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Found 16 results

  1. Hello

    Hello, my name is Arny and I bought Identity about a month a go. Cannot wait for the game to be released.
  2. Hola a todos!

    Hola a todos! gente que hable español, para preparar una comunidad? Hi everyone! somebody who talks spanish to make a community?
  3. Hey there. Seriously can't wait for the Town Square module in March. I have a great PC for games but I'm worrying about my 1.5 mbps. Obviously, I'm not sure how Identity TS or the full game will work, but if anyone is familiar with "Rust," I can run "Rust" perfectly fine highest settings only in extremely low populated servers. I'm talking like 15 players or less without a problem. I highly doubt there will be many servers, especially official servers, that will have that low of players in Identity. Nor do I think that would be fun. I'm more interested in playing Identity in their official servers, but there is no way I'll be able to be in a 50+ player server without extreme lag or disconnecting constantly. Will I even be able to connect to and experience Town Square module? I saw an answer to a question by a random online user to another random online user saying you should be okay playing with 1.5 mbps if you don't have anything else running. Could that be true? Thank you!
  4. Hi! I'm Seth!

    Hi! I'm Seth! I'm sooo excited for Identity to be released! I just found out of this game a couple hours ago. And oh my word, I LOST MY MIND I felt as if I was dreaming, this is literally the game I always dreamed of! Literally, it has everything! Well, almost. What I really love about simulation games is getting married and having kids. So if that's added sooner or later, or if it already is, then yes, it's got everything! I've got some ideas for the game so please check out my threads in Ideas & Suggestions! I l love what you guys are doing! You're making my dream game!
  5. Hey Everyone (From London)

    Hey Everyone I'm Winterseye been a gamer since I was 4 and live in London. I am now 27 so iv'e played my fair share of games :P. I have played a few mmo's in my years , played WoW when it was in beta and I still tend to play from time to time. I have also played Second Life now for nearly 10 years. Recently iv'e got into FF Online and have played SWTOR but left after 8 months. I have some coding experience and have used unreal and unity before ^_^. I mainly do it as a hobby so I usually just fool around and make random games that make no sense. I am a massive tech nerd so pretty much anything tech that comes out I want it :P. Iv'e also repaired pc's since I was 10 and been family and friends tech support for as long as I can remember. If anyone needs any help with anything let me know but feel free to say hai either way Winterseye
  6. Introduction

    Hey everyone! awesome to meet everyone! Looking forward to the grand opening as well! Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful 4th of July.. Give a shout of Amen and thank you to our military out there protecting us!
  7. Hi

    Hi there fella's, My name is Yordi, almost 21 years old and studying the science of programming. I'm born and raised in the Netherlands and like to program in my freetime aswell playing/watch soccer and hangout with my mates. I like to play MMORPG games, as I play RuneScape sometimes and hopefully Identity! Saw the game trailer on youtube two days ago and already felt in love with the awesome aspect of this game. So I'm really looking forward to see some more stuff about this game. Haven't bought a beta-subscription yet unfortunately, but I'm thinking about it to support the developers and ofcourse for my own good (playing the beta!) I'm still thinking about it tho, so hope you guys will give me the last push to make the final decision. Well, thanks for reading and have a good one!
  8. My Intro

    Hi there! My name is Leon and I enjoy playing open-world games. Since I have heard about Identity, it was the perfect game as everything is playable. I like art, music and painting so you guys may see as that painter guy. What about you guys? Is there any career aspirations for your Identity experience, please feel free to share!
  9. Hi , this game is wonderful

    Hi, my name is Anatole, I'm french I love the roleplay and when I saw this game I fall in love I look forward to playing identity Bye, dear friends
  10. Hello everyone!

    Hi! I'm not so good with first impressions and introducing myself so I'll try to not scare anyone (?) I'm Red and I was soooo interested by this project idea! I can't wait for the game to be released and to be able to enter, I'll be full rp on it and am full of expectations! I've seen the community seems really friendly so Its really nice to meet you all!
  11. A simple hello

    Now I don't want to waste your time so I'll keep this short and sweet. my name, my real name is Daniel, but you can call me trisword (that's tri sword, not tris word) but hey, Daniel, tris word or tri sword. I'm just happy to say hi and hope that this community and game will turn out to be something great. Right now im trying to create a company and hope you wish me as much luck in my business as I do to yours (#shamelessadvertisingXD)
  12. DickButt says "Hi!"

    Hello everyone, My name is DickButt. Yes, this may not be the most appropriate name but until someone part of the staff tells me to change it, it will stay this :D. Im really excited to get into the beta of the game once I pledge. I hope u guys keep the trolling of this game to a minimum as I think that we all want to have fun in this game and not worry about people that will run around shoot people with no reason. That being said, will there be a compensation system for things like that for example, I am walking on the sidewalk trying to get to my warehouse where I store very expensive things and some guy randomly shoots me out of nowhere. 1. Will those type of things be allowed? 2. If not allowed, will I receive any compensation for that? If some Mod or Dev can answer that, it would be great I have been wondering for a while now and im kinda hesitant in buying this game as things like that will happen a lot I imagine.
  13. Hey, Cháoss here

    Hi there, Cháoss here (that's pronounced like "Chow-ss" and is my irl name). I'm a game and virtual reality developer by trade and have been designing virtual environments since the early days of Quake 1 modding (1998), I'm a massive virtual reality enthusiast as well as developer and hope to see many virtual experiences similar to this one make it big and is the reason I am here as well as loving sandbox style games like this one. I live in Angel in London and also love rock, metal, industrial music and going to parties, raves and clubs. I hope to help the developers here by offering them feedback and ideas, what works and what doesn't and what could be improved as well as offering them honest criticism. I also hope to offer my expertese in helping to develop 3d models and assets for the community and the developers if wanted/needed.
  14. HI :)

    Hello from Austria! (Europe :D) I'm new here but love it already! Looking forward!
  15. Hello Again! :)

    Hello, It's me... <--- Click for some lol's I was apart of the old forum and have been waiting for this game for ages. Figured I'd say hey again since it's been awhile now. How's it goin community?! :DDD
  16. Howdy!

    Hi there, Another one joining from Aus, I'm in Sydney! Happy New Year! Can't wait to see some of you in game.