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Found 29 results

  1. Multiplayer

    Will players be able to create their own servers? Many people from the role community could implement their projects based on the game. This would be an excellent step to create a transnational platform. In addition, this step will attract developers and profits from the owner of the "hosting's".
  2. Hallo ihr Roleplay begeisterten Spieler. Unsere Community öffnet bald ihren eigenen Server, und ihr habt die Chance ein großes Abenteuer mit uns zu erleben. Bei uns ist dem Roleplay keine Grenze gesetzt, der Spaß liegt bei uns immer im Vordergrund! Ihr wollt euch mit dem Team unterhalten oder Bewerben? Kein Problem, kommt in den Community Discord und sprecht uns an. Wir sind für offene Gespräche immer zu haben. Auch jedes weitere Communitymitglied ist gerne auf dem Discord gesehen um Gespräche und Diskussionen zu führen. Wichtig !!!!! Discord : Webseite: TeamSpeak 3:
  3. Crime Problems

    So I was wondering how you would control all the players who want to turn to a life of crime, in many games in which crime is an option, people like to do so. So some servers would most likely fill up with criminals and everyone but hardcore RP players would continue to rob and steal. I'm just saying, the game seems great, but people love to play the "Bad Guy" in games and everyone will want to become a crime boss or something. I know you can't fix this but have you or anyone at all thought about this issue to?
  4. Since there is no official limit for gangs and members yet, i would like to make a suggestion. I personally think it´s important to have a balance in the server. It shouldnt be able to have unlimited gangs / members per server.What i mean by that, is there shouldnt be able to be 100 or even more people in one gang and 100 gangs possibly per server. There should be a limit per server. Something like this: 5 Gangs per server and 10 members per gang. This would make the criminal more balanced in opposite to the police. The police should of course then also have a limit to join per server at the same time. If there will be 50 criminals, then a bit more, maybe 70 max limit for police officers. This is important to find a right balance between these 2 things. Otherwise the game will turn into GTA (which we dont wanna have 24/7).
  5. G'day Everyone, Who are We? We are a small Australian team that have experience in running many popular servers. Our past includes running a lot of Arma 3 servers under the respected name 'Housos' ranging from Altis life, Arma 3 Life and Takistan life, all being top servers within Australia. We are an old team of extensive knowledge and experience, we believe we are the perfect fit to provide the best Roleplay experience on Identity. Our team has been following Identity's development for a long time and we are ready to provide a friendly, active server for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you around! Our Plans We plan to be the biggest Australian server within the Identity scene. Once modding and addons become available we plan to take full advantage of these features to give our players a fresh and unique experience. Details & FAQ Will 'Housos Identity' be White-listed? At this stage no, we plan to have a highly moderated server to eliminate troubled players quickly and to make it easy to get in-game without an application process Is there an age restriction? No we believe there are mature players within all age groups Our server is going to be a Semi-Serious to Serious Roleplay server that will be frequently moderated by staff We currently have both a Website and Teamspeak available but expect change as they are a work in progress, if you have any questions or are interested in our server, please sign up to our forums or join us in Teamspeak! Thank you and cya Cobber! Teamspeak: ts3server:// or use connect nickname as 'Identity' or 'Housos' Website:
  6. i have some questions. 1-we will can host a server? 2-how much cost? 3-will be able to host in TS? 4-we can get access to translate like in portuguese? 5-will have plugins to put in server? 6-you love the game? I love!!!
  7. Hello i was just thinking about if there will be any server staffs like someone that fix RP problems, bad behavior and other things. IF there there will be how is it gonna work? will some from the dev team do it or will players with good reputation be able to sign up for being a staff? It was just something i was wondering -Johannes
  8. How will the servers work will we need to start a new character and start from scratch when we enter different servers or will the servers remember our charactors and all the things we have and earned what's happening with this please
  9. Top of the morning to ya! I'm curious about everything regarding hosting a server on Identity. From the information I've gathered, I could be wrong here but if I remember correctly, if you want to host an Identity Server, it has to be hosted through Identity? How much will it cost to host a server and what kinds of configurations will be available for the server owner? If I remember correctly, mods/addons won't be available for the servers (at this time?). But what will we be able to configure? What difference will there be on Private servers and the official servers? What about private server donations? Will the owner of the server be able to give out money or some kind of "VIP" status to players? Will be there be different player ranks on servers? What can you guys tell me about hosting a private Identity Server? Kind regards
  10. Discord Server

