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Found 38 results

  1. Russia language translate

    Hey, good afternoon! My name is Daniil. I am from Russia, and i very love Identity. But this game, official web-site and forum dont have Russia language translate. I`m with my friend can help to you. On a voluntary basis. If you are interested write to me. Best wishes, Daniil
  2. Hello DEV-Team, Hello Community! I just thought about Identity and how it will proceed in the further years. After a few days i just got an idea wich I have to share with you! ---NOTE: It is just an idea/suggestion. & sorry for my very bad english. I hate my english skills too. So here is the idea. Meanwhile you are developing several modules you could already start making the basic map on wich Ash Ville and the Countryside (etc...) will be located on. Having the basic modeled map with a few finished locations could allow you / and the players to make 'Fast-Travels' possible before publishing the whole map. The Pre-Beta Players would be able to Travel from the (limited but acessable) Town Square to several other (limited but acessable) points/locations on the map (For example the forest you showed us in a gameplay) wich are already done. The Players could then be able to see all the ready/finished/working locations on the map and in the Pre-Beta Game. ### You could then for example start adding a few Minigames somewhere on the island where players could then fast travel to using the full map in the menu without crossing the unfinished locations. I think this would help you to get faster to the goal you and the community wants to reach. AN EPIC MMORPG. Over and Out. Countrydragon. p.s. sorry for the bad grammar and vocabs... Im trying to improve my english skills over the next years.

    A SIMPLE AND DIRECT QUESTION WHAT DO YOU EXPECT TO SEE IN IDENTITY? (Let's make this publication several ideas)
  4. hello thanks for the time you guys put in... a few things that would be cool to add is 1. be able to sleep in the RV and Caravans so we can travel a little 2. be able to run our own company like taxi/uber/boss of a shop etc 3. we have to maintain our vehicles thanks for your time hope to see updates on game soon
  5. More ideas and suggestions

    1. Is it possible to create games for the in-game computer? 2. Food Delivery? 3. Uploading Videos on the In-game computer? 4. Diseases? 5. Custom in-game consoles and games for them?
  6. Town Square Release

    Hey guys, with the upcoming release of the town square I’d like to know what you like most about Identity so far, or what you want to do in the game. Personally, I’m really excited for the graphics, and just a fresh new modern day realistic game. I’m gonna have tons of fun just doing random crazy stuff with all of you, whether were running a drug cartel or simply owning a clothing shop. Anyways, comment what you’re looking forward to most! It’d be great if we could get the devs in on this so tag them. @Paratus @Beach_Ball
  7. Bank robbery ideas

    I would like if you can decide on your own, if you do it like, loud and just run in with weapons, or that you do it smart and tactical like in GTA 5 Heists, with the smoke grenades and like hack the cameras and eventually a tunnel (if possible) and a getaway car, fake ID cards. You know, just very tactical and smart... But you can decide it on your own, not like GTA 5. If you need more ideas for tactical robberies. just watch videos online The thing I would like the most is the hacking of the cameras or/and bank pc!
  8. Anarchist

    My first time posting on this forum.. I bought this game at first sight, I knew it was a certified beauty. Bought it in early 2016 I believe but that doesn't matter. I absolutely LOVE this idea and if it turns out as we all hope so I will die happily. To the point, imagine a rank/class in this world where people targeted government officials and basically tried to corrupt the government to overrule with anarchy. My main idea comes from GTA5, similar to the heist feature. As an anarchist you would ideally have a "darknet" chatroom that you'd communicate through. Talking about your master plans to kill the cops and raise hell on the streets. Tell me what you think about this idea, hopefully it can be implemented into the actual game. Thanks again, love the idea. *Edit* What if there was an automated/manually triggered system where if a person with the role "anarchist" got into the mayors office or overruled the government then the server would go into lockdown.. Streets could be robbed without police responding, stuff like that. I'm thinking of GMod darkRP when I say this.
  9. After playing Altis Life In Grand Theft Arma Server for a very long time, I am very known to RPG type games and i seriously believe they being a mod of a completely different game dosent give them much possibilities but i believe that IDENTITY is gonna change all of it and gonna rock the RPG genre like crazy. Suggestion A - I believe having right and left car indicators light (set to maybe Q or E keys) can be really useful and will stop unnecessary crashing of cars, and strict rules can be made about it which can be regulated by police. Where crashing and dying to it can possibly lose you a lot of money at the same time having indicators in cars and having a strict regulation about it can save a lot of people's hard work and useless VDMers (vehicle death match - where people illegally try to kill people by crashing them in their car) Suggestion B - Second idea which i think can change this game completely would be able to consume the drugs use in illegal activity, it will provide so many Roleplay possibilities, from police checking drunk or under the influence of drugs Drivers to people selling local drugs in hidden dark places to hobos of the city. People can have parties in their houses which can be raided by police as a roleplay to check drug use or people can have a good time roleplaying as under drug usage. City can have legalized weed shops as well where people can buy weed for recreation opening again loads of and many roleplay stories.
  10. Suggestions #1

