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  1. New Citizen!

    Thank you! And I’m sorry but I want to be on the lawful side of things
  2. Skull & Bones Recordings

    I like this
  3. New Citizen!

    Thank you!
  4. New Citizen!

    Thank you so much! I had no idea about the Discord that’ll be very helpful. and I see, fair enough!
  5. After seeing a few forum topics of the same subject I found this one to be the most civil and wanted to share my opinion and experiences to hopefully give some comfort or a different view to the subject. I discovered this game long ago and just backed it today after seeing one of their videos. One thing I learned from being a backer of starcitizen, another crowd funded project, is, progress is slow but steady and not always being shown. After initial assets are made (objects they can copy/paste or build off of) things get rolling at a pace where you don’t even keep track anymore. Personally, I think this game could use a different marketing technique in the store to help fund the game, we all hate micro transactions but subscriber perks, limited something, anything to increase the funding (bi)monthly. Other than marketing they’ve just started. Game development, as we’ve all heard a million times, takes years even with AAA companies like ea, Ubisoft, activision, etc. Most smaller companies trying to do the game their way for their community instead of pushing it out early, unfinished or buggy, gives the audience a sense of being underwhelmed. Since a new COD comes out every year for example people sometimes can’t understand what’s taking so long. Just google “game dev time of popular games” and you’ll probably feel better. These people are starting a mmorpg from basically scratch and honestly without support, financially or even constructive critism, it’s going to be that much harder for them to build something you’ll enjoy. Being new here, it’s good to see passionate members of the community but I can’t understand where so much dislike for the development is coming from. ? Good day/night everyone!
  6. Bands and music

    I like the idea of a band being a career because that’s mainly what I want to do but understand it doesn’t necessarily fit. As long as we have enough places like the Concert Hall or places people can perform that others know a musician will be maybe, so it’ll be easier allowing others to enjoy. +1 if we get string, brass, wind and percussion instruments! Gotta have that orchestra!
  7. New Citizen!

    Evening, I go by Switch! Currently I have 0 idea what I'm getting into other than "we even have musical instruments that you can play note by note". I've always enjoyed playing music in other games as its not combat or farming, its just for your own enjoyment. That new video sold me in 2 min with that so fabulous marketing. I'm a HUGE fan of StarCitizen which is also a crowd funded game which puts me at ease with trusting small game companies wanting to build their way. SC also has a few relatable features which caused a peak in my curiosity for this game. I'm not much of an RP'er, which is going to be strange playing Identity but we'll see what happens! I'd love to speak more with people that will be playing this game or are making plans for it! I heard there will be servers? If so, are people pre-planning servers etc. This is my first look around the forums so I'm still decently lost on where to ask such things so thank you for any navigational help!