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  1. I'm so excited ( and i just can't hide it)

    Those are both great games, well SL is a virtual world not really a game. Welcome aboard. \o/
  2. Dev Blog #007 Here:

    Month? I'm not so sure. They have the clothing store to finish, then there will be texture polishing etc, on that store. I'm guessing sometime in June. Oops, I meant July.
  3. It's true, everyone is hyped for some reason or another. I keep saying on the Discord channel for fun "Everyone is so excited for TSM to come out, you'll have it all finished in about 6 to 8 hours and then be looking for more waiting for what's next."
  4. Explore, be social, hookup a job, then check out my apartment and lastly go shopping for stuff.
  5. Finally decided to pledge

    Cangratz! And welcome to this great community. Glad to hear that you purchased even after the delay. I recommend setting up and start using the Discord app. Here is a link to the Identity channel on Discord:
  6. Pledge

    Great question, thanks for asking @BubbiMedia Great answer @JamesLuck01 good info to know. I was wondering about that.
  7. Question

    One of the main reasons I pledged more than $15 was because I get early access to the game. The second main reason is, this is NOT a Pay to Play game. Once the game goes live, there will be no option to pay and win. These two reasons gives me the confidence to make my pledge now based on hype even before the early game access. And you have to pledge now to get deals on early access, because once early access comes out, the prices to get early access will change accordingly with less deals.
  8. Will the "Town Square" module be late ?

    I'm just excited to play this groundbreaking game. I want a module as soon as possible. Any number of bugs or incomplete stuff will not disenchant me in any way and I will continue to remain excited the whole way through even after release.
  9. Will the "Town Square" module be late ?

    Yup, that's how I remembered it too. GTA V was pushed back because of the Online part. The game was finished before they had the online ready to go. So it got pushed back until they had the Online ready for launch.
  10. So whats new!?

    Well if you missed it, there were some new screenshots just the other day. Link: Even though the Date for the post is in August 2016, it is recent screenshots. I guess HairyGrenade just edited an old post when he did it.
  11. New Screenshots (UPDATED)

    My favorite D&D PC game series was Pool of Radiance series. And don't forget "Hillsfar" the intermission between Pool & Curse.
  12. Dying in Identity

    Was there any mention if the respawn will cost any medical bills? Or any cost of EMT assistance?
  13. The Purge Event "Upcoming War"

    I hear ya. I don't want any purge ingame or anywhere else. The big purge that we know of lasted 40days and 40 nights around the whole world. Though since the game is based in modern times. We won't mention the the purge being sprayed into our skies every day in our modern times, again around the whole world. No I don't want "chemtrails" purges in game. lol Edit: And no vaccine purges either.
  14. The Purge Event "Upcoming War"

    I think that's funny you don't recognize the multiple "Purge" events that have already take place on Earth. No offence. Edit: Not that I want this ingame, because I don't. But to say that "Purge" events don't happen in real life is laughable. Again, not laughing at you, laughing at the idea that it doesn't happen.
  15. Will There Be Live DJs Ingame?

    Well, I guess for now It's good enough to know that DJs will be in the game. As for the details of how it will all work and if/how we can get our tracks into the game, we shall have to wait and see. I am excited to know that It will be possible, even though I don't know the details yet. Edit: Remember, Identity will likely have to follow strict copyright laws for most if not all tracks. Does anyone know, if the DJ is responsible for the copyright if the material is not being held on the Identity server and the DJ is only broadcasting from their own stream? Identity might end up being able to only provide a list of tracks that they have rights to use or have purchased rights to use. Making all tracks hosted on their server and only playable through their software ingame with an ingame implemented method. Again, good to know there will be DJs.