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  1. Hi! I'm Seth!

  2. Hi! I'm Seth!

    I don't know but I ant waiting till I'm 18 years old. Plus I RP as adults all the time. Like Sims, and other games that are simulation. Because I love having a family! Although you can't here.
  3. Yes, sorry I did misread. me too.
  4. Barber Shops ECT

    Are you thinking of maybe making some Barber Shops like this? Unless boys can have the same thing. They will be giving a piece of paper to draw what the want their hairstyle to look like. Or they could just say what they want and describe it. The Barbers will be the ones to cut the hair, not the player. That's why they need to describe it. If the Barbars get it wrong on purpose, they could get fired. Also, maybe for girls, or even guys, they can buy nail polish and do their nails and even draw nail polish on their nails. Or just go to a Salon to get your nails done. You could even put on your own makeup with customizability. Like, draw it on their face like IRL. Okay another question (off topic): Could there please be ear buds that you can use on identity and listen to music on a music app on your phone or something? You can get your music by uploading your mp3 to Dropbox and copy the share link, and paste the link in the URL bar in the app on the phone in identity and then press add music or something and then add it to your desired playlist.but make sure you change =0 to =1 at the end of the link or it won't work! Also, other players will be able to hear also if you unplug your earbuds or share your earbuds because of Dropbox. If you're close enough to hear it, It will automatically download the mp3 into a mp3 downloads folder inside the game files of Identity forever. Int'l you want to delete it from the folder. Also, willl you be able to shower and bathe? BASICALLY, Identity should be all simulators together!
  5. When you sit down on something, will you like, literally go and sit down on it or will it teleport you on it?
  6. I've got a question.

    Not quite, more like this More Like a Neighborhood.
  7. Will there be like a town full of unique houses?
  8. Okay so I've been thinking.

    So I've been thinking.. So I know how you guys are planning on not adding Procreation in the game. But I was thinking if there could be a game mode thing that you can tick on or off. You don't need to have s*x to have the kid. The screen can just turn black and then in a couple of days your wife will take the pregnancy test. And the kid will have genetics. I already said before how it will go out how people can RP as your kids, and how birth will work in my other post. I really think this needs to be added to the game. This is what I like most of simulation games. And it will be a great touch! Raising kids would be so much fun! imagine your kid going to school and watching them grow up and get married. Amazing!! You could be able to buy clothes, toys, etc for them! Baby will be born, the baby will age every real life day a year so like in 10 days the baby will be 10 years old. and in 20 days the child will be an adult. After that, they will not age anymore. Please tell me how this couldn't work if you don't agree with me. Also maybe it will be hard to make and I respect that.
  9. Hi! I'm Seth!

    Yass them aalll, how did you know?
  10. Acne, Sickness, ect

    I'm confused. Do you agree that they should add this or not?
  11. Acne, Sickness, ect

    I think you should get acne if you eat to much soda and junk food. And what about if you can get scratches scrapes scars bruises ect by getting hurt and they actually stay for awhile. Like if you fall off your bike or something and you cant catch yourslef your hands and knees will get scraped and stuff. Also possibly concussions. Maybe you can even do laundry slip off and slip on your shoes. There should be sicknesses like a cold, fever or possibly the flu. You would have to blow your nose a lot when you have a cold. And vomit in the toilet when you have the flu, also possibly food poisoning. When you have a fever you couldn’t walk for a period of time or else you will pass out. There should be medicine, pills, ect to get better. To help avoid getting sick you could have vitamins, wash your hands normally each day. In the wild there could be poison ivy witch would itch a lot. And you will need to go to the doctor. There should be all the holiday stuff like fireworks on the forth of July. Also again seasons and weather. I would say real life time but idk about that. You should be able to see your hands and downer body when you look around. Realistic sound effects. Sports, Also I might of mentioned this before, but there should be needs to go to the bathroom, eat, thirst. If your aiming for realistic. When you go to the bathroom I guess it could be graphic and show your urine and ... number 2. Depends on what you have eating and condition is what it will look like. It won’t be that gross if the character is based of off you. Just make sure you flush You should be able to tan too. You should have outfits like everyday, formal, sleep wear, athletic wear, and swimwear. Also will we be able to shower and bathe? Wash are hands and brush our teeth? Basic Hygiene. That’s all my ideas and suggestions for now!
  12. Hi! I'm Seth!

    Thanks ?
  13. Hi! I'm Seth!

    I know right!