    Throughout the course of this game, I'll try and do my best to leave suggestions to make this game as authentic as possible for the developers to hopefully consider. This game has real potential and I hope it will be a real long-term success. Suggestion 1: Game world time. There should be a game world time: a full day should be 24 hours (real world time) or 2 seconds in the real world equal one Identity 5 minutes or 1 second real world equal 1 minute? *Consider job's working hours for example, a player may have a 7 hour shift but they might not want to work for 7 hours (real world time)* Therefore game world time is important for authenticity. This game should be built around authenticity. Suggestion 2: Mobile Phones and Technology. I have not heard much about the uses of technology in this game but I have heard about the uses of computers. Mobile phones should have basic things such as Contacts, Messages, Games, Camera and (most importantly) a Web Browser. *There are lots of things to talk about in terms of technology and how it can be utilised in the same ways as in the real world so I will only talk about it after the game has been released as I can look into more depth on how they can improve on this important feature* Suggestion 3: Main focus on this game should be the game environment (surroundings) and character. Game Environment = Being able to interact with the surrounding environments as much as possible. The environment should also act as it would in the real world. From the wind blowing the leaves gently to your character accidentally walking into a bin and knocking it over. Funny that. But it is just an example of gaming authenticity. I have seen many games before in the past where if you accidentally walk into a building, your character just acts as if nothing has happened but instead of this: *In Identity, we should start to see more realism come into play* Character = Once again, I can only comment so much about characters in this game therefore, I shall only talk about characters once this game has been fully released (which should hopefully be soon). However, from character customisation to character relationships, this should all be possible. Even as smaller details as a character having a hunger bar or a sleep bar like in a Sims game. Conclusion: I cannot wait for the game to come out. I wish the developers the best of luck and I know this game will be a long-term success as long as everyone in the community gives as much support as we can towards this game.
  11. STOCK MARKET FOR IDENTITY < > Creating a Stock Market in-game is something which I personally and I think many others, would appreciate as it is a large part of the economy which we live in today. Making it related to the actions that happen in game would make it even better, this may though be hard due to the fact that, there will most likely be a lot of different things happening at the same time. However it would make the game feel even more like real life, in my opinion. It could give people the possibility to learn more about one of the leading economic segments in the world. And if stock marketing in-game was made possible a further improvement of this could be, an application made for iphone/android, where you could invest and sell stocks on your phone IRL, I believe this would be something that many would find interesting. And for my 2nd idea if stock market was in-game, jobs as stock brokers could become a possibility, telling other people what to buy, and earring commission of what they sell.
  12. mad scientist welcome here?

