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  1. Radio Station

    I feel as if this has probably been talked about before and might have been answered in the reddit Q&A however I am wondering if civilians are able to host their own radio station and if so would we need a studio and how different stations and studio time would work (cant have everyone using a studio so how many studios/stations will there be?). Finally would there be an implimented way to broadcast music on the radio? (Not sure how exisiting music would work but I assume you would be able to broadcast music made by in-game characters). Sorry if this is written badly, it's 5am
  2. Storage Units

    I agree to an extent, I don't think it would work with storing small vehicles just because there is already a garage system implimented however being able to store items at a storage unit would be really helpful whether it is just house hold items, shop equipment/stock or hiding illegal items while they are waiting to be smuggled. Could work in a very similar fashion to apartments
  3. How does jailtime work?

    Yes it should be fun, but some people want to play as civilians but if everyone is a criminal then it will ruin it for them because they will constantly get robbed or shot. Anyway there is other stuff to do in jail so it wont just be sitting still.
  4. How does jailtime work?

    I feel as if jail time should be longer than 45mins just because it has to be long enough to stop encouragement of everyone going into crime. Far too many people will want the quick buck and if the jail time is not long enough people will not worry about it as much and are much more likely to commit crime. However if they commit a crime and are in jail for a couple of hours they will be less tempted to try and make quick money. You dont want everyone to go into crime because then it will be just like ArmA 3 Life