we focus exclusively on women's apparel. We strive to provide women of all shapes and sizes high quality clothing for all seasons. We pride ourselves on a large collection of options to choose from. If you're seeking business or casual, we have options for you. If you're attending a ballroom dance or beach party, we have something that will meet your needs. Whether you follow a particular style or want to create your own, you'll find everything you need at Angelic Threads. What does Angelic Threads have to offer me? At Angelic Threads we provide clothing designed and created for women, by women. We are one of the first and the few fashion companies to cater exclusively to women. We strive to meet the needs of our female population, and provide them with the highest quality options available. We are ever changing, offering a wide and ever expanding range of clothing options. Does Angelic Threads have any employment opportunities for me? We do have several employment opportunities available. Whether you enjoy following fashion trends or dabbling in fashion design, or perhaps you have marketing and merchandising experience, we have employment options available. We even have options available for security, sales, public relations, and managerial positions. While these employment options are available, we are not accepting applications yet. Applications will open after the first module is released. If you are interested in a particular job, feel free to contact us with your preference, and we can add you to the list of priority applicants. Keep in mind that your forum conduct and behavior will be accounted for when determining your eligibility for hire. What benefits are there to working for Angelic Threads? For full time employees we offer: - Health Insurance - Stock options - Profit sharing - Store discounts - Monthly clothing allowances - Free clothing options - Advancement opportunities - Paid Time Off For part time employees we offer: - Stock options - Store discounts - Free clothing options Thank you for your interest in our company. We look forward to serving you, our community. ___________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested in investment or collaboration opportunities, feel free to contact us here on the forums or through our website. ___________________________________________________________________________
  19. Ice - High Street Fashion

    Who Are Ice? Influential, innovative and progressive, Ice is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. Under the new vision of CEO Aldo Flynn, the House has redefined luxury for the 21st century, further reinforcing its position as one of the world’s most desirable fashion houses. Eclectic, contemporary, romantic Ice products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. Ice is one of the most biggest brands, and a world leader in apparel and accessories that owns a portfolio of powerful luxury and sport and lifestyle brands. What Do We Offer? Ice products are crafted with the highest quality materials, design and craftsmanship. “Made in Italy” is an integral part of the essence of Ice. It is a cultural approach, a know-how that took generations to build, and a genuine mission that has allowed Ice to become one of the world’s most desirable luxury fashion brands. All Ice products are made in Italy, except Street wear products which are made in Switzerland, fragrances which are made in the EU and cosmetics which are made in the EU and in Japan. How Do I APPLY for a Job Role? To Apply for a Job Role With Ice, Simply REPLY to this thread using the Template Below (Minimum Of 500 Words) Name - Age - Job Role - Job Experience and Key Skills - What can you offer to Ice? And why do you want to join? - Where do hope to achieve working with Ice? - Hierarchy (Job Roles) CEO - @tacticaltomo Chief Of Recruitment - (Available) Chief of Marketing - (Available) Chief of Design - (Available) Chief of Finance - (Available) Chief of Research and Development - (2 Available Positions) Marketing Department Marketing Manager - (Available) Marketing Officers - ( Available Positions) Recruitment Department Recruitment Manager - (Available) Recruitment Officers - (Available positions) Design Department Chief Design Officer-(Available) Design Officers-(Available) Chief Design Research-(Available) Finance Department Treasurer - (Available) Cash Manager - (Available) Financial Advisor Officer (Available) Engineering Department Superior Engineer - (Available) Engineer Officers - (Available) Please Take NOTE All recruitment applications are to be replied here and not sent personality - Ice CEO, Aldo Flynn I strive of failure, I strive of things that are not perfect..that makes me want success more.
  20. Sꓘ Our company would like to focus more on luxurious Sꓘ is a small but growing competitor in the fashion and car cars. Our cars will have many features that are not yet considered by other companies, such as a GPS, convertible roof (only for some limited and special vehicles). As for the fashion aspect, we have only decided on using themost finest and rarest materials so people can know you are a very important person. If anyone has any inquiries about our company please do not hesitate to as. We are also looking into getting models for our company and would like to sponsor some people to advertise our products on radio and other media outlets. Sꓘ is associated with AMC (Alpha Military Corporation)
  21. Model Agency