    I would recommend you making a discord server, much simpler instead of this forums thing Add me if you wish, idk why you would tbh:
  11. IDENTITY GAMING Whats up guys, I'm not new to the forums, but created this account for no bias criticism. I have been working and planning hard for mine and my teams future server. IDEA This server is going to be just like the official servers, but will have a some player staff to monitor and keep everyone's experience the best. Also people may begin applying for jobs now so upon release their is a structure setup. This server is going to be OPEN to join but will require being part of the discord. JOB APPLICATION APPLYING FOR RANKS HAS BEGUN, so you can have a position upon release of IDG!!! This also allows for players to get their discord tags now and startup the community. All you do is copy and fill out this format and send it to me on the discord channel. Msg it to me and we will talk and you may get your tags now!!! APPLYABLE JOBS FOR TAGS INCLUDE: POLICE FIREFIGHTER PARAMEDIC LAWER NAME:AGE:POSITION INTERESTED IN:EXPERIENCE IN POSITION: RANK PURCHASED FOR GAME: TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: YOUR IDENTITY If you are not interested in any of those jobs, simply join the discord for the Civilian tag and begin your character in the community!!!! DISCORD Sincerely, Chris Handsome.
  12. Dedicated Servers

    Hi there, I'm curious if there will be dedicated servers based on Identity. In other words, will the devs allow us to make our own servers. Just like in Multi Theft Auto. Much Regards Rainforce
  13. Server Operators Question

    Good evening, all, I apologize if this question has already been asked an answered but regarding the "server rental" option I heard about on the YouTube dev trailer, will that be the only option for running ones own server ( renting a hosted server ) or will there ever be an option to download the server files and host the service on our own? For example, I have a mini-rack at home that I use for a file server. I'd be interested in running the game off of something like that if possible. Second part: If the only options will be renting a hosted server or playing on a hosted server / official server, what will the price be for renting a server if one has been determined. Again, sorry if this has been asked and answered. I am currently going through the forums and watching videos for more info.
  14. Hello, From Forever Sky [ Temp Name ] The Gaming community is a a large one, and has many great community. But it has a a lot of bad ones that make it hard to compete for a player base. This community is looking for new people to help build and develop basically everything. The end goal is to run a Strict RP [ Possibly white listed community ] for identity that people can do just about thing they so desire. If you wish to join or see requirements to join contact Brian Lithlock though the discord. - Minimum Age Requirement : 15 Discord Info :
  15. Hello, we are Identity Life! We are planning on launching as an official community server, on full release, whose aim is to bring realism and roleplay together as one. Welcome aboard, and we hope to see you all in Identity. At the current moment, we do not have a website. Our Discord server and plans for our official community Identity server are still in a Work in Progress phase. But you're welcome to join us through this wonderful working journey of bringing our brand new community SERVER together. We're very excited for the full release of Identity, as well as the modules that'll release before then. Identity is going to be an amazing experience, and we'd love to experience it with you. For more information please join our Discord server: "Thank you for spending your time to read our thread." c;
  16. Hello! So, I'm a passionate gamer and i have been playing games all my life. I have taken a large interest into the workings of games and such have gotten into modding (ethically. Aint standing for no cheaters here!) and hosting. So I guess my question is: Are players going to be able to host their own dedicated servers? And on top of that if there is, will they be able to run custom code on the servers for example admin mods etc? I have plenty of suggestions and questions on this topic! Hmu with a comment
  17. Hello community! I was wondering, if the team would host servers in Germany, too... I mean, I haven't found any server-information for Germany yet. Well, most of my friends are german (so am I) and I think I am asking for the german community, too. So let me know, if you know something new. See you on Town Square! ^^ RakEzio
  18. Admin Tools

