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Found 64 results

  1. Tough choice Mafia Thread

    I have been trying to figure out what i want to do in this game and in this topic i would like to talk about the mafia side of things. I would like any one and every one to please flood this with the perks and downfalls with starting a crime syndicate. If i do i already have almost all the layouts already made but i'm kinda stuck in the choice. The other thread is under "the precinct" thanks for all your input.
  2. Wolf Corporation

    The Wolf Corporation Who are we? We are a criminal syndicate that has moved from a city called Rockford to Los Santos and onward to Identity. We were previously associated with another crime family known as the "Falzones". Wolf Corporation is the modernised name,registered under company house due to business reasons. However our original name was the "Colombo" family. We own many legal businesses within Los Santos. The launderette you wash your clothes at? chances are we own it. Local scrap yard? Chances are we own it. Where do we operate? We operate statewide,owning multiple businesses in the process. These businesses aren't all directly owned. Some of the business owners are on our payroll in return for protection. We take a cut of the earnings. Most things are above board and legal,however that doesn't mean we are on top of the law. Keep your eyes peeled and do what you gotta do if law enforcement get involved. Hierarchy system We operate under the mafia style hierarchy,as this is what we strive to be based off. You will see an image inserted below: What Businesses do we own? "The Wiseguy’s Loan Service" Need a quick easy loan? Come to us. The Wiseguy’s Loan Service. 29.0%APR. Going through a divorce and need a little cash injection? Is debt crippling you? We can help,no questions asked. Just don’t forget to pay us back after 30 days,otherwise our Security team will be around to collect the money one way or another. Narcotics we deal with? Cocaine "Jim Wolf's Favourite" Cocaine,arguably one of the worlds greatest drugs. You'll find this sold in most of our businesses,Vanilla Unicorn mainly. Our under-boss Jim Wolf loves the stuff. It's the first thing he turns to when he wakes up and the last thing at night. Some call them addicts? we call them Enthusiasts. Opium(Heroin) A street level drug,we sell most of it down on Grove Street. The usage of this drug within the syndicate is strictly prohibited. For certain things it would be correct to say "You don't shit where you eat". If you are caught using this drug,you will be at the mercy of Jim Wolf's Machete and Logan's Shotgun,then followed by being dumped in the LS River. We sell it,we don't use it. This is the only thing we hate. Marijuana (weed) Pretty much found anywhere these days. Let's be honest it's barely illegal. We still have to watch our steps with the law however. Nothing better than a glass of whiskey and a joint to calm down after a day of killing and dodging the law. We sell in bulk and at street level. All different strains. Which one is your favourite? Meth Simple but addictive,another drug we prohibit the usage of. We sell it,however once again the term applies "You don't shit,where you eat" we aren't junkies,we are highly sophisticated criminal businessmen. If you are caught doing this? it's highly likely that your family will never see you again. That's one thing Jim and Logan are very specific on. However looking to buy some? Head out to Ace Liquor. Who are our higher ups? Jim Wolf (Underboss) Jim Wolf was born under the name "Germano Achille"..He was born in the village of Sutera,on the kitchen floor of his family home. His Father armed with paper towels. He grew up in a small village school,heavily religious. His mother Susan was an American who moved to Sicily to be with his father Antero. When Germano reached the age of 9,Susan decided that they should move to America,so that's what happened. They packed up all their belongings and went. Antero was a baker,he had a small fortune from his success. They moved to the city of Rockford,Antero setup a small local bakery. Specialising in Sicilian baked goods. Germano was placed into the local school. He grew up in a normal family,with steady income. A few years later Antero sadly passed away due to sudden ill health. Germano and Susan were devastated. Susan was un-employed,Germano was too young to get a real job. However he had to step up and take his fathers place. Antero left the bakery to Germano in hopes that he would continue his father's legacy. Germano and Susan went to work in the bakery. Susan working the counter and Germano baking the good,his father taught him traditional baking techniques before he passed. Germano had to attempt to run the bakery,while also full-time in school. Germano had a best friend,Logan. He invited Logan to come work at the bakery with him. Logan was 12 and Germano was 13 at the time. So that's what happened,Logan went to work. The three of them worked hard to keep Antero's legacy alive. Unfortunately due to the economic decline,the bakery went into disrepute 2 years after they took over from Antero. Antero fortunately left part of his fortune to the family. So they had enough money to live on,however the bakery did indeed close. Germano,Logan and Susan became unemployed. Due