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  1. SCUM the next step in gaming

    Well were you wrong, this game is currently behind all of these companions. It lacks so much content, and it currently doesn't even have Anti-cheat... What multiplayer game get released without some sort of anti cheat?
  2. Housos Identity - AUS/NZ Server

    Cheers guys!
  3. G'day Everyone, Who are We? We are a small Australian team that have experience in running many popular servers. Our past includes running a lot of Arma 3 servers under the respected name 'Housos' ranging from Altis life, Arma 3 Life and Takistan life, all being top servers within Australia. We are an old team of extensive knowledge and experience, we believe we are the perfect fit to provide the best Roleplay experience on Identity. Our team has been following Identity's development for a long time and we are ready to provide a friendly, active server for everyone to enjoy. Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you around! Our Plans We plan to be the biggest Australian server within the Identity scene. Once modding and addons become available we plan to take full advantage of these features to give our players a fresh and unique experience. Details & FAQ Will 'Housos Identity' be White-listed? At this stage no, we plan to have a highly moderated server to eliminate troubled players quickly and to make it easy to get in-game without an application process Is there an age restriction? No we believe there are mature players within all age groups Our server is going to be a Semi-Serious to Serious Roleplay server that will be frequently moderated by staff We currently have both a Website and Teamspeak available but expect change as they are a work in progress, if you have any questions or are interested in our server, please sign up to our forums or join us in Teamspeak! Thank you and cya Cobber! Teamspeak: ts3server://ts.housosidentity.net or use connect nickname as 'Identity' or 'Housos' Website: https://housosidentity.net/
  4. Tasers in game ?

    Ayy Tazers, better to catch the criminal then to kill them.
  5. Forum: Character Vault sub-forum

    Good idea to have a main 'spot' for all the character post, i also agree that is should be template but not to strictly.
  6. G'day from Australia

    G'day Cobber! Nice to see a fellow Australian, i have high hopes for this game. I also come from alot of Arma 3 RP servers, any main servers you played on?
  7. Its is currently at a discounted price for the original startup, but once the Town Square module is released prices will change. Now is the best time to secure a $15 copy since prices will go up.
  8. Angelo crime family

    Sounds basic and boring.
  9. Task list photos | UPDATED DAILY!

    I like this post, good job OP
  10. The Identity Weekly

    Nice idea, should do a business spotlight every issue, highlight their company, ideas and what they do. But where are my classified's, i need me some girrrrls.. i mean garage sales, yeah i need some garage sales.
  11. Over reacting much?

    Exactly, i follow Rust and its development because i enjoy the game, but i love their once weekly updates that turned into monthly. It worked so well in terms of relaying information and updates. I would love this to become a feature of Identity developments.
  12. Angelo crime family

    What does your said family believe in? What kind of crime are committed? Heist or local holdups? What brings your family to be so violent and dangerous? A little bit of briefing in your 'family history' will help a lot in recruitment, especially since this game will be heavily dependant of your type of character.
  13. Hennessy Williams

    Sounds like a top bloke
  14. Over reacting much?

    Good post, it was very needed with the recent topics. I agree, i lot of people are angry, which in fairness i guess they have a right to be, but if you way up all the terms its more than expected that the game got delayed because their not up to there first thought timeline. They have a small development team, they are building a game from complete stand still start, and are adding a lot of detail into every aspect. The worst thing they have going for them at the moment, is the community. While some say its too late, i personally think to developers should have weekly or bi-weekly dev blogs, even if very small or brief. This way it will keep the players/investors in the loop and have the community knowing what stage they are up to. But yes, people should criticise less and be more understandable, but in the end its a 2 way street.