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  1. Spraypainting

    You can buy different colors, and vandalize the walls. Building owners or janitors can clean it up. Being caught gets you in jail. It's sort of like the painting system, but with a different brush kinda thing when you paint the walls. When it rains it is washed away.
  2. What will you RP in identity?

    I plan on saving a great sum of money, and then buying a bunch of guns and creating a gang.
  3. In-game sites

    In-game you could be able to create your own site. Most sites can be accessed normally, and would be like shopping or job applications for your businesses, but criminal websites need a passcode. Criminal sites are like a chatroom where users in a gang can post pictures or coordinate their group.
  4. For the devs

    Don't buy the game if you don't have faith in it
  5. Ingame Bans

    Ok thanks
  6. What will you RP in identity?

    im going to fight crime
  7. i just got the beta package

    yay! I'm excited to be here! when is the first module coming out?
  8. if you do something bad ingame (ex: mic spamming or killing anyone you see) will you be banned forever?