    Admin Tools Based on Garry's Mod ULX and Blogs by Billy Hello Identity Community, my name is NOE and after playing Garry's Mod Roleplay for over 1000 hours and 600 of those as a Administrator I know what an Admin Tool needs. 1. Logs Logs as an Important Part of Administration. With this you can see if something was RDMed and more. It gives you fact and not just Statement by Users. Here are the things that should be logged: Damage Death Buy/Sell Chat Admin Actions ( !goto, !bring, !ban, !kick, !freeze ...) 2. Rule Book As a Server owner you probably want rules on your Server. There would need to be a feature were User are able to See the rules. As they first join the Server they would need to agree to those rules to play on it. 3. Admin Commands Admins need powers to enforce rules a Server might have. Server often get people that a referred to as Trolles/Minges that ruin the roleplay experience for others. !Admin (Makes the Admin go into a mode were he can use his powers. In this Mode he isn't able to do any roleplay actions. He also gets a Playermodel that doesn't look like a normal Player something like a flying ball...) !goto *Name* (Let's the admin teleport to a player) !bring *Name* (Let's the admin bring somebody to the Admins Position) !noclip (Admins need to get fast from A to B or might just investigate a Case noclip basically makes them able to fly around) !sit *Name* (Brings the player to a place that is only accessible by Noclip or this Command.The place is Sound isolated) !warn *Name* *Reason* (Gives the Player a Waring on there record.) !kick *Name* *Reason* (Sometimes player brake rules so they need to get punished or they AFK and use up Server Slots) !freeze *Name* *Time* (Minges often break rules and try ruining away from Admins so this is a Way to capture them) !ban *Name* *Reason* Time* (People Break rules sp they need to get punished simple...) I hope this post was helpful. If you have any addition please post it in the Reply's and I will look over them. -Noe Rock
  19. iRoleplay Server Application

    iRoleplay Server Application Please delete all text in blue & Yellow and replace with your own content. Please include all text in white with your own profiles. All fields marked with a * are mandatory. Any applications that do not meet the requirements or word count will be ignored. *Portrait (Insert image here) This can be any profile image from your personal gallery or from the internet. I would suggest realistic images such as a real photo of yourself (if it fits your characters look), a video game character, a mugshot, or even a silhouette if you’d like your identity to remain anonymous. Bio *Name: Nickname: *Sex: Male / Female / Unknown *Age: Date of birth: Place of birth: *Accent: British – American – Jamaican – Scandinavian – Asian – etc… Height: *Build: Must select UP TO two - Skinny - Thin – Medium – Muscular – Large – Big boned – Fat – Very muscular – Clinically obese Ethnicity: White British – Mixed ethnicity – Asian – Black / African / Caribbean – other Social *Sexuality: Must select One: Straight / Bisexual / Homosexual / Asexual *Relationship status: Single – Cohabiting – Married – Widowed – Seeing someone – Its complicated – Engaged *Personality: Placid – Confident – Loud – Quiet – Shy – Mean – Outgoing – Career Driven – Nervous – Aware – Paranoid – Anxious – Materialistic – Lazy – Motivated – Crazy - Funny – etc… *Career type: Shop worker – Manager – Stock broker – Builder – Fabricator – Plumber – Pole Dancer – Taxi driver – Bus driver – Paramedic – Armed Forces – etc… *Interests and hobbies: Cycling – Drawing – Painting – Racing – Dogging – Bird watching – etc... Assets (Feel free to include pictures) *House: No house – One room apartment – House – Family home – Mansion – etc… *Vehicle: Ford Mondeo – Chevrolet Pickup – Classic Alfa Romeo – Hot Rod – Presidential Limousine – Trike – Motorbike – Bicycle – etc.. *Pets: Dog – Cat – Rats – Bird – Snake – Iguana – Mother in law – etc… *Wealth: Broke – Poor – Struggling – Average wealth – Wealthy – Very Wealthy - Millionaire Short Biography / background: Must be 150 words maximum - you can copy and paste text into this link to check word count: 1) Copy blank form below 2) Read the requirements 3) Fill out form and repost in this thread
  20. Server cost?

