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Found 93 results

  1. Ariana Grande Needs a Job

    Hey guys, I am interested in joining and promoting any job out there, I somehow signed up for this game 2 years ago and decided to go with Ariana Grande My twitter: Especially interested in any news related or I guess entertainment jobs, dm me with any interest or reply on here.
  2. Hi, im search in so many pages and videos but i cant get the final conclusion. We be able to create a company, because i want a restaurant in my company. Like buy food and serve to another people. thx.
  3. Smuggling

    I was wondering how the smuggling system would work because if it is a generic system such as storing items in an inventory on a vehicle, police could find illegal stuff very quickly. Whereas I was thinking if it was possible to add a system where you can hide stuff under your car inside and all around it, so if the police want to do a vehicle search it would take a bit of time rather than checking an inventory. Also, it would be cool to place stuff on/inside your car it rather than an inventory. (I don't know what kind of system the devs are planning on but this would be my idea of a "cool" system.)
  4. Work and Play

    I'm currently in the Army so I go out on field problems around every two months for a month straight, I'm just wondering about how It'll work out when I'm gone for a month or more and I got a character in the game with a job, bills, etc. will my guy be fired cause I'm not here to work? Will I lose my apartment and other possessions because I'm not here to pay the bills? Will it auto pay bills while I'm gone and I return to a character with no money? Just want to figure this all out.
  5. Basic information about the company. Looking for retail workers who want to be a part of an extremely sought after, exclusive, luxury brand. Pay, working hours and working conditions to be determined after economy in identity has stabilised.
  6. Mein Traum (TTP)

    Mein Traum: My Dream The Totalitarian Party (TTP) I dream of a society where no law abiding citizen, who contributes to society and continues to strive for improvement, will ever have to feel threatened by the lack of job security, failed economy, or anarchy. I dream of a place where people are given the chance to succeed, regardless of their economic background. I dream of a near-perfect meritocracy. Centralizing all forms of major public transport, electricity and energy sources, military, law enforcement, healthcare and other core, essential aspects to society will ensure that no private organisation is able to profit off these industries by taking more out of the government fund through contracts, but instead will allow the government to reinvest in these facilities and industries for the common folk. Achieving autarky (self-sufficiency) will allow the city and the country to avoid horrific trade deals with other nations, prioritizing our nation's needs first. This will also be ensured by having a strong, patriotic, nationalistic leader who is willing to do whatever it takes to protect the loyal citizens of the nation. Any questions ask (BTW I don't speak any german)
  7. Paid Parking

    In certain areas, especially a place with a lot of businesses or venues, I think that paid parking would be a great way to allow players to make money. So paid parking could be run in a select number of ways. The default way would be to have the parking service be owned by the town's government on an automated system, with a fixed price. The money earned would go to fund the local government. However I think that paid parking could be privatized. If a player with enough money wanted to buy the parking lot/parking garage, they could do so and profit from it. And of course if the owner chose to, they could allow player employment, just like any other business. A customer would drive up to a ticket dispenser, pay a price, and receive a parking ticket/receipt in their inventory (maybe you put the receipt in your window). This would allow people to break the law and illegally park if they chose to. Just by driving past the ticket dispenser, you could still park. Allowing illegal parking would also give the police another task they could carry out, and earn bonuses for. Please tell me what you think of this idea, and if you agree that there should be paid parking. EDIT: Thanks for all the replies, I'm glad I see my ideas are not totally idiotic
  8. Choppa Boyz