to the unfortunate events,Susan focused on other tasks to take the pain away from all their misfortune. Unfortunately this was Heroin and prostitution. Susan didn't want to find a real job,so moved to prostitution to earn the families money. She spent all the fortunate left to them on heroin,and was purely relying on prostitution to pay the rent. However Germano knew something was wrong,he knew his mother didn't really work at the Grocery store like she has told him. Germano was now 15,Logan was 14. They had a little think between them on how they could stop Susans addiction,end her prostitution and earn the family a buck. One night they both put on a mask and went to rob a local convenience store. They got away with it. $10,000 in cash. No cops,they knew they might have a gift for this. The rent was paid,they told Susan to get off the Heroin and end her shit. Otherwise Germano was going to sell their home. She stopped,the boys continued to rob different businesses at least once a week. 6 months later,they had $500,000 to their name. Germano and Logan finished school and went into crime full time. Doing anything they could,stealing cars,robbing stores. Anything but drugs,they purchased a small launderette with the money they earned. They needed something to keep on the down low. They put Susan to work in the launderette. Germano had always liked the idea of changing his name. He conjured the name "Jim Wolf" off the top of his head. The next morning he headed down the local registry office and changed it,Logan also like the idea and change his name to "Logan Wolf" also. The iconic duo, 1 business,1 home to their name. What to do next? They went out and bought 5 designer suits each,they knew they were onto something. They began to attempt to recruit people,2 years later. They had 20 guys working under them in street activity. They purchased more businesses. Successful millionaires. Fast Forward 10 years, Susan unfortunately passed away. Jim was locked up for money laundering and Logan was still running a few businesses. Jim got out and the pair decided to move to Los Santos and then to Identity. Logan Wolf (Don) Logan Wolf was originally called “Antonello Comito” he was born in a small city in Sicily, he grew up around small street crime, by the time he was eleven years old he was working in a chop shop, he learned everything there was to know about cars inside that chopshop but quickly grew tired of the pay, he longed for more. Logan then as he got older he excelled in school but took little interest in any subjects apart from Business and Physical Education, he was top of his classes in both of those subjects and was noticed by teachers for his violent behaviour and psychotic tendencies. This would result in him being forced into a psychological evaluation at the age of twelve. The results showed that he had many of the traits of a Psychopath/Sociopath. The evaluation proved many of the teachers correct and he in fact was numb to feeling most emotions as a normal person does, he could not feel empathy which to this day aids him in his line of work, he has loyalty to those who he trusts but most of this is synthetic as he cannot trust completely to anyone apart from Jim Wolf. Logan worked in the bakery as soon as he was asked, he quit his job in the chop shop and worked part time in the bakery as he finished his studies, after they started recruiting and robbing stores the power was not enough for Logan and he wanted more, so as Jim got out of prison they moved to Los Santos to gain control of another city and rule it with an iron fist Marciano De Palma(consigliere) “Jim and Logan’s Right Hand Man” Marciano,there isn’t too much background knowledge of this man. He is someone we keep a strictly classified file on,due to the extensive knowledge and intricacies of illegal business he knows. He is a half cousin of Jim Wolf. Their families were extremely close for 9 years when Jim lived in Sicily. Until now,Jim and Logan felt they didn’t need outside council. However due to the expansion within the organisation and trouble with the police,he has been brought over. He flew in from Sicily on the 23/10/2018. He is known as Jim and Logan's right hand man. Council,Advisor and accountant for the Wolf Corporation. Noticeable by his facial hair and hat. This man is wise and every move he move is calculated excellently. If Jim has a problem with you and needs it dealt within the law,He’ll turn to Marciano. He will not always be constantly around,however if Jim need’s him to sort something out,he’ll come in and deal with it while Jim heads out of the city. Our Roster Role Name Description The Boss (Don) Logan Wolf Main Boss Consigliere Marciano De Palma Advisor to the Don and Underboss Underboss Jim Wolf Second in Command Contabile Vacant Financial advisor Caporegime Vacant Runs a faction of soldiers Caporegime Vacant Runs a faction of soldiers Soldier Vacant Street Level Soldier Soldier Vacant Street Level Soldier Soldier Vacant Street Level Soldier Associate Vacant Non-Sicilian Member Associate Vacant Non-Sicilian Member Associate Vacant Non-Sicilian Member Associate Vacant Non-Sicilian Member Associate Vacant Non-Sicilian Member How do I join? It’s not easy to join. You walk up to a made man and ask about joining,that’s a good way to get killed. You have to earn your way up,if