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  1. Screenshots of the Police Station

    Maybe with the delays to launch this will be ready to go and subsequently included from launch...they did say it'd be very soon after launch afair, considering the length of the delays and release of these screenshots...I wonder ??
  2. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    I just wanna see a variety, also want the expensive highend sport cars to be rare and almost unattainable like IRL. Hate playing a game and everyone out there has a car or collection of cars worth multiple millions and there isnt a clapped out banger in sight...
  3. i told yall so

    That no rush comment is sarting to get on my nerves! ?? Everybody seems to be saying it... ...but at the same time there is currently momentum and interest in the game. If the devs draw it out for too long they will lose support, revenue from refunds and interest and they may never recover from that. It's a fine line but I don't think its fair to say we're rushing them following 3+ months waiting on an "immenent" launch... Why not devert more persons /resources into getting the last 3 issues resolved and then get them back on their individual tasks once launch is ready. Personally, I'd be pulling out all the stops if I was in their position and getting the bugs resolved and the released launched...
  4. Current plan for the next stream (June 28th)

    Jump! Jump! Jump!
  5. Need logos? I can help

    Lookin' good!!
  6. Just a quick post to say my opinion has changed now since the gameplay stream, anyone else more positive?
  7. Task Tracker 4 days and counting..

    Tbh there's always going to be pressure from the community for the Dev's. As soon as the trackers completed it'll be when will the new website release/why haven't you released the website yet/what's the delay with the website. Then it'll be TS, when will TS release/why haven't you released TS, th tracker says its ready/whats the delay with TS. Then it'll be updates and new modules, so on so forth Just chill and wait. The Devs were most likely focusing all their attention on the stream and gameplay preview which IMO is much better than seeing an item or two (if we're that lucky) updated on the tracker... Additionally some issues might be more challenging and take multiple days to resolve and there's simply nothing to update...

    I was hopeful, but probably in a similar position myself!

    Looked fantastic, really glad to finally see it. I'd assume that the reason the Dev's ignored chat for the most part was to stop the stream getting derailed and sidetracked which IMO was probably purely necessary... I hope that the gameplay and future content quells some of the doubters and reassures anyone on the fence. The content looked incredible and detailed. The graffiti leak, in addition to all the other stuff, chess, movies, tattoos, etc for instance just highlights the level of attention the Dev's have and justifies the development time/delays IMO. Can't wait for release. Any chance you wanna give me Dev access in the meantime ?? Seriously outstanding work...
  10. Think @ECorp is looking for new info @MapleMooses that post is 3 weeks old at this stage and refers to things being 'very very close' like the website. Considering the tracker's been up and running for 2 weeks previous to that post it's quite a long time without some news. Especially considering there was supposed to be new gameplay footage, new website and we've yet to hear or see anything about either...
  11. Weekly Hopes #2

    Yeah that's fair enough and understandable. I think I've just a different attitude, I'd rather the game releases and that the Dev's focus on development rather than keeping us informed about a process thats always subject to change and somewhat distracts from that Development and could potentially derail or delay development at points. Just think of all the games which you've had no input into or where theres been no transparency but still released and well loved... Just my 2c
  12. Weekly Hopes #2

    But ultimately do we need to know all the details? How does that benefit the game, community or the Devs? Just opens the door for more nay-saying, critisim and distraction when the Devs could just be getting on with it...
  13. CCTV Camera's and Panic Buttons

    Just hire a security guard? @UndefinedGamer
  14. Exploring

    I would imagine to stop random rooftop shooting sprees and snipers which I know the Devs have discussed limiting long range weapons and scopes for this reason in the past so would assume its an attempt to reduce the threat... @TPlayswas thinking more like Arma myself than GTA. Massive explorable world with access to all buildings.
  15. Weekly Hopes #2

    I think it was a good idea and certainly better than providing another deadline/date which the Devs couldn't adhere to but I think some people need to manage their expectations a bit better. Keep an eye on it myself and honestly check most evenings but there's no need to post and stress when it hasn't been updated on the occassional evening (or over the weekend for that matter ??) some tasks will take more than a day to resolve and it will appear that little has changed according to the tracker but the Devs are making progress everyday behind the scenes. I guarentee the tracker only scratches the surface of whats going on in terms of development...regardless looking forward to the release when its ready just hope the Devs realise nothings perfect and not to obsess over the smaller issues