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Found 63 results

  1. Basic Info on Characters

    RP Name: Description of character: What job do you want to have in Identity? What city do you want to live in? What are your goals in Identity?
  2. I'm curious to see where the community currently are in regards to what jobs and roles they'll provide to servers. I've currently made a couple of categories in a poll (if the poll shows) to allow people to just vote their way in if they don't want to share specifics, so check out the options and throw in a vote if you can! If you're interested in sharing who you plan to be, post below; Character name: Roger Picklebottom Role: Content Creator Focus of role-play: Self-proclaimed best-seller of books Why?: I've always wanted to write books (IRL), so to bring in this aspect for an in-game role-play allows me to see how well my writings would actually be sought after. Now I'm not saying that all my work will be good to read, or whether people will want to read them, but it would be nice to see how well my work could interact with people, and since I can't draw/paint to save my life, the written aspect of content creation in this game is really appealing for me Expected Income: Next to nothing, but I'll still strut about and act like I'm someone like "Richard Castle" from the TV Show "Castle" EDIT: I know there are quite a few similar topics like this, I'd just like to see the answers in poll format too, to get a gauge of how well the community would be split across the roles.
  3. OmegaFramework | Character Hub

    Identity RPG Characters These are subject to change and are not final.
  4. An African american woman stares at her reflection,black hair fell down her back and a decorative white flower surrounded by light blue and dark blue smaller flowers kept some loose strands away from her face,the little bit of eyeliner bringing her blue colored eyes out which she inherited from her father and the glossy shine to her chocolate colored lips is sure to draw in looks.She scoffs lightly before running her hands down her dark blue dress which is layered toward the bottom and covered in some glitter,her mother said it looked like a clear night sky before handing her a red ribbon.The woman touches the ribbon fondly as she admired it,the strands were wrapped over her shoulder and around her right arm.Her lips parted to release a soft sigh,her eyes narrowing briefly in thought as to why she even bothered to be here when she normally avoided these types of parties,but she was Nessie Rah tonight and Nessie needed to mingle
  5. Christopher Sharpe Age 30 Lives in California Status: Online I'm Moving! Posted on 5/30 at 10:48 p.m. The times almost come! I'm packing my bags and getting ready to move to Town Square. Flights will be leaving, probably around June 13th I hope. I'm looking forward to my new apartment there. I hope I beat the rush. That hotel is going to be fucking PACKED!
  6. Questions on In-Game Books

    Hello all! I have several questions regarding player written books in-game that I can't seem to find any answers to anywhere else. 1. Can someone copy a story from the game and use it as their own? Will there be inter-player copywrite infringement or copycats that try to leech off the fortune of another? 2. Can a person used existing stories out of identity that belong to other authors? I would think stories in the public domain, like Alice in Wonderland and Frankenstein, are free game. Meanwhile stories that have been copywritten, like The Shining and DUNE, are restricted. 3. Is it possible to recreate roleplaying systems like Dungeons and Dragons or GURPS in Identity? (This kind of delves into creating your own board game and isn't necessarily a book question, but I thought I'd ought to ask it here) Thank you all for this wonderful community, Murderface
  7. Hye ! I just want ti say hello to the Identity community. I hope the game release and i'm impatient to play ! I already have my idea about the activities I intend to do. I think to become a painter and become known in the country ... remains to be seen x) Bonjour ! Je voulais juste dire bonjour à la communeauté de Identity. J'ai hate de voir la sortie du jeux et je suis impatient d'y jouer ! J'ai déj ma petite idée des activités que je compte faire. Je pense devenir peintre et devenir célèbre.... reste à voir x)
  8. Choppa Boyz