    We them boyz who do the clean up Hit yo block and sweep yo mf street up Gang Gang Roleplay All choppas on deck we here as you can see what we about. We live by the gun. The choppa is law so we never get caught without it. If you not Gang Gang you can never be one of us. We want hittas. We are not the god father we gon do it like Meech did B.M.F style. Money, Drugs, Flashy Cars, Mansions Black people White people Hispanic people any race and Bad Women we gon have it all. Money laundering, Drug Dealing/Smuggling, Robbery, Weapons trade, Prostitution. They need a body dropped they should contact Choppa Boyz. We are a street gang everything flashy from the jewelry to designer clothes. This is rated M for mature so all that are and looking to have a good time in a modern day gang join us. Rankings: loyalty first and everything else follows do nothing to jeopardies the gang cover all tracks leave no trails. No snitching, no talking to police no talking to the opps. 30% of all members earnings will go to the gang. To do things such as deck out the hideout, gang investments, gang clothing line and gang cars. Depending on the economy ranking system may change. Now lets take over the city and rename it Choppa city. join me on discord to apply @ RUNNERS/CARRIERS: These individuals pickup and drop off drugs to various locations or other gang members. Rank: drop 1 body $500 STREET SOLDIERS: A street soldier can be involved with drive-by, gang fights drug sales, graffiti, intimidation, ect. aka gangbanger Rank: drop 3 bodies $1500 RECRUITERS: Recruiters are usually selling drugs and recruiting new young drug deaalers who want fast money Rank: new recruit drop 3 bodies $2500 COMMUNICATIONS: Informants who supply information ranging from rival gangs activity to law enforcement operation. messenger who communicate information between rival gangs Rank: drop 5 bodies $5000 SUPPLIER: An area leader, like any gang member, will have access to an assortment of readily available weapons Rank drop 7 bodies $7000 TREASURE: Responsible for income and expenses. Capital obtained from drugs, guns, property, business, ect. Rank: drop 7 bodies $7000 SECURITRY CHIEF/STREET CORDINATOR: Disciplines gang members who violate gang code; vice independent operating within territory who fail to pay share of profit. Business owners who fail to pay street tax (protection money) aka hitman Rank: drop 10 bodies $10000 CHIEF ENFORCER: Coordinates/controls gang wars, and protects existing territories. aka warlord Rank: drop 15 bodies $15000 ADVISORS: Financial, legal, political. (outside consultants) lawyers LEADERS: Presidents, kingpin, supreme chief, chairman of the board Rank: establish new branch with new territory 10% branch fee
  9. Post Office

    I would like to Deliver Post or Packets to Players. Like Ups. Is there a Possible Way to start such a Career? Ps: Sorry Bad English, German.
  10. APA - Promotional Post #1

    Welcome to APA's first Promotional Post, one of many to come. These will be posted on a monthly basis - constantly being updated on any new customers or employees we get. Here we advertise and promote all the businesses we are currently working for Supplier of skate and urban clothing, Supreme is at the center of urban skate culture. Originating from New York, founded in 1994, Supreme soon found itself at the center of New York's downtown culture. Made up of New York skaters and artists, Supreme is well known for its authenticity and style. VISIT SUPREME'S WEBSITE -> Skull & Bones Recordings give independent artists the opportunity to achieve what they want to achieve. Skull & Bones Recordings give artists a stage in which they can perform to people all over Identity through their radio station, so they can achieve their goals and propel themselves into fame and success. Skull & Bones Recordings also support their artists through dealing with their PR and Marketing concerns, and they also offer to deal with their concert schedules and recording processes VISIT SKULL & BONES RECORDINGS IDENTITY PAGE -> We are also proud to be working for the biggest company in Identity - Velocity Logistics! Velocity Logistic's aim to create a stable logistics core in Identity. Whether it be for domestic reasons, or for commercial reasons, Velocity Logistics are here to help. They offer a range of services such as heavy haulage, commercial delivery, removal services, logistics solutions and advice, domestic delivery and many more. Velocity Logistics is by far the best place to go for logistical needs. VISIT VELOCITY LOGISTICS IDENTITY PAGE -> LET US ADVERTISE FOR YOU, SO YOU CAN CONCENTRATE ON THE MORE IMPORTANT STUFF APA IS ALSO HIRING! JOBS ON OFFER INCLUDE; PROMOTER CUSTOMER SERVICE DELEGATOR DESIGNER APPLY NOW AND JOIN THE TEAM OF PASSIONATE PROMOTERS ->APPLY
  11. Transport Services