    ______________ Introducing the firm Welcome to the post! Lets start with just some basic information. Name of the firm : New Model Network (NMN) Server : EU Server Language : English Business : Model Agency Introducing myself Hi everyone, Nice to see you are still reading and I hope you are interested. Well I'm 15 years old and I live in the netherlands. I love to hangout with my friends or play some video games. I got a girlfriend for almost 2 years now. Me and my girlfriend are both models and we love what we do. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New Model Network In NMN we search for good looking people that are into fashion. What we do is get some fashion into identity. We will walk fashion shows, design clothes, help people with clothes and all kind of things fashion related. We want people to have fun and be creative. Walk private shows or even public shows. You know how it works in the real world. ___________________________________________________________ Jobs We've got a bunch of jobs! I will make an application for all of them soon. If you want to get one of the jobs, just leave comment down below and I will tell you when I added the application form. Here are all the jobs that are in NMN : Status : Open Status : Open Status : Open Status : Open Status : Open Status : Open Status : Open _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________ FAQ'S (More added soon) Are you gay? I'm not. As I already said I got a girlfriend. Most people think models are gay. Well they are not, they are actually making money based on how they look. There might be some gay models, but hey nothing wrong with that. I hope this community understands that. Will the models only wear clothes you make? No they won't. If there are any other cool brands that are into fashion and want to work with us it is possible. ____________________________________________________________________ Job Information Manager : ~ Checks the forum. ~ Can do everything of the jobs below. ~ Handles everything with money. ~ Makes decisions. ~ Helps the models how to become a good model Assistant : ~ Is helping the manager ~ Gets everything in their place ~ Checks if everything is going okay ~ Finds jobs for the models Scout : ~ Looks for new models in Identity Model : ~ Walks shows ~ Wears different clothing ~ Does photoshoots Designer : ~ Designs all different kind of clothing ~ Designs the fashion show Event Hoster : ~ Finds a good place for the show ~ Will get food and drinks ~ Gets everyone and everything in their place (Keep in mind that there could be extra things added to the jobs) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Details More details added soon! This post is not close to done! Things that will be added : ~ Application forms ~ More FAQ's ~ More jobs? Thanks for taking the time to read! Greetz Dean
  22. Invertus | Fashion Just Turned

    The Higher Tier Choice Website Application Page The high-end fashion provider supports The Hamilton Party and the Employment Opportunities program. Unemployment is a big factor in everyday survival and everyone should be entitled to a job and an equal shot in life. Invertus will provide clothing and jobs to the citizens. The betterment of the people is a pride to assist. ______________________________________________________________ What is Invertus? Here at Invertus, we want to change the way people look at everyone. Not only do we believe, that fashion not only is on the outside, but on the inside. Therefore Invertus. The world is moving forward, in a rapid speed. So for your everyday need, we have some modern clothing at your disposal. We are getting modern. Question is, will you follow us? ______________________________________________________________ Why us? Because we simply care more about your clothing. At Invertus, we do not see it as property or money, we see it as a part of our inner selves. We take that thought, and put it into the clothing. Not only do we make sure that your clothing is stylish and high-end, but that it becomes a part of you. When you receive your clothing, and wear it, people will look at you and think that you have wealth and style. ______________________________________________________________ Does this interest you? Would you like to know more? If anything from this post interests you, contact @TonyOcculta directly through his messages. Payments will be fair, but we will discuss that together if your application is accepted. If you are wondering about how we will ship things to you, then the answer is simple. Occulta Movings (Soon to be posted about), will transfer your clothing safely, and as quickly they can. Payment to that business will be inside what you pay for our clothes. No extra payment is present however. ______________________________________________________________ Positions Management CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Archie Lawrence COO (Chief Operations Officer) Albus Occulta CDO (Chief Design Officer) Caien Charious CAO (Chief Accounting Officer) Albus Occulta [Temporarily] Different Positions (D)Design Department (A)Acountings Senior Design Officer - Cameron Zumer Senior Accounting Officer - Available Designer - Available Accountant - Available ______________________________________________________________ You can apply for a job today down below. Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards from Invertus . Invertus © 2017
  23. Invertus | Fashion Just Turned

