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  1. Here's a suggestion...

    It's 2022. Finish your game.
  2. What's to come

    are these posts even from this year, or has the game development been that dead that it's gone nowhere in a year and a half?
  3. What's happening?

    No news for 5 months now. No idea what's happening with development, or if its even stopped... I thought the whole idea from before TS was to be more open with the community and share more development information?
  4. Town Square isn't what people are portraying it as.

    Why? Why is it important for people to keep receiving content in a PRE-ALPHA MODULE of a game? Wouldn't you rather have the devs actually focus on completing the other modules in a timely manner?
  5. No. The Beta is the end-product that is going through its final bug-check phase. This is where the Beta access players will get in, report issues, and the developers will fix the main issues ahead of the final product being released. Asylum are literally miles of code away from this yet... The modules are select chunks of the end-product that complete the foundation of the end-product. - The ability to move, speak, socialise and interact (Town Square) - The ability to use weapons, hit registration, kills/deaths (SWAT) - The ability to use vehicles and race (Race) Once you have all three of these foundation principles in place, the entirety of the game can then be constructed to allow for; - Weapon modifications (An expansion upon SWAT) - Deathmatches (An expansion upon SWAT) - Grand theft auto (An expansion upon Race) - Demolition Derby (or the ability to blow up vehicles) (An expansion upon Race) - Create your own role-play scenarios (An expansion upon Town Square) - Create your own job/business (An expansion upon Town Square) etc... etc... Every module has the potential to be expanded upon to add new features, new coding, new abilities, new scenarios. Think of it as building a house. You don't start with installing the windows, you need to lay the foundations and then build the walls. OP: All of the above really should clarify that Asylum likely won't be expanding Town Square or opening up extra areas. The module itself is the baseline for social interaction and object interaction. The only thing expanding the TS module will accomplish is further setting back the development of the other core modules.
  6. How can people still defend this game.

    I haven't logged into the servers yet, aside from creating a character (with which the animations are lagged). I knew from that point that the servers aren't yet optimised for the game and thus the devs of like what, 5 or 6 people(?), are stretched pretty thin. While your anger isn't really misplaced, does it really accomplish or achieve anything? You're backing the developers to produce the game. That's what your donation was for. If you honestly think they should be doing much better, then take yourself to College/University, get a degree in game development, and join their team. It should only take you three to four years, so by that timeline, they should be just about to release the SWAT module
  7. Computer Specs Thread

    What's the BeQuiet PSU like? I love their fans like.
  8. Computer Specs Thread

    I made a video of my PC build... Check it out The full specs are listed in the description.
  9. Sadface.jpg

    As promised, the video for the new PC build..! In the end, I opted for the RTX 2080TI over two 1080 TIs. The performance increase over two in SLI is about the same as the single RTX 2080TI, except it works out at around £600-700 cheaper.
  10. website Feedback

    Oh, I know... But for my community's Website + Forums for our Altis Life server back in the day, our resident texture guy also did PHP coding, so designed us a website with custom forums. It tied our website account with the in-game account using specialised queries to the MySQL database, which then displayed information for users (like badges, trophies etc) on the forums so our community members could better recognise certain players. Also where their in-game names differed from their community names, it highlighted what their in-game name was which again allowed for better recognition. With Identity, the same should apply. While using third-party forum providers is the easy option, in the long-term it's not as financially secure and has limited to no customisability without heavy additional costing. So... since Asylum just revamped their website with an external provider, they should have also looked to create the forums as a customised entity instead to allow for the flexibility in the future.
  11. website Feedback

    The new website homepage looks good, however I feel there's too much emphasis put on the scrolling panels and animations, rather than the overall functionality. I mainly use the website while I'm at work (as my home PC is still under construction, who knew watercooling would be so expensive?!), so the laptop I'm using is probably about 15 years old, and has a potato for a CPU. This means that the new website is jittery and much slower. Upon reaching the homepage, there's a loading symbol which takes around 5-10 seconds to load the actual site content (which isn't too bad). However, due to all the animations and changing imagery, the page scrolls slowly. The top header looks great with the three buttons either side of the icon... and I feel it's unique shape should be kept as the default header throughout the website. However, as soon as you scroll down slightly, the header collapses and looks less unique and clean, and it seems to use considerable memory/processing power to handle the simple animation of collapsing (it takes around 2-3 seconds on this laptop to properly close-in). On a couple of occasions, Google Chrome seems to have frozen completely on a black page while everything attempts to load a simple scrolling of the mouse wheel... The new shop element, again, looks great... but it lacks slightly in functionality and is extremely slow to load due to the scrolling animated banner tile at the top. I've also noticed that the prices don't make much sense. I've got the $60 pledge as player-owned already... however, upon purchasing the next available pack (the homeowner pack), it's standard value is $90, but instead of it costing me $30 to receive the additional items in this (taking my total pledge value up to $90), it instead costs $54.78 (extremely random price). which doesn't make much sense to me? I'm also struggling to identify the shop page which simply allows you to buy specific items from the shop itself. It appears every option is only the "Packages" where as browsing to the shop from your own profile's items, you can get to the specific item purchasing page where there are things like pets etc... there should definitely be the same options when accessing the shop from the header bar "shop" button as opposed to accessing from player items. I'd also like to see the community forums be revamped into the similar style, as well as further expand upon character integration with the site. Having your account display information on the homepage under one log-in, and then having a separate log-in for the forums isn't ideal and should have the accounts merged together (which should also limit anyone creating duplicate accounts for forum spamming etc due to needing an actual game account linking with steam etc...)
  12. Computer can't be booted

    Use this tool; https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/software-download/windows10 Make sure your USB key is formatted into a FAT32 drive, and is completely blank (it does it as part of the process, but best to do it yourself first). This will create USB bootable media that is recognised by UEFI/BIOS. Make sure you select the boot override option when starting up your PC with the drive inserted... and reinstall windows. Always do a custom installation and wipe everything from the PC. If you're wanting to retain documents, make sure your documents are always backed up into places like OneDrive / GoogleDrive etc... Windows 10 isn't ideal for compatibility at the moment because they're still releasing features for it... however, it's by far the best for user experience out of all the recent Windows systems. I still use Windows 7 at work, and it's really not that great (despite things generally being more compatible out of the box).
  13. Ignored the rest of your post because your three points here clearly demonstrates that you didn't read a single response I gave you before... so not sure why you'd expect me to read all your post if you're not going to see reason. Asylum have acknowledged the issue, therefore there is an issue whether you see it or not. I've already answered your other questions. Yes, arguing for the sake of arguing. You're on multiple topics arguing with people who are saying there's a communication issue, yet despite being told by several people continuously there is an issue, you just move onto the next topic to argue with someone else.
  14. Prostitutes and sexual interactions

    If no one can have sex... then every player will be a virgin... therefore; virgins, virgins everywhere!
  15. Prostitutes and sexual interactions

    Virgins, Virgins everywhere