you get involved with us. Anything asked of you,you will be expected to do. NO QUESTIONS ASKED,otherwise you get whacked. Everyone begins as an associate,if you are non-sicilian/italian. You’ll never be able to get made. What is being a wiseguy(being made) and how does it work? As previously mentioned to be made,you have to be of Sicilian/Italian Descent. If you aren’t it will never happen. Being made entails that you fully belong part of a family,we’ll watch your back as if you were our own son. You have to earn it,some guys worked for us for 20 years and still haven’t been made. It’s something you never asked for,otherwise you’ll end up swimming with the fishes. You’ll be tested over,over and over in multiple different ways. You have to respect the bosses,any bad words/act towards them and you’ll never get made. If you have proved yourself and it’s confirmed,you’ll be taken to the “making” ceremony. For this to happen,you have to be vouched by a fully made member. 3 or more made members must be in attendance. Including the one who vouched for you. At the ceremony the association is explained including its basic rules; then his finger is pricked with a needle by the officiating member; a few drops of blood are spilled on a card bearing the likeness of a saint; the card is set on fire; finally, while the card is passed rapidly from hand to hand to avoid burns, the novice takes an oath of loyalty to our family. Rules 1. Be loyal to members of the organization. Do not interfere with each other's interest. Do not be an informer…. 2. Be rational. Be a member of the team. Don't engage in battle if you can't win….The directive extends to personal life. 3. Be a man of honor. Respect womanhood and your elders. Don't rock the boat…. 4. Be a stand-up guy. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Don't sell out….The 'stand-up guy' shows courage and 'heart.' He does not whine or complain in the face of adversity, including punishment, because 'If you can't pay, don't play.' 5. Have class. Be independent. Know your way around the world. 6. If you are caught doing Heroin or Meth,you’ll get whacked. 7. Do not disrespect any higher ups, this could result in you being whacked. 8. Do as the higher ups say otherwise it could end bad for you. 9. Talk back get whacked. Dress code You are required to dress smartly and appropriately at all times. We need to show how professional we are. Everyone must wear smart clothes,for example a suit or a dress. Jim Wolf loves wearing italian leather shoes and a genuine italian tailored suit. Here is an example below: Parts of this are a bit weird to be read as it has been pasted from a google document we have created. Here is the link to the official google doc for Wolf Corporation: If you wanna join, simply send me a message and I'll talk to you about how you join, this will change once the game is released.
  3. Думаю вместе решим что вписать сюда! Добавляйтесь в Дискорд
  4. Vladisvakaya BRATVA The Vladisvakaya Organized Crime Group (Russian: Владисвакая организовал преступную группировку), also known as the Vladisvakaya Bratva (Russian: Владисвакая братва), is the largest and most powerful crime syndicate of the Russian mafia. Other simplified versions of the name are Vladisvakaya Brotherhood and Vladisvakaya gang. The group is not a common gang, but a well organized criminal organization. Rise to power The Vladisvakaya gang was founded in the late 1980s by Anatoly Mikhailov, a former waiter who had served a prison term for fraud. Based in the Vladivostok, the gang recruited local unemployed, aggressive young men as foot soldiers . Vladisvostok city was also strategically located near the A-370 . Controlling these transport hubs allowed the Vladisvakaya group to muscle in on the car import business But by the early 1990s, the Vladisvakaya's dominance was challenged by the Chechen mafia. Together with the Mkhedrioni gang and other Slavic mobs, the Vladisvakaya gang made an alliance to drive the Chechens out.The gang war claimed many casualties, and in a gun battle at the Kazakhstan Cinema six Chechens and four Russians were killed. The gang was at one point linked to criminal mastermind Evegniy Mikhailovich, through whom they laundered money. But a 1995 party at a Prague hotel, attended by Mikhailov as well as Uzbek drug trafficker Gafur Rakhimov, was raided by Czech police who received information that they were planning to kill Mogilevich there following a dispute. Mogilevich himself was nowhere to be found, having received advance information about both groups' intentions. By the end of the 1990s, the Vladisvakaya gang started moving into the banking sector, a move which enabled them to launder their money as well as get closer to the oligarchs. Activity Overseas In the 1990s, the Vladisvakaya dispatched Vyacheslav Ivankov to Brighton Beach, New York City, and Mikhail Odenussa to Atlanta, Georgia, to take control of the Russian mob activities there. The FBI was alerted to Ivankov's presence, however, and after a long investigation he was arrested and convicted of extortion, becoming the first thief-in-law to be convicted in the United States. While Ivankov was not as successful, his counterpart Odenussa has been controlling Russian organized crime in Atlanta for over 20 years, while avoiding prosecution. Odenussa has had a firm grip