    Hello, I'm a big fan of this project and I have some cool ideas for the game. I think that driver license should be a hard thing to get, like you should go to driving school and pass the test to get it. This way, the traffic of the game should be less chaotic and more fluid. So if you want to move through the city, you should try alternatives transportations like taxis, private transportation apps and collective transports(vans, minivans, buses and kombis). With this, you guys would generate more jobs and more realism. Also I would really like to see suchs as an classical vehicle as a kombi. It'll be really fun to drive through the city taking passengers to their destination, etc.
  12. Do you want to be earning money through promotion and design? APA is the perfect place for anyone who is interested in marketing and design. Join a team of passionate promoters from all over the world where there is a strong team spirit and a lot of fun to be had. APA is your only chance to join something truly big and inspiring. Here at APA, we are passionate about success and marketing, at APA there is never a minute of boredom! OUR ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OWNER I ASSISTANT OWNER/S I PROMOTER / CUSTOMER SERVICE / DELEGATOR / DESIGNER At APA, we don't believe in a complex hierachy. At Anderson's, you opinion will always be heard and encouraged, and you will never be ignored. We at APA also believe that you've got to have a fine work/play balance, so work at APA will be committed but also very fun. JOB DESCRIPTIONS PROMOTER -> Advertises customer's businesses by advertising them on Identity forums and listing them on the weekly company advertisement post CUSTOMER SERVICE -> Replies to messages and reads quote applications - looks into the applied customer's business and creates a price from their using our specific specification for quoting a price DELEGATOR -> Helps the owner create deals with other companies, and so must be good at negotiating DESIGNER -> Designs customer's logos and banners for their businesses if they ask for it THE TEAM SO FAR APA is a new company, so our company is growing. But it is growing fast, so join up a be part of something new and exciting! OWNER = Blue_Foot ASSISTANT OWNER = Uthred SIGN UP NOW! VISIT OUR WEBSITE
  13. APA - Anderson Promotion Agencies

