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Found 5 results

  1. G'day from Australia

    Hey guys thought I would just post something and introduce myself, I'm from Sydney Australia and I've always loved life simulators like Arma 3 life and games like that. I've always known about Identity and thought it sounds like an amazing game that is going to be far better than Arma 3 could ever have been. Can't wait to see you guys in the beta Cheers
  2. Hey guys, I'm going to be starting up an Oceanic (Australia & New Zealand) Identity based whitelisted community (Signing up to our Website and joining our Discord will be available to everyone). Obviously we won't have a server until they allow for them to be rented, but we would rather have a community setup and ready to go. This community is for the Semi-Serious - Serious Roleplayers. How old do I have to be? 16 or above, we want to keep it "mature". (This restriction will not be lifted, under any circumstance) What we will have: A Whitelisted Server (Troll free) Whitelisted Emergency Services (Police, Paramedics, Firefighters... this is to stop major corruption) Roleplay based rules (RDM/VDM will be monitored unlike official servers) Active and professional moderation team (You may apply for a position and you will be trialed. We will require team members before server release) Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask me, I will gladly answer. Feel free to join our Discord for direct answers. Discord: (If for whatever reason, this link doesn't work. Let me know) Website: Currently in development. (Should be released very shortly!)
  3. G'day from Australia

    I hope we get servers in Australia.
  4. Hello From Australia

    Hey i am Sam from Australia.(rpname is Vincent Travolti) I like to RP Seriously, i like RP games so this will be fun. I am really looking forward to this game, When this game is released i am hoping to start off as a Police Officer and work my way up to FBI. So
  5. Aus Servers?

    So do the devs plan on adding Aus servers or plans for Aus servers at least?