on the city, with an army of killers to back him up. The Vladisvakaya group have also been active in Israel, primarily using it as a base for money laundering. The organization is also involved in the international cocaine trade, with its links to Colombian drug cartels. Founding location: Vladisvostok (Владивосто́к) Years active: 1970's - present Territory: Active in many parts of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union throughout Russia (mostly Moscow and Saint Petersburg), The United States (Mostly Miami and the New York City, in particular Brighton Beach), Canada, Spain, Portugal, Hungary and more. Criminal activities : Human trafficking, racketeering, drug trafficking, extortion, murder, robbery, smuggling, arms trafficking, gambling, fencing, prostitution, pornography, money laundering, fraud, bank fraud, securities fraud, mail and wire fraud and financial crimes. Structure Boss : Anatoly Mikhailov Underboss : Vyacheslav Ivankov Lieutenants : Vladimir Kumarin , Vitali Dyomochka, Evsei Agron , Vladimir Reznikov Soldiers : (150 Official) 8000 members (Theoretically) Associates : Undisclosed For business requests contact me To join the group contact me or my lieutenant
  5. The Fibonacci Family Short Bio : The Fibonacci Family was formed in the early 90's by the three Fibonacci Brothers : Vinchenzo, Kostadin and Bartolomeu. Together they form The Council which in itself is the governing body of the family. Born to an Italian father and Yugoslavian mother, the trio's childhood was anything but easy. Leonardo Fibonacci (the father) was a retired military veteran and their mother a housewife. Most of their early life they lived in poverty, just before their father decided to move to the USA in hopes of a better future and to live the American Dream. But life in the USA was nothing as expected. The whole family was homeless for the first 4 years. After getting part time jobs working as valets and studying at the same time Vinchenzo realized that this is no way to make money, and he had to study hard to succeed in life. The trio graduated high school and had a desire to pursue their education career and wanted to go to college. Unfortunately for them funds were short and that simply wasn't available. The trio spent the next 2 years working various jobs until they met a man in a black suit with shining shoes. That man turned out to be a wiseguy. Soon enough the trio went to college : Vinchenzo studied Criminology, Kosta Economics and Bartolomeu Psychology. After finishing college they realised that the 9 to 5 working routine is simply not for them, and using all the wisdom gained from the wiseguy and their grandfather (who was an early balkan bootlegger) they decided to become mafioso's and start their own family. The Family : (in case this didn't post here is the link ( As it stands our family has multiple ranks going from top to bottom 1- The Council : The Council consists of the core founders and their respective roles as 1.The Don - Overall leader of the family, controls everything related to family matters, commission meetings, appointing new members, hits and organised heists. 2. The Economist - The 2nd leader in charge of anything money related : most rackets, money laundering, everyone's income and takes, fees, bribes and works the families legal entities. 3. The Entrepreneur - The 3rd leader who is in charge of the organisation of most criminal activities along with running the illegal casino and gambling rackets. 2 - The Consigliere : The Consigliere is the next in command after the council. He is in charge of handling contacts which should not be handled by the Council themselves. He is also the family's legal councler and will be defending most of them in the court of law. He will be carrying out all the bribes that the Economist has thought of and approved and will have a room in the HQ along with the Council. 3 - The Underboss : The Underboss is essentially the person who organizes the capos and monitores their activity and earnings. He also assigns tasks to the capos who are under his jurisdiction, and the person who usually carries out the ordered hits. Any issues from below the ladder are handled by him. Each underboss leads 2 capos and in term has a total of 18 made man at his command. 4 - The Capo : The Capo is the middle manager in the family. He is the person who gives out the underboss's orders to the enforcers and usually is in charge of one of the families activities (for example : racketeering, drug manufacturing, arms deals, illegal gambling ... ) Each Capo Is in charge of 2 Enforcers and has a total of 8 people in his command. He is allowed to authorize, lead and carry out small to medium operations. 5 - The Enforcer : The enforcer is the first promotion that a loyal solider will get. Enforcers are in charge of a small tactical team of 3 people and usually are used to ease the tactical command of capos. They lead their squadron in small operations (such as robing a store) and are in charge of the protection detail. 6 - The Soldier : The First of the "made man". The soldier (unlike the associate under him )has the privilege to be a member of the family and enjoys high status and protection in society. Soldiers are the back bone of the family and they do all the tasks that higher ranks order them to do without question. If loyal and proven good they might get promoted further in the ladder. 