    We them boyz who do the clean up Hit yo block and sweep yo mf street up Gang Gang Roleplay All choppas on deck we here as you can see what we about. We live by the gun. The choppa is law so we never get caught without it. If you not Gang Gang you can never be one of us. We want hittas. We are not the god father we gon do it like Meech did B.M.F style. Money, Drugs, Flashy Cars, Mansions Black people White people Hispanic people any race and Bad Women we gon have it all. Money laundering, Drug Dealing/Smuggling, Robbery, Weapons trade, Prostitution. They need a body dropped they should contact Choppa Boyz. We are a street gang everything flashy from the jewelry to designer clothes. This is rated M for mature so all that are and looking to have a good time in a modern day gang join us. Rankings: loyalty first and everything else follows do nothing to jeopardies the gang cover all tracks leave no trails. No snitching, no talking to police no talking to the opps. 30% of all members earnings will go to the gang. To do things such as deck out the hideout, gang investments, gang clothing line and gang cars. Depending on the economy ranking system may change. Now lets take over the city and rename it Choppa city. join me on discord to apply @ RUNNERS/CARRIERS: These individuals pickup and drop off drugs to various locations or other gang members. Rank: drop 1 body $500 STREET SOLDIERS: A street soldier can be involved with drive-by, gang fights drug sales, graffiti, intimidation, ect. aka gangbanger Rank: drop 3 bodies $1500 RECRUITERS: Recruiters are usually selling drugs and recruiting new young drug deaalers who want fast money Rank: new recruit drop 3 bodies $2500 COMMUNICATIONS: Informants who supply information ranging from rival gangs activity to law enforcement operation. messenger who communicate information between rival gangs Rank: drop 5 bodies $5000 SUPPLIER: An area leader, like any gang member, will have access to an assortment of readily available weapons Rank drop 7 bodies $7000 TREASURE: Responsible for income and expenses. Capital obtained from drugs, guns, property, business, ect. Rank: drop 7 bodies $7000 SECURITRY CHIEF/STREET CORDINATOR: Disciplines gang members who violate gang code; vice independent operating within territory who fail to pay share of profit. Business owners who fail to pay street tax (protection money) aka hitman Rank: drop 10 bodies $10000 CHIEF ENFORCER: Coordinates/controls gang wars, and protects existing territories. aka warlord Rank: drop 15 bodies $15000 ADVISORS: Financial, legal, political. (outside consultants) lawyers LEADERS: Presidents, kingpin, supreme chief, chairman of the board Rank: establish new branch with new territory 10% branch fee
  9. If you have ever played altis life you know that RDM, VDM and Fail RP are massive issues in the game and are very common. They are also frustrating for people who follow the strict rules because eventually everyone makes a slip. In altis life these rules are forced and are punishable by a ban. What I would like to see would be more along the lines of RP encouragement. For example; a police officer who takes a suspect into custody should make 10x the amount of money over just killing them. This makes the police WANT to use their voice to engage with the suspect over just killing them on sight resulting in bland and boring game play.
  10. Southside Ballerz

    We are a gang affiliated with the Texas Crips we also deal drugs and traffic weapons etc to join the roleplay group you must atleast be age 14 and up to join please PM me discord:
  11. Information Summary Identity Black is an upcoming community server for Identity that will launch upon the game's full release. Identity Black will focus on heavy role-play and realism, with more emphasis on tweaking the game to possess these qualities. Crafted For The Role-Player Identity Black is for players who want to develop their RP characters and stories in a game where serious role-play rules are enforced, RP actions mean something, and the differences between IC(In-Character) and OOC(Out-of-Character) are drawn. Player Freedom We want players to be able to steal cars, break into residences, or do anything in-between after the proper role-play is performed under a server administrator's supervision. Of course, the role-play quality must meet a real-life standard in order to be acceptable and therefore successful in attempt. Simply put, we want to give as much freedom as possible to the role-player! We hope to see every avid role-player join us in our goal in creating a decent serious RP for Identity! This thread is a current work in progress, and more updates will be posted on our main thread as well as the Discord while we develop our community. Join our Discord Join our Steam Group Q/A Q: Will Identity Black be a whitelisted-only server? A: No, however, players must pass an RP knowledge test before joining. Q: Will VOIP(Voice) be enabled? A: Yes, but VOIP is restricted to IC(In-Character) speech and not for acting out role-play or speaking in OOC(Out-of-Character) chat. VOIP abuse is strictly forbidden. Q: How big is this community? A: As of now, it's brand new! We invite any role-player who enjoys Identity to join our new community. Q: How important will role-play be on this server? A: Role-play will be the driving force of the entire game, the future determined by the players. Q: Are the forums open? A: No, we will not open the forums until the official release date of IdentityRPG has been announced. For now, the main thread and Discord act as our community's social platform. Q: Will this community remain active until Identity is fully released? A: Yes, we will be working and preparing our community until we open our server upon the first day of the full release! Q: Will multiple characters be allowed in Identity Black? A: Yes, we plan on allowing multiple characters to be made if possible, so players have a chance to develop different personalities and stories. Q: Is Identity Black accepting staff/volunteers? A: Yes, we are open to accepting applicants who are role-play savvy and have previous experience in role-play game administration, coding, or any other specialties that can enhance the game experience!
  12. IDENTITY GAMING Whats up guys, I'm not new to the forums, but created this account for no bias criticism. I have been working and planning hard for mine and my teams future server. IDEA This server is going to be just like the official servers, but will have a some player staff to monitor and keep everyone's experience the best. Also people may begin applying for jobs now so upon release their is a structure setup. This server is going to be OPEN to join but will require being part of the discord. JOB APPLICATION APPLYING FOR RANKS HAS BEGUN, so you can have a position upon release of IDG!!! This also allows for players to get their discord tags now and startup the community. All you do is copy and fill out this format and send it to me on the discord channel. Msg it to me and we will talk and you may get your tags now!!! APPLYABLE JOBS FOR TAGS INCLUDE: POLICE FIREFIGHTER PARAMEDIC LAWER NAME:AGE:POSITION INTERESTED IN:EXPERIENCE IN POSITION: RANK PURCHASED FOR GAME: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: YOUR IDENTITY If you are not interested in any of those jobs, simply join the discord for the Civilian tag and begin your character in the community!!!! DISCORD Sincerely, Chris Handsome.
  13. Identity Political Roleplay Story