    Basically I personal what to play a character based on Okabe from the visual novel, and anime, steins;gate. It would be a very interesting role play chose to play a character that has had some what of a depressing back ground, that has turned to science as an outlet. Now I have no idea how scientist will come into play in the game. It would be a very interesting way to rp in-game. Could even form a small group of scientist who get to gather and swap ideas. Or just have that random guy who's your weird room mate. And way just going to drop this here to see what you all think.
  13. My Ideas & Suggjestions

    So, What I think that should be added is: Marriage: You can host weddings somewhere or have a private one. Kids: You can try for babies, Your wife will be pregnant and your wife can go to the hospital once she is able to give birth! There should be family homes for families also.With at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. When you have a child, There will be a child RP menu for players to choose to play as the child's that are currently not born yet. Your wife will be pregnant until someone wants to RP as the child. Although, they will have to be the child forever on that server. Or if you don't think that is a good idea you guys could just make them NPCs. Adulthood will be the end of the line for growing. Seeing that the game will become boring if you would be old. They Start aging from newborn. The Children will grow up little by little, like in real life. There should be a hight measure interactable decoration, or you could just measure them on the wall. Voice Chat: I think there should be voice chat similar to Gmod. Unless instead of the mouth not moving most of the time, your mouth will have physics however you speak, Like if I said Pizza, It won't just be my mouth opening and closing, it will look like the word actually came out of my characters mouth. Phone Accessories: There should be phone accessories, as in phone cases and different colored phones. Consoles and possibly Handheld Consoles: There should be Consoles that you can buy for your TV. Like your own made up brand, or maybe real life ones. Also there should be Hand Held Consoles like the 3DS xl or something if possible. App Store: There could possibly be an app store for your smart phone? Computer Games: I think online computer games would be a nice touch if possible. Very fun also too. Schools And Colleges: (If you do add kids): There should be schools and colleges that your children can go at, different colleges and schools for different cities. Like an Elementry School, Middle School, And High School, And Daycares. Painting Physics: There should be physics when painting a painting. Like other people see your hand moving at the spot that your painting at. All my other Ideas and suggestions I'll just say: Food Joints Grocery Store Holidays Seasons Weather Weather Channel, weather on newspapers too, and on smart phones and on pcs. Netflix Internet Browser for PC and possibly Phone Dreams when you sleep. depends on what you did that day. earbuds or headphones for music for your phone Card games, Board games, ect Home phones Public pool and Lake for swimming You can draw on paper Paint app for Laptop or Computer Recipies for food, and cooking physics. Emotes for example, waving, crying ect You can change your facial expressions when you talk by pressing curtian keys while your talking, or setting a talk mode with a talk mode/style menu And really customizable characters at least like The Sims 4. Hugging I hope you like my suggestions! I am happy with what we have for your guys game already! These will just make the game even better! If you need any more info of my Ideas/Suggestions please don't hesitate to ask!
  14. Hello, I have decided to follow suit of the other candidates running for governor and have started a campaign, myself. My name is Gentino and an important role as governor would be to manage the taxes and put the appropriate amount of funds into each government facilities. Right now, I can't promise a set tax percentage to the police department but I can take time to hear your ideas! You see, the police, whether local or state, should have a say in the political process. Therefore, I would like to know about what you'd like to see as a law enforcement officer. The sooner we all can get an understanding of a generalized "want" the sooner we can act on making sure that "want" happens. We need you prepared. There is no doubt that crime won't raid the streets of Identity Island but with your help we could suppress it, strategically. What do I mean by that? Instead of always pushing on the offence; arrests, ticketing, etc. We could take it to the next level to make sure honest-citizens are being appreciated for following the laws. How?. Incentives! Police Precincts could host fairs or festivals towards honest-citizens which will encourage them to continue following the law. We want to make the laws attractive and thank the ones obeying them. I hope we can come together and make this happen. Feel free to ask questions and remember: "A Vote For Me, Will Be A Vote For A Strong Government Start Off."
  15. Upvoting Ideas

    I think we should be able to upvote ideas that we want to see in the game most for game improvements and help the game makers with decision making
  16. Just Some Ideas