    Get your business off the ground today with APA We at APA help advertise your brand so you can concentrate on the more important stuff APA GETS YOUR BUSINESS FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP IN A MATTER OF WEEKS Of all the businesses in Identity, make yours stand out with the help of APA, as APA is the best route for a new business to take if they want to get their brand known to the players Identity and become a successful company We get in touch with media companies in cinema and radio to get your company advertised to player all over Identity, and we can even help you with your PR (public relations) if its fully or just partially. All you have to do is ask! GO WITH APA SO YOU ARE ABLE TO CONCENTRATE ON THE MORE IMPORTANT STUFF Our main aim at APA is to make our customer's life easier, we can take care of your brand while you concentrate on the more important stuff like designing your companies structure and employing workers to man your business Save lots of time by not having to worry about promotion and advertising, that way you can put more work into the other parts of your business. Put the advertising into our hands, a team of passionate and experienced promoters PUT YOUR BRAND IN THE TRUST OF EXPERT AND PASSIONATE DESIGNERS FOR NO EXTRA PRICE We at APA also have a team of innovative and passionate designers with a creative flare who design all of your logos and banners for you, and all you have to do is ask! For us no question is too big too ask, and no price is too small. For more information please visit our website, where you will be able to apply for our service, and get lost in our career opportunities page - where you will be able to apply for an exciting job at APA ------> W E B S I T E <-------
  14. *Everything is subject to change *This is new, everything is a concept Welcome to IFM ( Identity Furniture Manufacturers ), at IFM we manufacture top of the range furniture to suit your living needs. We specialize in manufacturing all types of furniture from the mat on your floor to the keyhole on your door. At IFM we do our best to ensure that our customers are fully looked after and are able to purchase the furniture they desire. We give our customers a free 12 month, money back guarantee of any puchase they make above $65. Our main goal is to offer a wide variety of furniture to attract the most amount of customers that we possibly can and give opposing corporations a difficult chance of offering you more. Our Products We will be manufacturing many types of furniture, including but not limited to, beds, carpets, desks, tables, chairs and sofas. Our furniture will have unique designs from the rest of the market and each item will be available in different colors and patterns. Corporation Structure ( And Open Positions ) ( More Positions To Be Added ) C.E.O - 6Shay | Head Of Manufacturing - OPEN Head Of Marketing - OPEN Head Of Security - OPEN | | | Manufacturer (0/3) - OPEN Marketer - OPEN Security Guard (0/2) -OPEN
  15. So, i was watching this video about a job simulator game - Fishing Barents Sea. The game is kind of in depth, but not that complicated. At the same time, it looks quite rewarding. My idea is, that Identity could have jobs like this made from "modules" to kind of mass produce. For every job there is vehicle upgrades, quality of life improvements, options to advance and stuff. Fishing Barents Sea could be a great example of the depth a job in Identity could have, i guess. If like 20-30 jobs had that kind of depth, you will have several things to do along with the RPG aspect. I don't know much about this game, but backed long time ago. Don't take this the wrong way, but i really expect this kind of depth for the next big lifestyle RPG. Thanks for all your updates guys, see you in the Times Square when ready :-) Link to gameplay video from Draegast: KR Martin
  16. So i was wondering when we would be able to get a list? or at least the info in order to compile a list of jobs we will be able to do, i mean ive seen a lot of jobs people WANT to do, but what jobs will we actually be able to do as it seems that most of the jobs are either taken by NPC's or simply not able to be done.
  17. Hi guys! I think a cool idea would be if there was a last rank in the career for cops, being captain, where those in that position(only one position for one station) had a lot of power to change things and being like the leader for cops with the most authority. Also a job as city major where it would be similar to captain having much control/power and only having one for each city. For the cime bosses/gang leaders it would be cool if the person to create the gang itself to be the boss and to be able let others join the gang also giving people in his/her gang different permissions or ranks and other stuff. There should be a voting system as well if the current leader left his position ad leader or the entire gang. I would love to see these jobs/careers/ranks and also to see them have different options, like having to manage non-personal economy. For example if you are the captain of a police station and you want to buy in weapons for the station that the officers are then gonna use against criminals and maybe the station can't afford high quality weapons like m4's then you might have to buy cheaper and less effective, also being able to fire people(with limitations and restrictions so it wont be easy to abuse) and to be able to tell other police officers where they should patrol. For the gang leaders/crime bosses they should also be able to manage the gangs economy and be able to call hits on people and call gang wars. And lastly for the major he should be able to manage the cities wealth and economy and also being the person with most power being in a higher position than even the captain, shop owners and pretty much everyone except for gang members(also forgot to mention the firefighters, they should also have a captain) it would be nice if the major had a lot of different options in changing things like taxes etc. Also obviously it should be hard to get to these positions. You should have to be in the second highest rank of the career or gang, since the highest would be the captain/leader/major, and also there should be a voting system for these positions. If you read all of this then thank you so much! And please leave a comment down below about what you think of this idea.
  18. Anarchist

    My first time posting on this forum.. I bought this game at first sight, I knew it was a certified beauty. Bought it in early 2016 I believe but that doesn't matter. I absolutely LOVE this idea and if it turns out as we all hope so I will die happily. To the point, imagine a rank/class in this world where people targeted government officials and basically tried to corrupt the government to overrule with anarchy. My main idea comes from GTA5, similar to the heist feature. As an anarchist you would ideally have a "darknet" chatroom that you'd communicate through. Talking about your master plans to kill the cops and raise hell on the streets. Tell me what you think about this idea, hopefully it can be implemented into the actual game. Thanks again, love the idea. *Edit* What if there was an automated/manually triggered system where if a person with the role "anarchist" got into the mayors office or overruled the government then the server would go into lockdown.. Streets could be robbed without police responding, stuff like that. I'm thinking of GMod darkRP when I say this.
  19. Accountants & The Economy