7 - The Associate : The Associate is a person that has ties to the family, but is not made. Be it a corrupt police officer, a delivery driver or simply someone who wants to prove himself enough to become made, the associate is the person that does most of the dirty work. Family Affairs Due to the game not being released yet we can only speculate what will be included in the final release. This is what we expect and hope to be doing when the game releases Racketeering, Extortion, Illegal Gambling, Drug Production, Drug Trafficking, Kidnap and Ransom, Heists and Roberies, Booking, Arms Production, Arms Dealing etc. Family Rules 1. When joining the family, you must take an oath of omerta. That binds you with the family until your death. Breaking it will result in your death. 2. Loyalty is a big driving force in this organisation. It can take you far in both ways so make sure not to break it. 3. Snitching is not allowed. Snitches don't get stitches, they get burred 6 feet under. 4. Follow the leader ! You must obey everyone that is a higher rank than you, even if you think that their decision is not good. 5. You are not allowed to be seen with the police unless it has been authorized by your superiors. 6. Be of an age larger than 16. We expect mature people who will be ready to roleplay 7. Respect the time of the other members in the family and show up on appointments on time 8. You are not allowed to talk to anyone who is not a member of the family about the organisation. (Not even your wife) 9. The murder of a made man can only be ordered either by the Council or the Commission, if you see someone made get murdered tell your superior immediately 10. Inner family fighting is not allowed. Save your strength for our enemies 11. Have fun, its only a game ! (but it is a way of life too) How to apply In order to apply fill in the application form : If any other organisation or company leader wants to discuss an alliance or a working relationship send me a DM here ! * I am sorry for any grammar or spelling errors, English is not my first language.
  6. Kryukov Crime Familly Founded : 1970's Founded by : Mikhail Kryukov , Vladislav Bryukhanov Founding Location : Miami,Florida,USA Years active :1970's - present Membership : 20 made members, 500 associates PRESENTATION Mikhail Kryukov is the long-standing boss of the Kryukov crime family. Arriving in Miami in 1968 with close friend Vladislav Bryukhanov, Kryukov quickly set up extortion rackets in the italian and russian immigrant community. With Mikhail strategizing and Vladislav provided the muscle, the pair took control of the Miami Southport docks in the early 1970s, which made for easy smuggling alcohol and drugs. His family ruled the city for the next decade, operating discreetly with close ties to both politicians and police. Kryukov-Possad War Tension between the Kryukov and Possad families erupted into the Kryukov-Possad War. His Consigliere Vladislav conspired with Possad capo Serguei Maklilovich to bring an an end to the war by placing a bomb in maklilovich's car. This conflict ultimately cost Kryukov his underworld primacy. Current Operations Following the end of the Kryukov-Possad War, the Kryukov crime family controlled over eighty percent of the Mafia's business in Miami making it the most powerful family in the city. However, the war had weakened them significantly and the Kravchenko Crime Family moved in on many of their operations. Although they are not as powerful as they were in the past, they keep a tight grip on the docks and shipping industry via Anatoly Dyatlov, who is vital for their illegal import/export rackets. By late 1992, the Kryukov family had retaken their place asthe top family due to the deaths of serguei Mikalilovich and Vladimir Kalinka along with many of their men. Mikhail Kryukov Mikhail Kryukov was born in Soviet Russia in 1951 . After arriving in Miami in 1968 with close friend Vladislav Bryukhanov, Kryukov quickly set up extortion and smuggling rackets in the italian and russian immigrant community. Together they built the most successful criminal organization in the city's history with Vladislav providing the muscle and Mikhail the brains. Mikhail operates discreetly, having close ties to politicians and police. When tension between the Kryukov and Possad families erupted into Kryukov-Possad War. He emerged from the conflict victorious but weakened. He is one of the most feared and respected bosses in Miami with interests in construction and gambling. Kryukov also controls the Miami Southport dockworkers union, using his influence to bleed money from the merchant vessels that use his workforce. Controlling the port also enables him to smuggle black market goods into the city. He lives in a large mansion on the outskirts of Miami beach and owns The liberty bar, which uses it to launder money from his other less legitimate businesses. He also owns numerous racehorses and spends a lot of his time at the Miami Race Track. IMPORTANT PEOPLE Vladislav Bryukhanov Victor Bout Criminal activities : Drug trafficking weapons trafficking murder kidnapping racketeering extortion ransom theft fraud illegal gambling money laundering robbery fencing IF YOU WANT TO JOIN THE Kryukov CRIME FAMILY MESSAGE ME Kryukov Mafia 2018
  7. LORDS

