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Found 8 results

  1. Painting and Art Gallerys

    Any more on the painting feature for Town Square? How will it work? Is it essentially MS Paint or will it be a bit more advanced? Will there be filters or effects which you can apply to make paintings more stylish or cohesive? Can you impodt images or is it all done in game? I believe I read somewhere there will be original artworks with the possibility to produce copies or prints? Will originals be obviously original i.e. making them more valuable. Will the Artist need to retain the original to make copies/prints? Can someone open a gallery and sell high end art in game? Will artworks associate the artists name with them? Can Artworks be stolen? (Would love to see some forgeries and an undergroumd market for hot artworks develop in game, criminals targeting the valuable stuff, buying it as assests or providing expensive art as payment). I plan on playing initially as a struggling portrait artist and am working on my back story atm so am very interested in any additional info you guys have. Thanks
  2. Advanced Drawing

    Hey there! As we are able to make paintings in the game, I wanted to know if people with drawing tablets have the chance to use them to draw their paintings. If not, I think it would be a cool addition to have, especially if professional digital artists can make paintings for us, thus making more detailed artworks. What do you think?
  3. Spraypainting

    You can buy different colors, and vandalize the walls. Building owners or janitors can clean it up. Being caught gets you in jail. It's sort of like the painting system, but with a different brush kinda thing when you paint the walls. When it rains it is washed away.
  4. I have one idea for the practical use of smoking weed ingame, and using other drugs too. The idea is to add value to an artistic craft after having smoked the weed for being high. Like, you get the weed however you wish. Then, when you smoke it and for example make a painting, as long as the crafting is done within the duration of the high, the painting gains a tag that says the creator was high on such n such drug, which in turn adds either a small amount of actual game dynamic value to the original and the painting's prints, along with the social value for having created something artistic while being on whatever drug. This can apply to all drugs and give all artistic creations some game dynamic value to whatever crafted item or musical composition, etc. What do you guys think? Please comment and suggestions.
  5. Hi. Wondering if anyone knows how this will work. I'll focus my question in the official servers, although nothing wrong if you have comments about private ones, either known facts or your thoughts. If I paint a canvas, I can submit the picture it to the art gallery. Usually only one copy (that is, the original one) exists in the entire universe in RL. Seems like it will exist in the server where I painted/submitted it. This makes sense, although it is also a bit limiting, because there could be many people interested in the picture accross all servers. There will be a library too (at the time of writing this post, it is already working in the development side). It will have public domain classics available for everyone. But I can write a book too. Different from pictures, there are usually many copies of a book (I can imagine that, for simplicity, there will be 'infinite' copies of a book). Will player written books be replicated in all servers?
  6. Painting

    Hello! I saw in the Housing "trailer" that there was like a paint stand. And since I like drawing, I was just wondering if that will work with etc. Wacom Draw tablets :)? Best Regards, Asoinyth!
  7. Suggestion for art canvas

    So as we see in the first gameplay demo there was an art canvas, it would be cool to have layers like in photoshop and other programs , so it be easier to do the coloring. In addition, maybe brush choises if that be possible.