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  1. Nominate Identity for Steam Awards!!

    As the comment above me mentions, let's at least wait for the full game to release before considering nominating for an award! But I have high hopes and believe it's going to be great.
  2. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    Considering that the game "Rings of Elysium" haven't been released in Europe yet due to GDPR, I'm wondeirng if there's gonna be the same issue with Identity, I hope not!!
  3. The Town Square is coming to Steam!

    There won't be any issues with releasing it in Europe though, will it? I was thinking about the GDPR, have you gotten that approved? Would certainly bad if we europeans had to wait an additional few weeks/months just to play.
  4. Hello from Sweden

  5. Games like Identity

    I looked up your "CivilContractRPG" project, and I'm honestly not sure what exactly to think..
  6. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    There's a lot of germans out there! I love how not really everyone is from the same place, we really get to meet a lot of new people from all around the world! Can't wait to meet all of you in-game!
  7. Hello! I'm curious about finding out where everyone is from! As I am from Sweden myself, I'm considering starting a Private Server for Swedes! And I'm curious about finding out where everyone else is from! I couldn't include all the European countries, so if you selected "Other", please feel free to comment down below letting me know! Kind regards, Alphoni
  8. Ahh okay! Thanks for the explanation! I guess we'll just have to wait and see when that'll be done!
  9. Considering how fast they are updating their tracker, I'd say they'll be finished with the game within a week, give or take the testing. ^ If it takes a week for the game to be released on steam, I'd say they should get on that right now so It'll be done and ready to give out the keys once all the updates are done, don't you agree? And as Lightbringer mentioned, when you pledged to this project, you pledged to an upcoming game, not a yet released one. And I don't mind the waiting too much, I'll rather have a perfect game on release, rather than a game that requires updating every other day.
  10. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! As I am sure we are all very excited about the release of The Town Square module, and most of us are watching the task list get updated everyday (besides weekends). We are getting veeeery close to the release as there are only 4 objectives left to be done, 2 in progress and in 2 in testing if I remember correctly. When do you believe the module will be released? In the upcoming week perhaps? Perhaps the week after that? Kind regards, Alphoni
  11. Make a seperate purchase for only a house

    The knocking on wood didn't help.. It's been delayed. I BLAME YOU!!
  12. Delay announced by Motown

    At this point, I'm quite honestly not even surprised. It's sad to see it happen, but oh well.. Nothing we can do about, Let's just hope that things will be released ASAP. I've waited sooo long for Identity to be released, I don't want to wait much longer. But you guys do what you do, and I'll catch y'all in-game whenever that is!
  13. What do you mean by this? If you mean on Official servers then it is a definitely a no. What I mean is, what kinds of roles/ranks will there be on a private server? User, Moderator, Administrator, Developer (?), Donator, Owner/Founder. Such roles/ranks is what I meant! Will we be able to create our own ranks? And will the ranks be visible somewhere? On a scoreboard or anything like that? I'm also curious, will there be some kind of API for each server so we could connect the server, to a forum so the Rank you have on the server, you get in-game as well. Kind regards
  14. Top of the morning to ya! I'm curious about everything regarding hosting a server on Identity. From the information I've gathered, I could be wrong here but if I remember correctly, if you want to host an Identity Server, it has to be hosted through Identity? How much will it cost to host a server and what kinds of configurations will be available for the server owner? If I remember correctly, mods/addons won't be available for the servers (at this time?). But what will we be able to configure? What difference will there be on Private servers and the official servers? What about private server donations? Will the owner of the server be able to give out money or some kind of "VIP" status to players? Will be there be different player ranks on servers? What can you guys tell me about hosting a private Identity Server? Kind regards
  15. Starlight Co.

    Thank you! I had a look around and noticed there aren't any corporations that wants to specifically help other people grow. So from my real life experiences, I decided to take that step and start up a marketing & advertisment company, and taadaa, here's Starlight Co. Kind Regards, Alphoni