    Rules: You are to continue the story from the previous post with only one to two sentences. Also, you may not kill any character that is an actual player. If a character is made up then that's fine, but you can't kill off anyone that is real. @LuciousTimes stood in the middle of The Identity Island Town Square with his Tibetan Mastiff named Chief. People were listening as he spoke about the tenacity of your everyday politicians.
  14. A Dream is Born Parts 1 - 5

    The Fasten Seat Belt sound chirped as Manus Blair dozed in his passenger seat, the 737-900 he was riding was shaking from rough air. He'd have preferred first-class, but startup companies rarely can afford those, so coach would have to do. Fine. Hours ago he was in Chile, representing business interests in his home state of California. That's what he did: he went places people generally didn't go, then he invested. And that's what he was doing now. Paramo island is an extended part of Puerto Rico, a US Territory, and after a lengthly legal process the island attained Constitutional status. It was heavily rumored to be the next US state, beating Puerto Rico itself. Now people and business were pouring in. It was like the cool new toy, that accepts US currency, has a modern Western society, and where people drive on the right side of the road. Laking an airport on the island itself, Magnus would have to land in Santo Domingo, in the Dominican Republic, and take a ferry to it. He felt an elbow jab him gently. "Would you like to set up a meeting with the local investors?" asked the woman sitting next to him. Manus tried to open his eyes, blinking away the fog. He stretched. "Laurie, you're a partner, not my secretary. Set it up and tell me where to be and when." he groaned. She nodded and resumed tapping absently on her laptop. Well, he was awake now. He had always represented various corporate or NGO interests, but this was different. Manus Industries. Yes. This time he was striking out on his own. He had a cocktail of friends, acquaintances and trust fund kids looking for passive income to help him get off the ground. This was his turn.
  15. Rp Politics

    Hello citizens, I was wondering what kind of politics the more serious roleplaying community is interested in. More specificly what laws, party types, and how any other aspects of a government you guys are looking for. Myself personally im not to sure what to expect or even want in game as far as government goes. If you could leave some comments about and ideas for laws or preferences you may have. Thank you for the view and have a great time in the forums.
  16. The Astral Plane.

    Welcome to the Astral Plane. An exclusive club where only those who wield the greatest influence over society are allowed entry. Join other, high class citizens as we enjoy pleasures unimaginable to most common-folk. Beautiful music that would draw enough tears from the masses to form oceans. The most eloquent cuisine which makes common meals taste like grass by comparison. The finest wine and most beautiful women (and men, for those who partake). No pleasure is forbidden. Enjoy the life of the elite overlooking the commoners below on the highest floor of the tallest building in the city. Welcome to the most exclusive club in the world. Welcome to The Astral Plane. Just an RP thread I wanted to put together to contrast the other RP threads, which focus more on the "low-life" so to speak. If you want to RP as someone rich and powerful, this is the place to do it. A few rules as well as the setup for how I am going to run this: 1. Anything out of character or not spoken by your character should be in Italics green, all in character RP should be written in first person. 2. I will be acting as the "mysterious host" of the Astral Plane. This will allow me to guide the RP in a fun and interesting direction. I will also act as a Game Master with again, non-rp text written in Italics. 3. When you first enter there are 6 tables you may choose to sit at. You may only interact with the people sitting at your table and are encouraged to do so (unless otherwise specified, just ask in Italics). 4. Your first post should contain basic character information eg. What your character looks like, what you are wearing, and what allowed you entrance into the Astral Plane. It also should contain which table you are going to sit at. The Host will also greet all new guests as they enter. 5. Please wait 3 days for a reply at your given table. After three days, response will be assumed by GM. You don't have to read the entire thread to hop in. Anyone can join. Those are pretty much the rules. Most importantly, be creative with your RP and have fun!
  17. The town square module price

