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Found 6 results

  1. Questions on In-Game Books

    Hello all! I have several questions regarding player written books in-game that I can't seem to find any answers to anywhere else. 1. Can someone copy a story from the game and use it as their own? Will there be inter-player copywrite infringement or copycats that try to leech off the fortune of another? 2. Can a person used existing stories out of identity that belong to other authors? I would think stories in the public domain, like Alice in Wonderland and Frankenstein, are free game. Meanwhile stories that have been copywritten, like The Shining and DUNE, are restricted. 3. Is it possible to recreate roleplaying systems like Dungeons and Dragons or GURPS in Identity? (This kind of delves into creating your own board game and isn't necessarily a book question, but I thought I'd ought to ask it here) Thank you all for this wonderful community, Murderface
  2. I am curious if there will be newspapers in the game or magazines. Will you be able to make your own newspaper or magazine company and hire writers and reporters? Can you become an advice or career columnist? I thought it'd be pretty cool.
  3. Hi. Wondering if anyone knows how this will work. I'll focus my question in the official servers, although nothing wrong if you have comments about private ones, either known facts or your thoughts. If I paint a canvas, I can submit the picture it to the art gallery. Usually only one copy (that is, the original one) exists in the entire universe in RL. Seems like it will exist in the server where I painted/submitted it. This makes sense, although it is also a bit limiting, because there could be many people interested in the picture accross all servers. There will be a library too (at the time of writing this post, it is already working in the development side). It will have public domain classics available for everyone. But I can write a book too. Different from pictures, there are usually many copies of a book (I can imagine that, for simplicity, there will be 'infinite' copies of a book). Will player written books be replicated in all servers?
  4. Writing Books

    Hi, I recently was taking a look at the town square module page and saw that we will be allowed to write our own books. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this so far. Does anyone know if we will be paid to submit our books to the library? Thanks in advance, Capped
  5. Author

    do you think i could make a living off of being an author and publishing books for people to read in identity?
  6. My List of Ideas

    Activities Horseback riding with a lot of customization, such as saddles, bridals, boots, and gear. The ability to earn real money selling clothes and things you build like in Second Life (probably in the non robbery sections). Being able to create or build anything and have as much land or space as you want. Second life's land costs way too much for people who want to build and immerse themselves in their own world. The ability to upgrade your property acreage would be nice as well. Integrating the ability to use 3d modeling software to make things, such as blender, maya, or zbrush. Snorkeling Collect tropical fish and either eat them, sell them, or put them in your aquarium. Find rare artifacts and fossils underground that you can put in a museum, in your home, or sell for money. Find and collect materials for farming and building. Build your own dream home. Places Casinos, gambling. The ability to play poker, chess, card games, and other games Beaches Live on a farm, in a meadow, or out in the open fields. Castles Old fashioned bookshops Beaches Bowling Alley Careers Animal breeding and care taking, ranging from horses, to farm animals and pets. Horse training Grow and sell plants such as tall grasses, flowers, bushes, trees. Grow and sell fruit and vegetables for food. Farming. Fishing. Grow and sell wine Baking. Sculptor Ideas Nature trails near hunting grounds. Hunters unable to shoot horses or hoseback riders. Have some areas be danger proof from robberies and fire. Seasons change year round, and the leaves on the trees change color. Raise pets, such as dogs or cats Weather, such as rain Auctionhouses Garage sales Character has flatulence problems depending on what it eats (Not urinating or pooping) Books in world plus beautiful library Radio plays when person walks into a store Please read this and consider these things! Thank you.