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Found 6 results

  1. "Star Child" Clothing

    This is Star Child clothing line. I enjoy designing clothes irl, so I figured I'd specialize in the same thing for Identity. Star Child will be a fairly expensive designer brand, with a focus on creating new ideas, and artistic freedom. Even though I will act as lead designer (being my brand) I would still love other designers work with me. If you work with me, you will come onto the team as a "designer" and must (as the name suggests) design for the brand. Since I can't imagine having many people with the brand in general, you will also be expected to fill other necessary roles for the job (as will I), until the brand is more established. If I find enough people interested in designing, I will create sub-design roles, as I see fit. Pay will be worked out once the game is released, so I have a better idea of how the economy will work. if interested, please reply!
  2. Backstory of a stuggling artist

    Initially a struggling portrait artist, D. Marlboro began his career capturing the character of Ash Hill’s most lively citizens. Rarely getting paid for the pleasure however, he reluctantly turned his hand to forging fine art. His attention to detail and undeniable natural ability quickly made him successful and with this success came money, more money than he had ever dreamed of making as an artist. With the money however came pressure, pressure to churn out forgeries, pressure to perform, pressure to undertake more lucrative cons like counterfeiting…his small cosy studio quickly became more and more like a sweatshop with deadlines, backlogs, angry (and dangerous) customers. Coping poorly, and as many of the creatively inclined do, he turned to the bottle, and then, to various other…substances. This dependency quickly overtook him, driving him further from the artistic expression he cherished and pursued initially and culminated in a severe case of writer’s block. Unable to summon the energy to meticulously scour over and reproduce the more popular workings of the grand masters, his debt began to mount exponentially and it quickly became obvious something needed to be done. Being all too aware of the value of art (real and fake)and with his contacts in both the artistic community and black-market he figured he could flip an original painting or two for a tidy profit, pay off his debt and escape the criminals he had inadvertently fallen in with. The challenge however was doing this without any capital. A cheap plastic party mask and an old, rusted unreliable shotgun later he had pulled off what the press described as a ‘strong arm robbery’ but in reality was much more like a hectic smash and grab. Regardless, a new bug had bitten; he no longer craved the chemical highs but the massive and natural adrenaline rush which comes post heist. The arm full of paintings he had secured from his first job where enough to cover his debt and buy his freedom. Finally free but with only a couple thousand dollars to his name he retired the old shotgun replacing it with a much more manageable and reliable .45 pistol, replaced his plastic party mask with a non-descript black ski mask and began planning his next hit. It wasn’t long before the target of his heists became irrelevant and he branched out from galleries into local shops and businesses and eventually into the realm of banks and the ever more challenging stash houses of drug dealers and criminals who had harassed and threatened him in the not so distant past… Thoughts, feedback appriciated!
  3. Painting and Art Gallerys

    Any more on the painting feature for Town Square? How will it work? Is it essentially MS Paint or will it be a bit more advanced? Will there be filters or effects which you can apply to make paintings more stylish or cohesive? Can you impodt images or is it all done in game? I believe I read somewhere there will be original artworks with the possibility to produce copies or prints? Will originals be obviously original i.e. making them more valuable. Will the Artist need to retain the original to make copies/prints? Can someone open a gallery and sell high end art in game? Will artworks associate the artists name with them? Can Artworks be stolen? (Would love to see some forgeries and an undergroumd market for hot artworks develop in game, criminals targeting the valuable stuff, buying it as assests or providing expensive art as payment). I plan on playing initially as a struggling portrait artist and am working on my back story atm so am very interested in any additional info you guys have. Thanks
  4. Popstar/Rapper Listen

    I know you all want to know about Popstar but all will be revealed at their correct moments, Until then Jam out to this smooth playlist i put together for yall. Old Tracks from back in the Back. Will hold a poll for favorite tracks or you can just tell me in the comments.
  5. Graffiti

    So I know there are going to be multiple types of art in Identity,like painting and sculpting, but what about graffiti? It could be a way for artists to create gigantic murals on walls instead of cramped little canvasses. It could be illegal, but some people could also pay graffiti artists to paint their walls for them. I'd love to hear everyone's (or as close as I can get ) thoughts on this!
  6. I have one idea for the practical use of smoking weed ingame, and using other drugs too. The idea is to add value to an artistic craft after having smoked the weed for being high. Like, you get the weed however you wish. Then, when you smoke it and for example make a painting, as long as the crafting is done within the duration of the high, the painting gains a tag that says the creator was high on such n such drug, which in turn adds either a small amount of actual game dynamic value to the original and the painting's prints, along with the social value for having created something artistic while being on whatever drug. This can apply to all drugs and give all artistic creations some game dynamic value to whatever crafted item or musical composition, etc. What do you guys think? Please comment and suggestions.