    Just read in the newsletter today about when Townsquare is dropping. One thing I wanted to get clarified was the statement: ''We've crunched all the numbers and can now say with fair confidence that the Identity Town Square module will be released, to all backers with a $30 or higher pledge, on this coming March 21st.'' It says that you will get the town square module beta with a $30 pledge but when i go on the shop it says that i will get the beta for a $15 plegde.
  18. What game and community do you currently roleplay in? I roleplay in a life roleplay community on Grand Theft Auto V Xbox One called pdlsrp but I hope to move over to PC once Identity has private servers.
  19. My Character!

    Name: Marie-Clare Bouchard. Appearance: Race/Nationality/Ethnicity:White/French. Personality:Strong-Minded, Passionate, Intelligent, Outspoken and Ambitious! I speak my mind and do not stop working until I get what is best for my country! I am a politician and I am running for Governor! Education: I attended a private primary and secondary school. I studied Political Science and International Law at Sorbonne University in Paris! D.O.B: 17-August-1995 Sexuality:Straight. Misc Facts:Born and raised in Juan Les Pins in the South Of France. I came from a wealthy family. Background: I was born and raised in Juan Les Pins in the South Of France. My grandfather was also a politician, he was right wing just like me! He was runner up in the 2002 French Presidential Election. My aunt is also a politician, she is also right wing and she finished runner up in the 2016 French Presidential Election. I am known for speaking out against terrorism and my drastic ideas to combat terrorism. My family found their money by investing in political parties and through stock exchange, we are one of the richest families in France and quite high up in the wealth rankings in Europe!
  20. Room mate needed!

    I'm currently looking for a room mate before I go forward with getting myself an apartment. We can pay 50% each for fees. And you get to live with the greatest mad scientist on the Island!!! Just.. umm.. let me know if your interested.
  21. I am very hyped for ''Identity Town Square Module'' to launch, hopefully around winter sometime. But I'm curious and intrested in what type of character yours will be? Drug Dealer? Business Man? Car Thieve? Weapon Arms Dealer? Stylist? Please tell me! :9
  22. Radio Station

    I feel as if this has probably been talked about before and might have been answered in the reddit Q&A however I am wondering if civilians are able to host their own radio station and if so would we need a studio and how different stations and studio time would work (cant have everyone using a studio so how many studios/stations will there be?). Finally would there be an implimented way to broadcast music on the radio? (Not sure how exisiting music would work but I assume you would be able to broadcast music made by in-game characters). Sorry if this is written badly, it's 5am
  23. Dark City

    This is innitially a continuation from a previous RP that was started in a different thread. It went well, so we decided to make a new thread just for it, beginning in what we call "Season 2." Anyone is welcome to join. The story is set in the cities of Identity and the theme seems to have a bit of a Gotham feel to it. Crime, justice, and a dash of twisted insanity. A world where there are no battle wizards astride dragons, or fairies weaving flower garlands for elves. There are, however, sinister science experiments, genetic mutations, dark rituals and cryptic things that you thought only existed in nightmares. The world is what you make it, and dark minds, I find, tend to be a bit more fun. So welcome all, to Dark City. RULES: 1. PLEASE try to type as clearly as possible. Relax, take your time, it will yield less typos. Avoid shorthand and proofread your post before submitting. 2. No god-moding. You can not control other people's characters (unless previously arranged), and you are not immune to damage. 3. We all have lives. As such, you will be given 3 days to post a reaction. After that, you will be skipped. The show must go on. 4. NO BULLYING. We simply will not have it. If you're being a dick, you will be killed off in the story and blocked from the thread. If we think of more necessary rules, we will update this accordingly. Participants of Season 1: Because this is its own thread and new people may be joining, please post a brief recap of your character's events in the previous chapter. Thank you and enjoy! *fires a gun in the air*
  24. Any other games like Identity ?

    Identity looks good but its not even in Beta so the release will be probably atleast one year so meanwhile i need a similar game like this here the games /mods i already know Altis Life - already tried Gta Samp - Full of Dmers rule breakers etc Garry mod - same as gta samp these are the most known Roleplay so there any other good roleplay game/mod with mature community and good population?