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Found 39 results

  1. Movie/Show

    So when the game comes out there obviously will be Movie making, and I plan to make movies and shows. For example I plan on making a show about detectives solving murders, robberies, kidnappings, etc. My question is are any of you willing to be a part of it?
  2. LORDS

    No more trouble! DO YOU NEED A "SOLUTION"? CALL THE LORDS! OUR SERVICES In prison or on the streets, we are the solution. MURDER PROTECTION BEATING DEPREDATION “Behind every successful fortune there is a crime.” Mario Puzo, The Godfather WORK WITH US !!! Our leader? An anonymous police officer (corrupt)
  3. Lords (No More Problems)

    (We don't need) No, we don't need (no more trouble) No more trouble! (We don't need no more trouble) DO YOU NEED A "SOLUTION"? CALL THE LORDS! OUR SERVICES In prison or on the streets, we are the solution. MURDER PROTECTION BEATING DEPREDATION WORK WITH US !!! Our leader? An anonymous corrupt police officer
  4. Hi guys! I think a cool idea would be if there was a last rank in the career for cops, being captain, where those in that position(only one position for one station) had a lot of power to change things and being like the leader for cops with the most authority. Also a job as city major where it would be similar to captain having much control/power and only having one for each city. For the cime bosses/gang leaders it would be cool if the person to create the gang itself to be the boss and to be able let others join the gang also giving people in his/her gang different permissions or ranks and other stuff. There should be a voting system as well if the current leader left his position ad leader or the entire gang. I would love to see these jobs/careers/ranks and also to see them have different options, like having to manage non-personal economy. For example if you are the captain of a police station and you want to buy in weapons for the station that the officers are then gonna use against criminals and maybe the station can't afford high quality weapons like m4's then you might have to buy cheaper and less effective, also being able to fire people(with limitations and restrictions so it wont be easy to abuse) and to be able to tell other police officers where they should patrol. For the gang leaders/crime bosses they should also be able to manage the gangs economy and be able to call hits on people and call gang wars. And lastly for the major he should be able to manage the cities wealth and economy and also being the person with most power being in a higher position than even the captain, shop owners and pretty much everyone except for gang members(also forgot to mention the firefighters, they should also have a captain) it would be nice if the major had a lot of different options in changing things like taxes etc. Also obviously it should be hard to get to these positions. You should have to be in the second highest rank of the career or gang, since the highest would be the captain/leader/major, and also there should be a voting system for these positions. If you read all of this then thank you so much! And please leave a comment down below about what you think of this idea.
  5. Idea: Different Continents All one world - Must take actual ship/plane to the continent This allows for expansion for corporations The continents could be seen as like a 3rd world country Each one is a different nation They even can go to war every now and then opening up a career in each island's military Each country has its own government, own people, own military, own economy Trade between the countries could also make an entire world economy I know this will never happen but hey possibilities are endless *wink wink* maybe a dlc!
  6. Fire Department

    My question is this I am a volunteer FireFighter and If I want to be a FireFighter in this game as a job. Will there be areas that ask a person if they do have experience with this form of job that can make there player have a better chance to get that job then another player?
  7. Hello all, Virtual Worlds like SecondLife (and now Sansar), IMVU, Warcraft and others... work, grow, evolve and make "economy" thanks to a Big Market of Creations by the Players-Accounts-Avatars-Users. That can expand faster the possibilities and increase the speed of development. So, my suggestion is to open the possibility to the users to make stuff... with the supervision-selection of an Art Director, part of the official Team. That can be a secondary market with limits decided by the Identity Team. Development will be fast and more creative thanks to the contribution of User-Creators Economy and Item Shop will grow incredibly Identity can be more attractive for new user because of the amount of items and possibilities. Users-Creators will have the possibility to have a micro-economy selling stuff and making money (with a fee to give) and having a great Job-Career Motivation for User-Creator will be very high and Brand New products will come continuously That works great with other platforms... so, why not here? Example: Sansar by LindenLab (the new platform) Team can focus on the development of the platform and the features. thanks for the attention, Valya
  8. Things i like to see in the game! (I just heard about this game and im sure some things here prolly are in the game already or been shot down). Jobs/Careers. 1). Forensic crime investigator, fingerprints, tireprints, foot prints, blood samples etc. 2). Putting adds online for doing miscellaneous things/odd jobs. 3). Owning/or operating a pawnshop. 4). Reporter for a news channel. 5). Ranks within a criminal organization. 6). Graffiti removal van. 7). Parking Enforcement Officer. 8). News anchor. 9). Hostages negotiator. 10). Radio host. Stuff i like to be able to do. 1). Reverse pickpocketing plant stuff on ppl. Lets say you want a certain political member out of the way, simple plant some coke on him, and call the cops. 2). Drop a picture in character creation, so the game takes the most like features from the picture and copy them into the character, so i just have to make some minor adjustments. 3). Smash and grab heist. 4). Throw out spikes from the carwindow in a police chase. 5). Burn my clothes after a busy criminal night, so the detective/forensic team have a harder time catching me. 6). Burgler somthing. 7). Live in a portable tent. 8). Graffiti. 9). Put the tv to a server news channel that shows live car chases in the city, and commercials for diffrent in game products. 10). If someone were to create a song in the game, their should be some kind of toplist, if you reach that list in someway, the song made, should be featured on automatic radio.
  9. Radio Station

