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Found 8 results

  1. Peridot's Rubies Inc.

    Hello, and welcome to the new shop called Peridot's Rubies. I'm Amelia, the CEO of the company and more. My duty is to make my shop the best furniture and clothes shop around. We have available styles like: -Fancy -Casual -Hot -Comfy -Formal -And Extravangant. As this is new, we dont know the location of the opening yet. But if you're willing to be a future customer, we'd love to see as a regular. We dont offer shipping yet but it'll come in the mean time. FOr now, enjoy your stay on the island, and come around soon!
  2. *Everything is subject to change *This is new, everything is a concept Welcome to IFM ( Identity Furniture Manufacturers ), at IFM we manufacture top of the range furniture to suit your living needs. We specialize in manufacturing all types of furniture from the mat on your floor to the keyhole on your door. At IFM we do our best to ensure that our customers are fully looked after and are able to purchase the furniture they desire. We give our customers a free 12 month, money back guarantee of any puchase they make above $65. Our main goal is to offer a wide variety of furniture to attract the most amount of customers that we possibly can and give opposing corporations a difficult chance of offering you more. Our Products We will be manufacturing many types of furniture, including but not limited to, beds, carpets, desks, tables, chairs and sofas. Our furniture will have unique designs from the rest of the market and each item will be available in different colors and patterns. Corporation Structure ( And Open Positions ) ( More Positions To Be Added ) C.E.O - 6Shay | Head Of Manufacturing - OPEN Head Of Marketing - OPEN Head Of Security - OPEN | | | Manufacturer (0/3) - OPEN Marketer - OPEN Security Guard (0/2) -OPEN
  3. Prime Furniture Co.

    Hello all, Prime Furniture Company is seeking apprentices and journeymen to help expand this business in order to offer a broader range of furniture. Our vision was to bring the populace top quality chairs and tables, but why stop there? Now we want creative craftsmen ( and women ) to bring to the company simple and elegant designs of desks, bed frames, cabinets, nightstands, door frames, and even begin the creation of backyard sheds. If you have the motivation and creativity, please send me a direct message so we can begin an interview and see if you are fit for the job. Wages will either be hourly or commission depending on interview and preference. Thank you all and have a great day, Mr. Bass, CEO of Prime Furniture Company.
  4. Money System

    I wonder what our abilities will be as far as purchasing items. Will it be like most games where you have to have money in your account to purchase something in full? Or will there be nifty in game financing options for everything of large fiscal value that you may pay for monthly out of your check? i would love to see some real life payment systems in the game such as: Buy here pay her Bank loans Bank financing Dealer financing Buy with credit Dynamic credit score based on how responsible you are with money (which could make interest rates better on large purchases) Interest Rates Mortgage Lease Agreements Down payments I think it would be really cool to have many different options to pay for something large, like a vehicle per say, we all know how hard impossible it is to go down to the dealership with $40,000 in hand and buy a car. I want to see ways to own something nice while making individually dynamic monthly payments based on how well you treat your credit from day one in the game. Maybe even have a Repossession career for ill payers, or make your credit suffer when you miss a payment. All just an idea i thought of to increase over all immersion into the game. What are your thoughts on this system?
  5. Modsmouth Retail Group

    Note: this page is subject to change, this includes company logos, ideas and names. Refer to this page as a draft of business ideas = Essentially this page is just stake holder = = MODSMOUTH RETAIL GROUP = Established in by the Rendon family in Chicago, Illinois in 1971, Modsmouth prides itself in it's 40 year old traditions and reputation. Modsmouth has remained loyal to it's founding idea of providing affordable clothing and music to both male and female customers. In 1985 the first furniture crafters 'Byzantium Emporium' was founded, creating and selling custom and pre-owned furniture, decor and homewares. This is when Modmouth Retail Group was formed Over the past 45 years Modsmouth has expanded across the states with over 16 stores nationwide. This includes both a small Modsmouth Apparel Outlet and a Byzantium Emporium workshop located on <Identity Island Name>. The modern Modsmouth Outlets primarily sell modern takes on retro apparel stylised on fashions from the 60s through to the 90s, however it also sells a small selection of modern clothes. Apparel includes T-shirts, shoes, jackets/ coats, dresses, pants, shirts, jewellery, skirts, bags and accessories. Modsmouth also sells a wide selection of CDs and records, and even has an inventory of turntables and stereos for sale. Conceptual design of store: Source; Byzantium Emporium prides itself on producing high quality affordable furniture. For a fee we will produce custom furniture to customer's specifications. We also trade quality second hand furniture. Homewares and home decor is also sold here Conceptual design of store and workshop: Source: = This page will be updated over time, and is currently a draft and compilation of business ideas = - Please note that no job positions are available at this time, nor are we currently looking for any partnerships with other companies - Names and ideas presented here are conceptual and subject to change and alteration, eg Byzantium Emporium may change to Byzantine Homewares 'The Byzantine' - a cafe / bar may also be implemented at a later date
  6. Rezix Homeware Hiring

    Job Options : Designer x1 : Designs the Aesthetics and Features of the product Salary : $22/hour Manufacturer x3 : Operates at the factory Salary : $16/hour Truck Driver x1 : Delivers the final product to a retail outlet Salary : $18/hour Marketing x1 : Advertises the product Salary : $19/hour
  7. it has come to my attention that The Dev's are super focused on the interior design aspect of the game right now. and i feel it is necessary for us to help the dev's out by posting images of furniture we would all like to have in identity i love interior design and architecture and i enjoy seeing furniture!~ how would you design your house? will it be modern? shabby chic? or grungey? Show us your ideas bellow!~ to help the devs with more ideas!!! i personally would love to have graffiti Decals on my walls!~ it adds alot of unique style to an interior here are some pics!~ i think stuff like this would be amazing, as for decor. id love to have posters and lights around like this And lava lamps would be pretty kick ass too!~