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  1. The town square module price

    i mean. The discounts from the $30 i pledged already
  2. The town square module price

    Sorry. I just looked at the shop again and realized that there were discounts. My bad.
  3. The town square module price

    Just read in the newsletter today about when Townsquare is dropping. One thing I wanted to get clarified was the statement: ''We've crunched all the numbers and can now say with fair confidence that the Identity Town Square module will be released, to all backers with a $30 or higher pledge, on this coming March 21st.'' It says that you will get the town square module beta with a $30 pledge but when i go on the shop it says that i will get the beta for a $15 plegde.
  4. Townsquare Module Housing

    Is the apartment going to be permanent or just through the beta?