    Soooooooo I'm new to this community and I have some ideas I would love to share! (If one of these things is already in the game or will be just let me know) 1.So we all know you'll be able to open your own store and such and I've seen job postings for restaurants, but what about other things? I would love to be able to open a flower shop because that's what I do in real life and would love to transfer my love of flowers into the game! Or what about other shops like toy shops or a skateboard shop or whatever? I think there are so many ideas we could do! 2. My next thing is modeling, and this sorta falls in with stores. I mean you need to advertise you shop somehow! So being able to have someone model your clothes and put their picture up all over your store to show your customers what your clothes look like would be super cool! Plus it adds another job into the world. 3.Lastly what about the dating scene? I mean I already know you'll be able to marry someone but what about the whole process that leads up to that? I would love more into about that. (Plus if we had flower shops you could totally deliver flowers to your partners house, just sayin'). I mean will there be dating apps, singles night at the bars, or will you just have to leave it to good looks and charm to get you a mate? 4. Also one word: pets? Just throwing that out there... So that is all I have (for now at least) hopefully I was able to help get other peoples creative juices flowing!
  17. Ideas and Suggestions

    Hello, So Here is some suggestions and Ideas I think that If its in the game ( If its not already ) it would really make it great! 1- Sport Teams ( Football or basketball ) So we could for example start a team and start playing against others! ( this might already exist but just in case, Here it is ) 2- News Stations/TV Shows ( Owned by real players ). I've Heard in the last trailer that we could watch TV and so on, But it would be really awesome if we could start making our own Shows on TV and get money for every watcher! For example I am really interested in making a news station where it would be both on Radio and on Newspapers and TVs, so we post car chases, Weather news, Political news.. and So on. 3- Cinema Films ( Filmed by real players ). Iknow that Cinemas will be a real thing and we would be able to see movies and films, But how about if we were able to create and film ones ( Based and acted in the game ) And we would show it in these cinemas, And we will get money by everyone who goes to see the movie. 4- More Usable Props. Such as Professional Cameras, Microphones, Headsets... 5- Special Vehicles. This might be Suggested a lot, and it might be in the game, But I think we should have Special vehicles such as Helis, and Maybe a News Van ( If news was a possible thing.) And so on. Thats it, Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked my ideas. I would love for you to tell me if these ideas might be a real thing or if it would be very hard to do, But either ways, Thank you again. -drJames
  18. So I was wondering, are there going to be any chance of going to court to fight cases or do you get convicted right away and just got to jail/prison? I think it would be a really good way to make more money plus give users an alternative in the justice field, I thought it would be a good idea to have to users argue cases for the defendant and the prosecution then, have a jury of their peers (other users) and decide a players fate. Just an idea guys, what do you think about it?
  19. So what's the point if this thread? To kinda give the devs of Identity some ideas to what to put in the in-game map and environment. Heres mine. Red: City border / City limit. White: In city district border. Yellow: Farmland / County houses Glendale County: Home of three big cities with huge farmland to harvest crops in. Has biomes such as small amount of snow Southwest of Glendale County, swamps down South, a beach Southeast and mountains and large forests to the North. Glendale(city): Main city of the county. Has 9 different districts and each would be unique environment wise. Downtown: Banks ,stores, buildings, and hotels would be located there. Docks: Large shipment of (legal & illegal) products would come to the county from offshore places. South Glendale: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels and parks would be located here. Greenwood: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and hotels would be located here. Lakeville: Clubs, stores, low-end and mid-end houses, race track, hometown baseball/soccer/football field and large buildings would be located here. Los Alamos: Small golf clubs, mid-end and high-end houses and a park would be located here. Canal: A casino, high-end houses and boat parkings would be located here. Swim Hall: High-end houses and a huge amusement park would be located here. Glendale Waters: Private high-end house on an island would be located here. Sunny Valley: Beach city south of the county with 7 different districts with unique environments. Downtown: Banks, stores, motels/hotels and various different tourist attractions would be located here. Downtown Sea: Clear view of the ocean of Downtown. Sunny Beach: Main and largest beach in the whole city and county, high-end houses, boat parkings, small shops and islands with high end houses on them would be located here. Northwood: Clubs, mid-end apartment complexes, stores and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field would be located here. Blueberry: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels, flats and parks would be located here. Grover: Small stores, low-end houses, flats and swamps would be located here. Valley Island: Large zoo with various wild life would be located here. Mohawk: Industrial city west of the county with 8 different unique districts. Downtown: Banks, stores, hotels, various different tourist attractions and tall buildings would be located here. Industrial Hall: Large factories would be located here. Carson: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and flats would be located here. East Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses. West Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses and a large main park. Mohawk Springs: Stores, mid-end and high-end houses, Casinos, boat parkings and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field. Chinatown: Chinese type stores/restaurants, apartment complexes and a small asian casino. Moh Sea: Sea of Mohawk. So that was my idea of what the map should be laid out as, it's not a suggestion it's just something I did on my free time. How would you guys lay it down? Feel free to make concepts of your own.
  20. Hey, I was just thinking about Identity and I had a few thoughts. So, I'm here now posting these ideas as a list to see your thoughts on these. Just give me your honest opinion on things that maybe you would change about it, maybe why you do/don't like it, or even ideas of your own. I just want to have a conversation about ideas of the upcoming possible features for the game 1. Animals, what animals will be in the wild for hunting, preying on you, food chains, pets, etc 2. Boats, yachts, big cargo ships to transport goods across the island faster, jet skis, kayaks, surfing, etc 3. Sea, waves, tides, sinking boats, drowning, sea animals such as sharks and fish, coastguard 4. Houses and real estate, how you think it should work and what should be implemented to keep it fair for all players. 5. Small car features, rolling down windows, wingmirrors, parking sensors, manual and automatic, electric and gasoline, engine damage, refilling oil for the engine... 6. Public transport, trains, buses, etc will they be player driven, how will schedules work and how will all of it work.. 7. Snow, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles(?), snowballs, anything to do with snow because who doesn't love snow. Now these are just random ideas I thought of, maybe they sound stupid, maybe they sound unrealistic, but I'm just saying what comes from my mind to hear your honest opinion on it. -Theo
  21. Graffiti

