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  1. So what's the point if this thread? To kinda give the devs of Identity some ideas to what to put in the in-game map and environment. Heres mine. Red: City border / City limit. White: In city district border. Yellow: Farmland / County houses Glendale County: Home of three big cities with huge farmland to harvest crops in. Has biomes such as small amount of snow Southwest of Glendale County, swamps down South, a beach Southeast and mountains and large forests to the North. Glendale(city): Main city of the county. Has 9 different districts and each would be unique environment wise. Downtown: Banks ,stores, buildings, and hotels would be located there. Docks: Large shipment of (legal & illegal) products would come to the county from offshore places. South Glendale: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels and parks would be located here. Greenwood: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and hotels would be located here. Lakeville: Clubs, stores, low-end and mid-end houses, race track, hometown baseball/soccer/football field and large buildings would be located here. Los Alamos: Small golf clubs, mid-end and high-end houses and a park would be located here. Canal: A casino, high-end houses and boat parkings would be located here. Swim Hall: High-end houses and a huge amusement park would be located here. Glendale Waters: Private high-end house on an island would be located here. Sunny Valley: Beach city south of the county with 7 different districts with unique environments. Downtown: Banks, stores, motels/hotels and various different tourist attractions would be located here. Downtown Sea: Clear view of the ocean of Downtown. Sunny Beach: Main and largest beach in the whole city and county, high-end houses, boat parkings, small shops and islands with high end houses on them would be located here. Northwood: Clubs, mid-end apartment complexes, stores and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field would be located here. Blueberry: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels, flats and parks would be located here. Grover: Small stores, low-end houses, flats and swamps would be located here. Valley Island: Large zoo with various wild life would be located here. Mohawk: Industrial city west of the county with 8 different unique districts. Downtown: Banks, stores, hotels, various different tourist attractions and tall buildings would be located here. Industrial Hall: Large factories would be located here. Carson: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and flats would be located here. East Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses. West Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses and a large main park. Mohawk Springs: Stores, mid-end and high-end houses, Casinos, boat parkings and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field. Chinatown: Chinese type stores/restaurants, apartment complexes and a small asian casino. Moh Sea: Sea of Mohawk. So that was my idea of what the map should be laid out as, it's not a suggestion it's just something I did on my free time. How would you guys lay it down? Feel free to make concepts of your own.
  2. Is this even true...

    Yeah I'm not spending a single dime until the devs released another solid 10+ minute showcase video showcasing every feature they've completed so far. I get that they only have like 10 people working on the game, but 2 years has passed and they must have something new to showcase.
  3. Rate the signature and avatar of the person above you.

    Sig: 7/10 Avatar: 5/10
  4. Most diffidently. I've been in a server that's a private hardcore RP server where you need to make a not so hard depending on what level of RP you are application test, if you pass, you enter. It has like around a 500 player base at the moment. And not so many people rule break.
  5. So, "where" is everybody from?

    I come from a GTA San Andreas mod called "San Andreas Multi-player" (SA-MP). I started out on a Server called Moving Target Gaming, the community has existed for about 4 years now, still running to this day, how ever i can't say it's doing well right now as the player base is about 30 players a day. I also play on another community called Los Santos Role-play (LSRP). The community of LSRP is really big, about 500 players a day, little rule breakers and a lot of good Role-players.
  6. Communities

    So there's a similar thread like this in the forums, but i decided to make a thread where people could share their ideas or a wishlist of communities hoping to be made. Personally i'm not thinking of making my own community cause i'm not ready to handle the stress that comes with it. Plus i don't think people would listen to a 15 year old teen. But i would love to see Hardcore/Medium Role-play server's that make you do a short application before letting you in, just so there won't be lot's of rule breaker's running around. Whether or not these Role-play server will be Text or Voice-IP made doesn't really matter, but i hope to find a Text-IP Role-play server cause i personally have more fun in them. What about you guys, what are you hoping to find in Identity? (revolving around communities). Do you wish to find RPG's, MMO's, Hardcore RP servers, Medium RP servers, Light RP servers, or whatever? And are you planning on making your own server in Identity with a group of friends, make your own forums and community? Or are you just going to play in the Official servers. (Sorry for any grammar mistakes)
  7. How vast can we expect vehicle Customization to be?

    I'm expecting it to be like GTA 5 or Midnight Club. I'm hoping we'll be able to change various engine's or other car parts though.
  8. Hard Work

    Commas people.... Commas save lives.
  9. Please Block Russians!

    So we're going to block the creators of the freaking game?
  10. Island Name?

    They haven't confirmed anything from my knowledge. But i don't think we'll need to wait much longer as the beta should come out late this year or early next year.
  11. Please Block Russians!

    We live next to South America.... We share you're pain bro. But deal with it.
  12. Spray tagging (on walls) system

    I'm just saying there's usually more serious people then trollers. Depending how serious the server admins are.
  13. Spray tagging (on walls) system

    how many people will be serious about their role-play?
  14. AMD A4-7300 or Intel i5 4440?

    Alright thanks guys