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Are you thinking of maybe making some Barber Shops like this?

Unless boys can have the same thing. They will be giving a piece of paper to draw what the want their hairstyle to look like. Or they could just say what they want and describe it. The Barbers will be the ones to cut the hair, not the player. That's why they need to describe it. If the Barbars get it wrong on purpose, they could get fired.

Also, maybe for girls, or even guys, they can buy nail polish and do their nails and even draw nail polish on their nails. Or just go to a Salon to get your nails done.

You could even put on your own makeup with customizability. Like, draw it on their face like IRL.

Okay another question (off topic): Could there please be ear buds that you can use on identity and listen to music on a music app on your phone or something? You can get your music by uploading your mp3 to Dropbox and copy the share link, and paste the link in the URL bar in the app on the phone in identity and then press add music or something and then add it to your desired playlist.but make sure you change =0 to =1 at the end of the link or it won't work! Also, other players will be able to hear also if you unplug your earbuds or share your earbuds because of Dropbox. If you're close enough to hear it, It will automatically download the mp3 into a mp3 downloads folder inside the game files of Identity forever. Int'l you want to delete it from the folder.

Also, willl you be able to shower and bathe?

BASICALLY, Identity should be all simulators together!

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how they sounded in live streaming, it didn't sound like it was going to be like a haircutting simulator, probably going to be only presets, but if they do add in the ability to mod in the game, you can expect people to make hairstyles, and most likely hairstyles with physics if identity don't have that already, I could imagine something probably like skyrim and fallout with the custom mod hairstyles, really pretty and well made ones ^~^

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