    No more trouble! DO YOU NEED A "SOLUTION"? CALL THE LORDS! OUR SERVICES In prison or on the streets, we are the solution. MURDER PROTECTION BEATING DEPREDATION “Behind every successful fortune there is a crime.” Mario Puzo, The Godfather WORK WITH US !!! Our leader? An anonymous police officer (corrupt)
  8. 0:23 About us and Long-Term Goals Black Diamond Enterprises was founded in Nashville, Tennessee and expanded upon in Ash Hill on a later date by two men which their real names are Unknown or Classified. Matthew S. Demonestra and Jose K. Rodriguez moved to the island off the Carolinas to start a new life and form the large Black Diamond Enterprises. Black Diamond is a Corporate Business you'd see anywhere nowadays... AT&T, Wells Fargo, Apple, Razer... etcetera, with alot of elements of a Mafia and Cartel. Inspirations come from Ghost Recon: Wildlands with the Santa Blanca rank structure and order and Grand Theft Auto: Online's business aspects with high rise offices and businesses. Our goals at Black Diamond Enterprises is most importantly to make as most cash to the leaders and employees as possible and become one of the biggest on the map, we strive for solid and well rounded leadership, loyal and willing Employees. Cash made will go to everyone in high up positions, Employees will get large payouts too cause without them what would be BDE? Rank Structure CEO of Black Diamond ---Sicarios--- COO of Black Diamond Head of Production | Head of Smuggling | Head of Security | Head of Influence | Head of Logistics | Head of Operations Underboss Employee Associate Interviewee Activities Drug Production, Weapon Manufacturing, Illegal Trafficking, Burglary, Illegal Gambling, Hijacking, Racketeering, Alcohol Bootlegging, Loansharking, Coercion, Extortion, Money Laundering, Cyber Crime, Bribery, Numbers Game, Chop Shop, Street Racing, Organized Retail Crime, Forgery. If it makes money, we do it. Applying to Black Diamond Requirments --- - Must be 16+ y/o - Must have a mic - Need to have Discord - Must be Mature and Active Join the Discord through this link and PM me with the following information(Use this format) Why do you wanna join BDE?: What sector are you most interested in?(Production, Operations, etc.): Name: Age: How active can you be?: Do you understand the Rank Structure and Rules and will abid by them?: WIP
  9. Pancho Villa Riders About Us Fransico "Pancho" Villa was born June 5, 1878, in La Coyotada, Mexico. He was a Mexican Revolutionary general and one of the most prominent figures of the Mexican Revolution. In the late 1970s, my father Emilio Piñón was born in La Coyotada, Mexico. My father at sixteen was working for the Mexican Armed Forces. For four years up until my birth, my father worked hard for them and he learned the story of Fransico Villa. My father an inspired man, with a troubled history with Mexico's toughest cartels, decided to start a motorcycle club and move his newborn son and two daughters to Tucson, Arizona. By this time I was only two years old still a baby. All my life I knew my father was a president of an MC. At the age fourteen, I watched father get gunned down by Viagras, Mexico hardest cartel. My father's best friend, Bruno Correa, took over the MC, but when I turned eighteen Bruno handed the MC over to me the rightful heir as president. My first order as president was to move to a remote island, which we did. For two years we have been on this island working hard, expanding connections, and doing what we do best, run the island. As of recently though we are now under a mafia The Narco Family, a family that my father and I have known for years. Supervisors Felipe Piñón - President (Available Slot) - Vice President (Available Slot) - Secretary (Available Slot) - Treasurer (Available Slot) - Sergeant At Arms Application We here at Pancho Villa Riders MC want you to join us and the only way to do that is to contact me via Discord DM through using my username stated below. Contact Us We are in dire need of new members you can apply using the link in the Application part of this post. We are interested in all alliance opportunities as well as any possible business partnerships. I, Felipe Piñón, am also interested in politics, I'd love to help a campaign money wise or something a little less friendly wise. Contact me via Discord my username is Chubbz#1449.
  10. I'm looking for players that would be interested in working together in a mafia style organization or secret society that could span all aspects of this game from legit legal business to all forms of illegal activity to gain power and accumulate the financial high ground early and take hold of the real estate market on the official servers as they are at this point the only finite resource in the game and can only gain equity with time as well as provide staging grounds for the exclusively criminal aspect of our forces ( street level gang bangers) to stage forward bases and take over valuable "turf" as well as a steady form of income (rernt) from properties not being currently used as staging grounds. The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Int
  11. Angelo crime family

