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Found 4 results

  1. Basic information about the company. Looking for retail workers who want to be a part of an extremely sought after, exclusive, luxury brand. Pay, working hours and working conditions to be determined after economy in identity has stabilised.
  2. IDENITIFY™ ______________________________________________________________ HIRING NOW! We are now hiring in three different areas. A major perk of being employed with us is that you will get free IDENTIFY™ gear when it comes out. CORPORATE - Communications - Finance/Marketing - Public Relations - Human Resources - Lawyers DESIGN - Graphical design - Project Management - Video-editors - Artists - Photographers RETAIL - Merchandise Associate - Security ______________________________________________________________ Please apply using the following outline: RP Name: Forum Name: Age: Why do you want to work for IDENTIFY™?: What area are you looking to work in? (Corporate, Design, Retail): What Position are you applying for?: Do you have a working mic?: ______________________________________________________________ Thanks for your interest.
  3. ?Crown Merch - NEW WEBSITE?

    Who are we? We are a small startup company that's aim isn't to pocket millions but to provide a service for the public. We charge very fair prices to ensure the client gets a good profit as well as us. However we will never do anything that will lose us money, were not a charity. We also now have a website. _________________________________________________________________________ What do we do? We offer a safe and secure way for radio shows, bands, celebrities etc to sell their merchandise. If you choose to sell your merchandise you do not have to worry about stock, security or workers. All you need to do is make sure you have a fan base willing to buy your merch. We will ensure that as long as there is demand we will keep your merch stocked up. Working with us will give you a stress free way to sell. We also may start selling our own clothing in the future which will be at a very competitive price. _________________________________________________________________________ How do we work? When a client first reaches out to us we ask for basic information. How much do you think you will sell every week? How much do you want to sell for? Once we establish all the details then we work out how much it will cost us to sell the products i.e manufacturing, shipping etc. We then check that the price the client wants to sell for is greater than the price to sell. If it is then we give the client the all clear and production begins straight away. If not then we will try to get the cost to sell down even lower or else ask the client if they would be willing to bring the price up. Our shop will be open 24/7 (provided the game allows this feature) to ensure the client and us make the maximum profit. _________________________________________________________________________ Fine details We offer 3 tiers which our clients can choose from- Tier 1 - $29 (3 designs base split of 60/40) Tier 2 - $49 (5 designs base split of 70/30) Tier 3 - $99 (10+ designs base split of 80/20) These are weekly prices which are there to ensure that if the clients design doesn't sell we will still make money. Also if the clients design isn't selling we will contact the client and give them a warning and if they don't improve on this then we will stop selling their designs. Also within each tier the client can choose to sell in store or online. Selling online will reduce the fees by 20%. For every 10 sales a clients design makes their share of the base split increases by 1%. At the end of each week it resets back to the base split. We think this is very fair as if the client sold the merch themselves they would have to buy a store, pay employees, ensure the shop is secure and do all the nitty gritty work with shipping companies and manufacturing companies. _________________________________________________________________________ Want to sell your merch? If you would like to sell your own merch then please click here _________________________________________________________________________ Careers Any of our employees with receive benefits like in store discounts, free clothing etc. Below is a list of the jobs currently available but this may change so feel free to submit any job aplications. Head VFX Artist VFX Artists Head GFX Artist GFX Artist s If you are interested in applying you can either click here or reply to this post filling out the following application form - RP Name: Forum Name: Do you have a working mic?: Age: What job are you applying for: Is there any past work you have done that you could show us?: Do you have discord?: _________________________________________________________________________ Any investors interested pm me _________________________________________________________________________ Merch example gallery
  4. Hello everyone! ( I searched for some topics relating to these questions but I couldn't find anything that completely answered my questions. Sorry if there is something - I must have just missed it ). I have some questions regarding owning a clothing store in Identity. Would we be able to have player employees work for us? As my friends really want to work at my clothing store lol! ( Seriously they keep bugging me about it ). How would we make the clothes? I'm assuming we make them or at least order them but I'm really not sure how it would work. Would we be able to 'hire' players to be models for photos in the shop? Like above, for example, a summer dress you would see a photograph of a player modelling that dress. Same with advertising. Do we purchase buildings, that are obviously available to purchase, and then decorate them to our liking? Could we also have music playing in the store because oh my gosh that would be amazing This is more of a store question in general but anyway : how would purchasing stuff from a player owned store work? Would you actually go to the till? If yes I'm curious as to how the purchasing would work . I mean like would a menu come up? Or would it be like, for example, GTA where you just purchase it from a pile of clothes?. I personally hope it's not the last idea I think that's all my questions.. again sorry if these have already been asked! Just so excited for when the game comes out ( For those wondering my store would be called Pandora's Box - and apologies if the ' isn't meant to be there I'm half asleep atm so yeah grammar and me don't work ).