    Just a quick question, will graffiti be a thing in the game, like you can buy spray cans, and go spray paint a bridge or something? Will you be able to make flyers to advertise businesses and place it on walls? Thanks
  22. My Character's

    This is just a topic for me to post my character ideas to try when I get in the game.
  23. I'm seeing so many threads made just to suggest the same things over and over again. Truth be told whenever I open the subforum, I always see 70% garbage and 30% well constructed ideas which actually get replied to aswell. Less often do I see an idea having a long discussion. So to avoid the improper use of creating threads, here's a more "twitter" variant. Post away, lads and lasses! Reminder - Stuff like marriage, families, etc. You already have the tools to roleplay, they don't need to be a feature. EDIT: My own contribution- Free chat, customization, sandbox servers. A server where everything is available for the player to do as they please. Everyone doesn't like spending hours grinding a job to get money and purchase property, sometimes you're just up for tuning a car or dressing your character up a certain way, then just go have a chat with other people. Also it would be great if you could save what you created in sandbox mode, so once you log onto the official server, you can just go and redeem the items for the corresponding amount of cash.
  24. A way for players to "illegally" change their identity to escape the police, harder to find those same players again. To be a surgeon that does surgery illegally they would have to be in crime and their client would also have to be a criminal. The surgeon would have past files of all the illegal surgeries they've done, so if they are caught their past clients are also caught. Give character customization more strict boundaries for this concept to work, such as having to pay for plastic surgery if you want to change your physical body (not haircuts or changing character body weight) just like the real world but your character has a medical record of what you looked like previously so the police can track you. While doing it "illegally" you do not have that medical record. This would also make "plastic surgeon" a career. Implement it by having players to actually pay for some kind of schooling. Not as long as a 8 year course but a way to limit the amount of players wanting this career; for example it should take at least 1 year and you'd have to pay a lot of in game money. Have a "surgeon" NPC already in game that players can go to so they can change their bodies if needed. When there are "surgeons" in the game just disable the NPC from being able to change a players appearance and have players look for other players that are surgeons. Such as going to a shop that does surgery. This would be interesting because it means Police could access medical files to see if a criminal has changed their appearance if done legally.
  25. I was wondering if you have one company that gave another company something to sustain itself. for example a clothing company gave a store owner their clothing. Just wondering on how the corporation system works.