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  1. Sꓘ Our company would like to focus more on luxurious Sꓘ is a small but growing competitor in the fashion and car cars. Our cars will have many features that are not yet considered by other companies, such as a GPS, convertible roof (only for some limited and special vehicles). As for the fashion aspect, we have only decided on using themost finest and rarest materials so people can know you are a very important person. If anyone has any inquiries about our company please do not hesitate to as. We are also looking into getting models for our company and would like to sponsor some people to advertise our products on radio and other media outlets. Sꓘ is associated with AMC (Alpha Military Corporation)
  2. My Start in Indetity

    Thanks everyone for the kind welcome and useful advice, it's great to see this is going to be an amazing community
  3. My Start in Indetity

    Hey there everyone! As like many of you, I am still avidly awaiting the module release of the town and I've just decided to make this short post in my wait time My plan for the game Well to being I think the most interesting place to start is what I'm gonna do in Identity, to being I'm going to start up my own business (which seems to be a popular choice, so there will be a lot of competition which will add more realism) I still haven't decided as to what I'm going to make a business in, the ones that first come to mind is clothes and cars (but I'm not sure if I need to post on a different part of the forums to say that I'm making a business, if I do please let me know). My character We really haven't seen any clothes from any of the trailers that have been given pictures (that I know of) so I could just play could of a genre type, I would wear a hoodie, random trivia a hoodie is my favorite clothing item in game and real life. Another one that I would like to think about going for is a steampunk look or something along those lines. And most importantly my game name is Skarecrow (I know it's spelled with a 'c' usually, however I really like it with a k for no other reason than I just like it. Closing words Thanks for reading my little 'hello' to the forums, I really haven't got anything to close with apart from saying thanks, so I'll leave it at this and I can't wait for the first module to come out