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Found 1 result

  1. Painting and Art Gallerys

    Any more on the painting feature for Town Square? How will it work? Is it essentially MS Paint or will it be a bit more advanced? Will there be filters or effects which you can apply to make paintings more stylish or cohesive? Can you impodt images or is it all done in game? I believe I read somewhere there will be original artworks with the possibility to produce copies or prints? Will originals be obviously original i.e. making them more valuable. Will the Artist need to retain the original to make copies/prints? Can someone open a gallery and sell high end art in game? Will artworks associate the artists name with them? Can Artworks be stolen? (Would love to see some forgeries and an undergroumd market for hot artworks develop in game, criminals targeting the valuable stuff, buying it as assests or providing expensive art as payment). I plan on playing initially as a struggling portrait artist and am working on my back story atm so am very interested in any additional info you guys have. Thanks