    My crime family thread. We have gained a lot of members already from outside of this forum but I am still looking for more people, add and msg me on discord if interested or have any questions. Blurts#0025
  12. Luprano Family trailer!Ak5PEYyO1ZHrgw2aQMxdmnaqe1Pk Join the Luprano Family, DM Frank Luprano or Rizzoli for information or acceptance into the family.
  13. The 17th Coven

    I am starting a league of extraordinary criminals to start in this marvelous world. Together we will rob, steal and flourish. We are anti government but for the people. We rob corporations and police, not civilians.
  14. Estoy interesado en el juego y detras mia unos amigos interesados pero si no me aseguran que habran servers en español y podre tener mi mafia con mis amigos y mas gente que se vaya uniendo no pienso comprar el juego,me gustaria que me dijeran como van a hacer para nosotros,GRACIAS. PD:Si hablas en español y quieres permanecer en una mafia habla conmigo

    This will be the thread for Ghost gang. Here you can ask questions, while we set up our discord that should be done by Feb.15. Welcome Ghosts. -Bitah (CFO)
  16. Which gang/Mafia seems more likely to uprise more than the others.

    I understand there’s other mafias. But I’m going to start my own! Im??‍♂️ Deciding so for when the FULL release comes out. I wanna grow and expand this Mafia. Not only doing “bounty’s “ but also drug moves, and more. As well as own other business to cover our trails?!! Not only a mafia but a Family! Trust n bread breaking!! We cook together, we eat together ☑️☑️!! #ComingUpWithAName
  18. MAFIA