    I feel as if this has probably been talked about before and might have been answered in the reddit Q&A however I am wondering if civilians are able to host their own radio station and if so would we need a studio and how different stations and studio time would work (cant have everyone using a studio so how many studios/stations will there be?). Finally would there be an implimented way to broadcast music on the radio? (Not sure how exisiting music would work but I assume you would be able to broadcast music made by in-game characters). Sorry if this is written badly, it's 5am
  10. Will there be Railways? As they are a perfect means of transportation and a good source for many jobs. Also train heists or smuggling in trains would be possible with it. (Guess it's more some kind of european idea, but i guess it would be a nice thing.)
  11. Tour Guide - My Career

    Tour Guide I will give people tours to beautiful places in identity I can also give tours of towns I want to make the people of the server, i am on, go wow this is beautiful my goal is to make people aww Pricing $75 for city tour $125 for famous touring spots $175 for secret beautiful spots (Undecided if this will be a choice)
  12. News Reporter?

    It would be cool to be a News Reporter would there be any way to do that? I mean come on I personally would love to be able to walk on the streets looking for a story. And If there is a way to do it the name of my news station would be GSI News.
  13. Career Poll(improved)

    Hi, I was thinking this would be an interesting topic in the community. I haven't seen any of this kind of poll yet, so I decided to do one myself. I hope you all answer to this poll edited on May 12.
  14. The Bank

    So let's talk about banks. I know there will be a bank in the game, but bankers in real life make great deals of money. Would there be a banker job in the game? Someone who decides whether you can get a loan, as well as other things. Also bank security?
  15. What is the most profitable and in your opinion, the best career path to choose if you are looking for wealth and fame?
  16. Investment Banking

    What do you guys think of taking place as an Investment Banker? - You could employ an Investment Banker for business strategy advisement and so on...
  17. Ratio of careers.

    Just trying to see how the ratio of careers people want to be.
  18. A way for players to "illegally" change their identity to escape the police, harder to find those same players again. To be a surgeon that does surgery illegally they would have to be in crime and their client would also have to be a criminal. The surgeon would have past files of all the illegal surgeries they've done, so if they are caught their past clients are also caught. Give character customization more strict boundaries for this concept to work, such as having to pay for plastic surgery if you want to change your physical body (not haircuts or changing character body weight) just like the real world but your character has a medical record of what you looked like previously so the police can track you. While doing it "illegally" you do not have that medical record. This would also make "plastic surgeon" a career. Implement it by having players to actually pay for some kind of schooling. Not as long as a 8 year course but a way to limit the amount of players wanting this career; for example it should take at least 1 year and you'd have to pay a lot of in game money. Have a "surgeon" NPC already in game that players can go to so they can change their bodies if needed. When there are "surgeons" in the game just disable the NPC from being able to change a players appearance and have players look for other players that are surgeons. Such as going to a shop that does surgery. This would be interesting because it means Police could access medical files to see if a criminal has changed their appearance if done legally.
  19. Civil Engineer

    Design and build structures and infrastructure to improve operations on you server. Traffic jams add a bypass. Coastal flooding build levy. Too much pollution plant some trees and build a park. Civil Engineers would plan in some sort of "Cities: Skyline" mode. Then submit the plans for review. The server government would decide on zoning and choose what public projects to fund.
  20. Jobs & How they function

    So I was thinking about different jobs there could be and as I thought more about it, I came to this conclusion: Sure we could have a list of jobs like any other game might have, but how do you make it more specific? more unique? Herein lies my idea: Make different jobs have different content available for players to use. For example, say there is a barbershop or hairsalon job. The only way players could change their hairstyles and change their hair types is to purchase services by a player who's job or business is a barbershop or hairsalon. The player who runs a barbershop or hairsalon as job would gain a job tree that makes it so they can provide haircuts and hair styles to the rest of the population. Just my first thought on it. The barbershop was just a simple example... but this idea could be applied to many different jobs and make them more relevant and useful to players that don't want to just stand and chop wood or something... nothing wrong with that, but variety is nice What does everyone else think?
  21. Secretary of health

    Dear respected citizens. I am looking for a willing, reliable, honest, loyal and experienced individual to oversee the health of the state. Your job will be to ensure patients are receiving medical care when they need it, you will also ensure that all hospitals and surgery centres are working to the best they can and providing high performance satisfaction and you will keep myself and the cabinet up to date on any medical research. Should you be interested in the position please private message me and we can discuss this further. Kind regard. Governor candidate Bodhi Preston
  22. Chancellor of the financial district

    Dear respected citizens I am looking for a willing, dedicated, experienced and loyal candidate to be in charge of overseeing the finances of the state. Your job will entail keeping myself and the cabinet up to date on the economy, our financial position, all money that comes in and out, what we earn and what our money is being spent on. If you are interested in the position please private message me and we can discuss this further. Kind regards to you all. Governor candidate Bodhi Preston
  23. Musician,

    Creating a musicians career would be something most people would want. Actually making it so you can upgrade certain levels of skill on an instrument by doing specific stuff, like...going to music lessons (who would've thought). So you hit a certain point where you can master an instrument. As in real life, people are more skilled than others in music, so making it balanced enough so anyone who puts time into an instrument can master it would be awesome so anyone could make a living out of it. Don't really know if this has been discussed already, but im curious to what others think about this.
  24. Terror

    I can't be the only one thinking of becoming one in identity . Rocket launcher between a cops and my comrades would be awesome !
  25. What do you think about the characters getting the chance to be superheroes in the game? It would be awesome!!! don't you think? Who agrees?