    Hey, folks! So this looks like a pretty interesting project, I've been a backer for a couple of years now. It seems the devs have very ambitious plans for this game and its mechanics. It seems they have talked about everything from business, real estate, the job market, crime, entrepreneurship etc. There is, however, something I haven't seen been discussed much, at least not on the forums. What am I refeering to? Well, quite frankly my post is about the economy of Identity. Now, as a big fan of economics, I clearly understand the depht and complexity of our modern economy, of the real world , that is. I do, however, have some inquiries about how the economy of this game will function. Will there be several currencies (with different exchange rates etc.)? Will there be a stock market and publicly traded companies? How will investments work, if possible to invest? Will there be a nominal interest rate, and, with that, a rate of inflation? How about government spending and debt? Will the unemployment rate affect the overall economy? Will there be business finance? Maybe you need to hire an accountant to keep track of revenue and expenses. Generally, how will economics work in this game? I would really hate for it to just be money showing up in your bank and that's it. It would be cool to see a much more complex economy than in games such as GTA 5. Maybe someone with some insight could inform me a bit. Thanks _)
  20. Spy?

    Hello! I don’t know if it’s possible to make this happen, but I would want to have spy as a job or a career. I’m thinking that they could work for both criminals and the police! That would be really fun
  21. Stock Market Trader

    Hi, I wasn't active on the forum for a few months now, because of personal stuff, so I am not sure if something got revealed about, if there will be any stock market to trade in. I would really enjoy it. I love charts and trading, so it would be also be nice to have it in the game. Thanks
  22. I am curious if there will be newspapers in the game or magazines. Will you be able to make your own newspaper or magazine company and hire writers and reporters? Can you become an advice or career columnist? I thought it'd be pretty cool.
  23. Gangs/Jobs Logos [FREE!]

    Logos Hello guys I'm nir4speed and I'm creating free logos for anyone! Requirements You have to credit me for my work in your group I am only doing 1 logo per person Do not ask for ridiculously detailed logos (I'll choose whether to make it detailed or not based on your design decisions) Examples:
  24. Ranks in pre-set jobs?

    Is this already a thing because if not it would be really cool to have a rank system in pre-set jobs so that people can learn the real way.
  25. Hamilton Party Careers

    Hello! Are you looking for a long-term career in politics? If so, here is your chance to get started with full training provided and no experience needed opportunities. The Roles Public Relations Team As a member of staff for our Public Relations (PR) Team, you'll be in front of the cameras, speaking to the public and answering questions regarding the Party. You should only share what you have been authorised to share as not to risk violating our Privacy Agreement. Advertisement Team As a member of our Advertisement Team, you'll be on the streets, walking around and talking to the public about the party, trying to gain us some new followers and support. You may also be tasked with driving around one of the campaign vans which is always fun. Security Team As a member of the Security Team, you'll be tasked with working alongside our private security partners and protecting all important members of staff at all times during your shift. You may be tasked as an escort driver whose job will be to follow the convoy at a safe but close distance and make sure that the convoy stays in formation and does not get attacked. Excellent communication will be required between yourself and your fellow team members to ensure that everything goes to plan. General Requirements Personal Age: 16+ (not your Character's age!) Good Quality Microphone Discord Positive Attitude Mature & Professional Behaviour Willingness to Learn. Bonuses Personal Age: 20+ (not your Character's age!) Excellent Quality Microphone. Perks High-Earning, Negotiable & Competitive Wage (dependent on role) Personal Security (dependent on role and/or status) Campaign / Security Vehicle (dependent on role) Do you meet our requirements and are interested in a long-term career with The Hamilton Party? If so, click here to visit our website and here to apply.