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  1. Whether the FBI?

    If anything it'd be like an SBI since there isn't like an overlapping government since its just a self contained island.
  2. Courtroom

    If it is supposed to focus on realism it should considering it reflects an American law system and plea deals essentially handle 80% of violent crimes like murder specifically. As it stands it seems that many of the interactions like this aren't supposed to be handled by the game but rather the players. So in that case I'd imagine it'd be between attorneys then like in real life the judge would accept or revise it.
  3. Ole Butter Here!

    Yeah I'm not planning to do all of these things rather I am planning to focus on one and stick with it most likely (most likely business).
  4. Ole Butter Here!

    Hello all. I'm a relatively new finder of Identity and decided to immediately support and contribute to it. I'm an avid dank memer which is all you need to know. As for the game, I still haven't quite figured out what I want to do. I've set my name in for running for governor, but I might do something in business, entertainment, or meth!
  5. Derrick Nyeguard for Governor

    The Atlas Party Chief Tenets - Strict Application of Laissez-Faire Economics - Employment of "Rugged Individualism" into legislation - Promotion of the economy through individuals Mission Statement: "The Atlas Party intends to promote the development of independent business and individuals through the strict employment of free market capitalism. We seek to create a healthier and far wealthier society by promoting an environment of total self-reliance and individualism." - Derrick Nyeguard Future Legislation As stated before, the Atlas Party wants to create a safe place for free men and free markets. What this means is that we want to protect and expand your personal freedoms. We will not restrict your personal ambitions with heavy taxes, no, we want to keep taxes as low as possible. We want to keep the markets open to whatever may come into it and this means we support the legalization of marijuana as well as total freedom to possess weaponry. The Atlas Party wishes to provide a safe and free society that is ever expanding to fit the modern trends of common decency and listening to what the people desire. We aim to keep the government out of business as far as regulation and legislation. Why Such a Bold Move? The Atlas Party realizes that the economy will start relatively stagnant with very little capital to be seen between any business or person. It is for that reason we want to establish a period of unhindered economic growth in business. Very low taxes means greater growth for business which translates to a more affluent society. If the governing party enacts taxes and regulatory legislation on day one, the economy will remain stagnant as there will be very little economic growth outside from the government. There will be no welfare programs or any social legislation for the foreseeable future considering that business will be growing and in time, there will be no need for it. Any actions such as welfare require money that the economy will not be able to give. That will hurt the government, business, and even all of you, as citizens. *This document is subject to be expanded upon as needed. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please reply. If you are seeking employment or wish to assist the Atlas Party, please notify me.*