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Found 5 results

  1. (not sure if this has already been posted) ok, i KNOW i'm not the only girl/person who HATES the way the female characters in GTA 5 Online look (or just the entire game). I felt the same way about Saints Row too and probably Fallout 3/4. I get that the video game industry is trying to tone down on the over sexualization of women, but did they really have to make us look like men instead??! The shoulders were SOOO wide and the way they walked seemed so boyish too. Personally i would 100x rather play as an over sexualized character than be forced to look like the f*cking hunchback of notre dame. point is, plEASSE make the girl characters look/walk normal!!!!!
  2. I haven't seen much besides just speculation as to how clothing customization is going to work, but I'd like to give some ideas I think might make clothes highly customizable without being too resource intensive. You could make it so that each base garment has several cuts/hems with different options for each one (different sleeves, necklines, etc). Individualized option could be available for specific types of garment: how long a dress is, how high the waist is and how long the legs are in a pair of pants/shorts, the width and type of the lapels on a suit. This could allow people to start with the same basic item and still make very distinct versions, even if they're using similar colors and textures. I feel like this could really cut down on the ratio of work required for artists vs options available to players, as well, but I admittedly don't know enough about the technical side of things to be sure. I'm sorry if something like this has already been suggest/discussed, search seems to be a little wonky for me. --- The other, related, idea I would like to suggest is the ability to color individual parts of clothing separately from the main thing, i.e. coloring just the side panel on a dress, just one sleeve on a shirt, just the pockets on a jacket, and things like that. I don't know how feasible it would be for the different color/fabric options to include things like sheer fabric or lace pieces, but if possible, I think that could be really neat.
  3. I really hope that there will be a wide enough variety of female clothing that my character won't be limited to dresses or other "feminine" wardrobe choices. I'm more of a flannels and suits kind of gal, if you feel me. I'd hate to see wardrobe choices be limited to my character's gender. With some exceptions, I can definitely assume. Hairstyles too. I really don't want to have long hair. Us butch ladies exist, lol even if we may not have such options for a while, I hope you keep that in mind! Keep up the awesome work and I can't wait to play B)
  4. facial accessories

    hello wonderful people of identity, i do apologize if this has already been asked but here goes. will our characters be able to have in depth facial accessories such as an eye patch? for example if i wanted my character's backstory to be he was in a shooting accident or a fight gone too far or just gone partially blind from birth/ accident/ disease etc, could the customization be in depth to the point of having eye damage on one or both eyes as well as an eye patch to cover said eye. like i said i'm not sure if this has been asked but i'd love for my character to be rocking an eye patch. any help with this query would be a big help.
  5. I would love to see drag and drop character customization like they have in the sims 4