    The Higher Tier Choice Website ______________________________________________________________ What is Invertus? Here at Invertus, we want to change the way people look at everyone. Not only do we believe, that fashion not only is on the outside, but on the inside. Therefore Invertus. The world is moving forward, in a rapid speed. So for your everyday need, we have some modern clothing at your disposal. We are getting modern. Question is, will you follow us? ______________________________________________________________ Is it for men and/or women? Our target is not to hit one specific group. So we have clothing for both. Just for you to rip the shelves apart. ______________________________________________________________ Why us? Because we simply care more about your clothing. At Invertus, we do not see it as property or money, we see it as a part of our inner selves. We take that thought, and put it into the clothing. Not only do we make sure that your clothing is stylish and high-end, but that it becomes a part of you. When you receive your clothing, and wear it, people will look at you and think that you have wealth and style. ______________________________________________________________ Does this interest you? Would you like to know more? If anything from this post interests you, contact Tony Occulta directly through his messages. Payments will be fair, but we will discuss that together if your application is accepted. If you are wondering about how we will ship things to you, then the answer is simple. Occulta Movings (Soon to be posted about), will transfer your clothing safely, and as quickly they can. Payment to that business will be inside what you pay for our clothes. No extra payment is present however. ______________________________________________________________ Positions Available Executive Assistant (1) [AVAILABLE] Responsibility: Takes control in the absence of the CEO. Keeps the daily spirit up. Sales & Marketing Manager (1) [AVAILABLE] Responsibility: Makes sure that the numbers being sent through the Sales & Marketing dept. are completely correct. Sales & Marketing Assistant (2) [AVAILABLE] Responsibility: Keeps an eye on income and expenses. Looks for sales & marketing improvement. Design Manager (1) [AVAILABLE] Responsibility: Keeps all clothing to a specific theme, and makes sure that the designers are sticking to the seasons and the themes, that you will lay out with the CEO and Executive Assistant. Design Assistant (1) [AVAILABLE] Responsibility: Helps Design Manager in a daily basis. Keeps a high moral at the workspace. Designer (4) [AVAILABLE] Responsibility: Designs the clothing and makes it before the deadline. Customer services & Shipping dept. (2) [AVAILABLE] Responsibility: Takes complaints from customers and helps the public with eventual questions. Also sends orders to Occulta Moving Services. REQUIREMENTS Sales & Marketing Dept. Basic knowledge of math. Knowledge at certain business details (income, expenses and so on) Design Dept. Knowledge of art, symbolism and modernism. Experience with real life designing. Customer Services Dept. A calm and good voice. Quality microphone. Respect towards customers. ______________________________________________________________ If however you are looking for a job, fill out this form and send it to CEO Tony Occulta through messages. Please take time filling this application. Applications will be answered as quick as possible. Name: Age/DoB (AGE, DD/MM-YYYY): Position you are applying for: Tell us about yourself: Why would you like to work for us: Any experiences with art/clothing design (If yes, please link to example): How active will you be: Anything else you would like to add: Hope to hear from you soon. Best regards from Invertus. Invertus © 2017
  24. Modsmouth Retail Group

    Note: this page is subject to change, this includes company logos, ideas and names. Refer to this page as a draft of business ideas = Essentially this page is just stake holder = = MODSMOUTH RETAIL GROUP = Established in by the Rendon family in Chicago, Illinois in 1971, Modsmouth prides itself in it's 40 year old traditions and reputation. Modsmouth has remained loyal to it's founding idea of providing affordable clothing and music to both male and female customers. In 1985 the first furniture crafters 'Byzantium Emporium' was founded, creating and selling custom and pre-owned furniture, decor and homewares. This is when Modmouth Retail Group was formed Over the past 45 years Modsmouth has expanded across the states with over 16 stores nationwide. This includes both a small Modsmouth Apparel Outlet and a Byzantium Emporium workshop located on <Identity Island Name>. The modern Modsmouth Outlets primarily sell modern takes on retro apparel stylised on fashions from the 60s through to the 90s, however it also sells a small selection of modern clothes. Apparel includes T-shirts, shoes, jackets/ coats, dresses, pants, shirts, jewellery, skirts, bags and accessories. Modsmouth also sells a wide selection of CDs and records, and even has an inventory of turntables and stereos for sale. Conceptual design of store: Source; Byzantium Emporium prides itself on producing high quality affordable furniture. For a fee we will produce custom furniture to customer's specifications. We also trade quality second hand furniture. Homewares and home decor is also sold here Conceptual design of store and workshop: Source: = This page will be updated over time, and is currently a draft and compilation of business ideas = - Please note that no job positions are available at this time, nor are we currently looking for any partnerships with other companies - Names and ideas presented here are conceptual and subject to change and alteration, eg Byzantium Emporium may change to Byzantine Homewares 'The Byzantine' - a cafe / bar may also be implemented at a later date
  25. brands

    Question. Can we put words on shirts because if so im gonna be the first to create that hype if you know what im saying; Supreme box logo t shirts are gonna be heat. Also can we create sneakers because if so im all about the boost fam...