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Found 16 results

  1. Haihai

    Haihai! I'm a new, hopeful potential player! I also like to design games, although I like making 2d games like oldschool-ish RPGs (mixed with somewhat newer style 2d or 2.5d graphics~) I also like drawing, animating, watching animu, cosplaying, RPing/LARPing, and making friends. I hope this game isn't dead, as I've heard mixed news about it? ^ u^
  2. Let Me Introduce Myself

    Hello Guys, My Name is Simon but people call me Wilson. My main interest in joining Identity is either head into the business sector or head into the PD. Looking to make professional relationships Kind Regards, Wilson
  3. Hey All, My name is Jack, I come from the UK and nearing 20 years old in just one month! I've been gaming for many years and very much a lot of PC gaming at that too. But it doesn't hurt to do some console gaming now and again. One of the main games I have played during the last couple of years would be Garry's Mod. Over 2000 hours and do I feel ashamed by that? A little yes, but my time on that game has been slightly productive! Anyways, I found the game on Facebook and it really interested me a lot. I've always wanted a true and perhaps proper roleplaying game which isn't Garry's Mod, perhaps isn't too strict but strict enough to keep the game fun. I loved the huge world and videos that I have seen about this game and I am betting my money on this game which I why I am gonna be buying access to Beta when that becomes available. I don't really have much to say at the moment since I am writing this at a near 3 AM in the morning. So I am happy to meet you all and I cannot wait to play this game! Feel free to ask questions if you wanna know about me via response or PM if you are able to do that on here. Toodle Loo! - MadJack
  4. New Citizen!

    Evening, I go by Switch! Currently I have 0 idea what I'm getting into other than "we even have musical instruments that you can play note by note". I've always enjoyed playing music in other games as its not combat or farming, its just for your own enjoyment. That new video sold me in 2 min with that so fabulous marketing. I'm a HUGE fan of StarCitizen which is also a crowd funded game which puts me at ease with trusting small game companies wanting to build their way. SC also has a few relatable features which caused a peak in my curiosity for this game. I'm not much of an RP'er, which is going to be strange playing Identity but we'll see what happens! I'd love to speak more with people that will be playing this game or are making plans for it! I heard there will be servers? If so, are people pre-planning servers etc. This is my first look around the forums so I'm still decently lost on where to ask such things so thank you for any navigational help!
  5. Introduction

    Hello everyone. My name is Charlie and for the past three or so years I have been playing simulator and roleplay based games. I enjoy the feeling of being in a reality separate from your own. Whether it be a job I can't have or a life I can't live, video games are the place I got to live those dreams and work those jobs. That is why I was so excited to hear about a game such as Identity where I can be almost anything. As one that enjoys politics however not being one that has ever gotten in the field of it, the promise of a 'player government' really intrigued me. So here I am same as you anxiously awaiting the arrival of a wonderful promise being brought to fruition.
  6. Greetings to all!

    Hello, all. Just joined the website after watching the dev trailer on YouTube. This is a project that I feel very passionate about as the premise is something that I always dreamed of as a little kid playing my NES. I pledged a modest amount ( what I could ( for now ) ) and hope that the devs make the most of it. I hope to see you all in-game when this thing gets up and running.
  7. Hey

    Hey there, Just joined the town, just wanted to say hello See you soon L
  8. Hello! I'm Alphoni!

    Hello! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jonathan, I'm mostly known as Alphoni online, and I'm quite new to the Identity community! I've been having a look around this community, and the game itself for a couple of days now and it seems promising! Just a couple of minutes before I made this post I actually pledged $90 to the community, because I truly do believe it has potential! And I've always been a fan of Life simulator games. So I'm really excited for the release! Allow me to introduce myself a little more! As I said, I'm Jonathan! I'm 19, I turn 20 in July. I work as a personal assistant (I help people with disabilities), got a lot of strange work hours, so the hours I'm online and active may vary a bit! I finished school last summer, I used to study Helicopter Technology, ended up working with disabled people, that took quite a turn, eh? Well, I'm happy with what I do! I got my own place, I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment, It's enough for me to get by, I don't need a lot more room for my activities! I'm a very happy, optimistic and chatty person. I have it easy to get along with most people! So I believe I'll get to know most of you quite fast! Well, if you have any question, please ask! I'd love to talk! Kind regards, Alphoni
  9. Goliath Crime Family