    How much will server cost? Will they be sold by asylum?
  21. So I am extremely interested and am basically a click away from buying the founders passport, but I have one question before, do you believe 300 players with little to no roaming AI is enough to fuel this world you envision, i only ask because i heard 300 and i know that is massive and i am excited, but im just thinking, if you have a 77 square mile map, with politicians and policemen and basically the whole world player driven, do you think there's enough to drive a server economy and make cities and shops within those cities not feel like ghost towns. I would love to hear what the devs have said regaurding this if someone can provide a link or just leave your own thoughts on it below, after i get a couple replys and feel confident i will be buying the game
  22. Dedicated servers?

    Hello, as a Project Lead of a Danish community, I was wondering: When the game is out, can we host our own server in Identity? So we can make our own Danish Identity community and server? Best Regards, Danish Outlaws, PL - Asoinyth
  23. Brazilian server?

    I wanna know if will be Brazilian server when the game releases. It's the only reason that don't let me buy the game now. Cuz i can't buy without have 100% sure that will be a server with no lag to play Ps.: Sorry about my english I'm still learnig.
  24. I'd like to start off by saying that this should be optional, and would be a good idea for people like me who use mainly PC and have friends who use the PS4 or Xbox one mainly. Identity shows the biggest promises and ambition I have ever seen in an MMORPG. If I could, I would back it up, but thats aside from the topic being discussed here. The point of this thread is to discuss wether we should allow optional cross - platform gameplay. It is as simple as it sounds; start up Identity, join the server, and voila, you are playing on a PC with PS4 and Xbox one users. This also implies that this must have a separate friends list to keep track of all you friends on other platforms. Now, I don't know the difficulty of implementing this, or if it is possible to use the same code on both PC and Console. Truth is, we barely know anything about what is to come of Identity. So that's it! Share your ideas in the comments, if this is possible, and make this Topic be noticed!
  25. Nom de la Communauté : Addict Life Bonjour, Chère Joueurs !! Je m'appelle Colin alias Yurdead, Je suis super enthousiaste de voir ce jeu arrivé j'attendais depuis longtemps un telle jeu qui a l'aire dans faire voir pleins la vue ! Je voudrais tout d'abord vous expliquer mon Projet Mon projet est de sortir un serveur Français avec le plus de slots possible pour toutes la communauté FR . J'ai acheter pour l'occasion un super dédier qui est héberger MAISON. J’espère que Identity donnera accès au fichiers server ! Qu'on soit pas obliger de payer un hébergeur ! ^^ Faire un serveur RP ou pas d'insultes n'y de moquerie ne sera tolérer (Soyez Mature et un comportement exemplaire sera requis ! ) Troisièmement avoir un nom et prénom RP (voir comment tout ce déroulera ) . Mon passé de Fondateur et Scripteur J'ai 20 ans mature, calme et respectueux ! Je reste a votre écoute disponible h24 7/7 pour toutes vos questions même les plus rigolote ! J'aime ma communauté est chaque membres est très important ! J'ai eu beaucoup de serveur RP sur Arma 3 et Garry's MOD deux qui on marcher dont un 64 personnes connectés chaque jours ! J'ai donc codé moi même tous les serveur et souvent avec un grand staff derrière moi ! Des amis fidèles et des personnes matures pour gérer la communauté ! Addict Life sera composé de : Fondateur : Yurdead Administrateur : Marc Anto , Berard Armite Modérateur : Mathias Marshal , Léo Kingames Plus a venir !! N’hésitez pas a venir faire votre Candidature ! Recrutement [ON] Recrutement et Discord Les recrutements Modérateurs et Administrateurs : - Vous devez être Majeurs 18+ - Être Français ou Parlez Français - Avoir un comportement exemplaire avec la communauté et connaître a fond le jeu pour expliquer aux nouveaux pour les aidés . Discord : Le Discord est la pour discuter en attendant la sortie ! Merci de vous tenir droit et respectueux envers chacun ! Merci ! Discord : Si vous avez des Questions n'hésitez pas et mon Steam : Merci de m'avoir lu jusqu’à la fin et je vous dit a bientôt IN GAME ! Les messages qui suivent à ne pas regarder ! Merci ! C'est juste un Anglais qui a les mort que ce poste soit en Français uniquement .