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Found 9 results

  1. Will we be able to choose our home country? im personally from brazil and will we be able to choose that country?
  2. Hello from Illinois!!!

    Hi! I have been talking alot in the town square part of the forums please go check it out.
  3. Identity Surpasses 26000 Members

    Identity now has 26140 people within the community. For source material, please review the shop below.
  4. It all starts here

    Hey, I am Sverre Andersen, Svanders for short.(ofc. a made up character). I have been looking at this game for months now, and decided to create an account. I really am looking forwart to this game. I am aiming for a job in politics (plan B would probably be related to becoming a landlord). That's about it, looking forward to playing with you all!
  5. What's up citizens!!!???

    Introduction: What's up identity community!? My real is Jacob, but you guy's can call me that or HAWK (my username). I've been around dozens of role play communities and had the pleasure of meeting so many people. The reason why I'm here, which is most likely the same reason why everyone is here is for the Identity game. This game caught my eyes ages ago back in 2016 and I've watched the game grow through the dev blogs. It took me until now to actually buy the game and make an account on the forums to introduce myself, lol. Gaming: So "what's my experience with role play games?" you may ask. Well, I've spent 1250 hours on Arma 3 (yes a lot of hours, lol) about 900 hours of which was devoted to Arma life and Altis life servers. I belonged to the ANR community which was a very famous one for some time before it disbanded. Since then I've joined tons of other communities mostly playing as a Police Officer. Just last year I had my own server with a great group of people, but had to shut it down due to work and school. As of now I'm planning on opening another server for Identity and bringing the same realistic guidelines that arma has taught me with it. I'm also the creator of one of the biggest Law Enforcement related scenario for Arma 3 called City Cop Life. As well as arma 3 I have 839 hours on G-Mod which about 800 hours were on role play servers too. I've been a Community manager on one of fastest growing role play commmunities for Star Wars RP and Fallout RP servers. So it's safe to say I have plenty of experience with role play. Life: My goal right now is to keep going to school and eventually become a police officer once I graduate college.. I have a lot experience with Law Enforcement and can't wait to share it. Other: I can't wait for the first module to come out so I can join the rest of you and have a bunch of fun. What part of Identity are you guy's craving for them to give more info about?
  6. Hi , this game is wonderful

    Hi, my name is Anatole, I'm french I love the roleplay and when I saw this game I fall in love I look forward to playing identity Bye, dear friends
  7. Immigration Application Name: Nova Tarkov (Not my real name) Aliases: "Journeyman800", "JM-Rouge", "Journeyman" Age: 26 (Actually 18) Race: Caucasian Eyes: BLU Hair: BR Origin: Texas Description: A veteran of the conflicts in Takistan, and the islands of Altis, and Stratis (From Arma 2 and 3) as a combat engineer. A leader of a group dubbed as the "November Dawn Corp." He is an experienced and hardened fighter. Nova wishes to immgrate to [Name of the land Identity takes place] in hopes to settle down from his past and create a business. Affiliations: "Righteous Fox Task Force" (2016-Present),"November Dawn Corp." (2015-Present), "Rouge-ONE" Milsim team (2015). (Link(s): The first two photos are the logos of two of the affiliated organizations mentioned; third photo is one from back in his military career. What do I look forward to in Identity? I look forward to earning enough money to start off with a decent-size home in order to decorate it the my desire and then form an organization with several of my other friends which also are looking to purchasing this game in the future which then we will get geared up and take part in organized crime. *Cough* eh.. Don't put that in your notes, future law enforcement officers!
  8. Dylan - Introduction

    Hello. My name is Dylan Davis, it is nice to meet you all.
  9. Hello From Canada!

    Hello, It appears that I have accidentally backed this game... JK I'm super excited about this game and can't wait until the Beta! -North