    Hello and welcome to the Goliath Crime Family The Goliath Crime Family are Recruiting. !READ BACKGROUND! Some backstory on the Goliath Crime Family The Goliath Crime Family was created On April 28, 1988, a gang war started in San Francisco when Dope slinger, Jerry Feri, San Francisco’s leading crime lord, was murdered in his apartment. His suspected murderer, Alfredo Scarico, was an accomplished dope slinger as well, and he too was murdered on December 19 of that year. His body was found with multiple gunshot wounds and dumped in the area of Fair Oaks. On December 23, Jerry fish, a suspect behind the Scarico murder, was found shot to death. Frank Boca, another suspect in Scarico death, was found murdered in his car on July 30, 1989. The next murder was that of the so-called “Ali of the West”, Fisco Savage, who was found dead on October 30, 1989. The final murder was of Luigi Smith He had made a reputation as a hijacker, dope dealing and gun running . He was shot down on May 18, 1991, while walking through an black neighborhood in the middle of the day. From these acts of violence and killings, a man named Damian Goliath, My Dad started the Goliath Crime Family. What We Want To Accomplish/Goals Short Version we want to establish a network of businesses and business friends around the would of identity and if you are lucky you might be one:) Family Tree Boss Nathan Goliath Underboss Antonio Savage Revirea Captain x3 Open Soldiers Unlimited Associates Unlimited The Applications Are Open If accepted we will PM you with a discord link. If you cant click just copy and paste.
  10. Hello there! sorry that i didnt really introduce myself but you can call me Luca or just LucaPlays, i have seen that identity(the game) was a thing just a week or 2 ago while browsing around on the internet. i found identity because i saw the trailer and liked it so much that i needed to know more so that's why im here ! i love realistic rpg's that put you in a massive immersive world that you can explore and identity seems to be just that, when i saw the trailer i knew it had pottential! if the game really is the way its presented then.. NO WORDS but if it is not then i wont be buying it. i watched the trailer a couple of times, i just couldnt resist it! now if you people want this to be a great succes and no failure Vote Succes on the poll and comment you're ideas! but if you dont think it is real vote failure on the poll. I myself think it will be a succes but i have no knowlege of the developement of the game other then what the developers post. but i would like to thank you all for taking some time out of your day and reading this!
  11. Random's Introduction!

    Greetings, everyone! My name is Random, though you can call me Nick! I have a lot of experience with roleplay, in DayZ servers, and Garry's Mod servers (I am a moderator on a CityRP server right now.. do not want to mention it's name, because I do not know how strict you are when it comes to advertising!) Feel free to ask questions! Can't wait for the game to come out! Random,
  12. Bonjour les gens

    Hey, everyone! I was posting here for a couple of days without introducing myself. My name is Qurttu (from finnish Kerttu). I'm a videomaker and a PC Enthusiast temporarily living in a relatively small Finnish city called Kotka. I was following the Indentity since the beginning because it is truly the game of my dream. I hope that it'll justify all of my and other people's expectations after the final release. As a little bonus to the whole introduction thing I have a profile and 3D render of my RP character for you.
  13. Greetings From IDEN

    Hello, my name is Brandon or as you see online "IDEN". I love to game I have been doing so since I was a wee little lad "6 years old". I used to game on consoles but i tried out PC gaming in 2013 and I honestly have not touched a console since. I am from the U.S so when Identity comes out then I will most likely play on the U.S servers. If you want to know more about me then go to my steam profile ( ) or ask me in the comments. I had seen identity when it was on kickstarter and I was pretty impressed (But i had my doubts). I then saw that Timmac uploaded a interview with Motown and Paratus (The Devs of Identity) and so i watched the interview. Right after i watched the interview I pledged 25$ (I may pledge more pretty soon) into their kickstarter and was hyped for the game ever since. If you have doubts about Identity then please watch Timmacs interview. Timmac's Interview:
  14. Hello Guys!

    Hello My name is James. My fullname is my username. I am 21 years old and I love to play videos games, I am currently at University studying "Computer Games Development". I have been playing video games since sega was a thing, alythough I didn't play that much. I am looking forward to this game and like everybody I am soo hyped. I pledged $250 on kickstarter, and I am looking forward to meting everyone in-game and RP'ing.
  15. Howdy!

    Hi there, Another one joining from Aus, I'm in Sydney! Happy New Year! Can't wait to see some of you in game.