    Follow me - I’ll be starting a mafia ☑️? Name Suggestions: La’ Mafia Luca Mafia brasi Mafia uptown Mafia
  19. The Prison System

    I remember hearing a while back from the developers that prison would be more than just a place that you go to when you break a law. It'll be a thriving society. if that's the case, what features will be added to prisons? Will there be commissary for prisoners, will prisoners be able to get visits from friends or whomever, will you be able to sell contraband within prisons....... will you be able to break out? These are only a few of the many questions I have about the prison system.
  20. The Moretti Family Discord!

    Hello everyone! Anyone is more than welcome to come join our Discord for a talk about the game or even joining the gang if you wish too! We are always excited about meeting new people who could possibly form the foundation of a very powerful gang in the near future! Discord: Family Post:
  21. The Masked Monopoly

    The Masked Monopolies "We Control all, But you don't know us" EST. 1933 Me, aka Monopoly is bringing the "Corporation" to you. We are an "Organisation" of sorts, taking control is what we do, and making money is the major key to it. This isn't your ordinary gangster crew, we are Gentlemen, but aren't afraid of getting a little blood on our hands. If you think you have what it takes to join our society, think again, only the most sophisticated and talented people are qualified for this, you think you are that person? Then reply to this, ones the launch gets closer we will send you an invite if you are qualified, impress us and you might be the next Masked Monopoly.
  22. Murder Inc.

    Hired Anonymous Hitmen!!! LET'S GET ANONYMOUS MEMBERS TO TALLY HERE !!!!!! :):)
  23. Other Timelines??

    Well I Recently Finished playing The First Mafia Game And i Thought Hmm Maybe Identity could Have Different Timelines Such As 1920's 2017 and even the Cold War Hence Maybe They Could Add It in Or Maybe Someone could Mod It Anyways Imagine Seeing A 1920's themed RPG Game Inside Identity With Old Time Cars Eh? As Well As More Guns From 1920'S And Even Better A Better Excuse For More Mafia Ey? And Well Maybe We Could Go Forward In Time In Futuristic Sci fi Cars Lazer Blasters Etc Or maybe Like WW2 Era I suppose Under an occupied teritorry that would be cool to have mp's as the regular cops
  24. Gangs

    Could I become a mob boss and do illegal stuff such and stealing and reselling cars, and selling other illegal contraband?