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Found 21 results

  1. Hello DEV-Team, Hello Community! I just thought about Identity and how it will proceed in the further years. After a few days i just got an idea wich I have to share with you! ---NOTE: It is just an idea/suggestion. & sorry for my very bad english. I hate my english skills too. So here is the idea. Meanwhile you are developing several modules you could already start making the basic map on wich Ash Ville and the Countryside (etc...) will be located on. Having the basic modeled map with a few finished locations could allow you / and the players to make 'Fast-Travels' possible before publishing the whole map. The Pre-Beta Players would be able to Travel from the (limited but acessable) Town Square to several other (limited but acessable) points/locations on the map (For example the forest you showed us in a gameplay) wich are already done. The Players could then be able to see all the ready/finished/working locations on the map and in the Pre-Beta Game. ### You could then for example start adding a few Minigames somewhere on the island where players could then fast travel to using the full map in the menu without crossing the unfinished locations. I think this would help you to get faster to the goal you and the community wants to reach. AN EPIC MMORPG. Over and Out. Countrydragon. p.s. sorry for the bad grammar and vocabs... Im trying to improve my english skills over the next years.
  2. I feel stupid about that question, but I never read about this anywhere, so I wanted to ask.
  3. Town Square Map!

    Hey everyone, Diddly here. While we all patiently waited for the town square, I decided to comb through the screenshtos forums, trying to see as much as I could of Identity. However, while I saw quite a bit of in-game content, I didn’t know WHERE I would see it. I thought it would be fun if we came together as a community to create a fan made map of what we think the town square will look like. Please comment below and suggestions or ideas where buildings are, and make sure to post any screenshots you find. Please make sure the screenshots are only of buildings or landscape no individual furniture or anything. Just a fun little project I thought we would all enjoy. P.S. Anybody know how many npcs will be in a server, like GTA V or something?
  4. I found out that the identity map is a lot bigger than the gta 5 map here it is
  5. The Map Do you have an aprox size of the map in identity. Compared to games like GTA, How big do u reckon the game will be? also How long would u estimate it would take to travel from one side to the other? A) in a car B)On foot C)Boat
  6. Will you show us a more detailed map in the 1st module, like a little map on a wall
  7. Different Countries

    People could either go to the airport and buy a ticket to another country or take their own plane/boat. Of course these other islands will be implemented slowly overtime, its not like we are going to see any when the Town Square Module is released, and they are going to be nowhere near the size of the starting map/island. Reply below what you think and any other ideas about this.
  8. size of the map

    what will be size of the map in km ?
  9. (Updating list as I get more ideas) Not sure if this is in the game already, but here are some cool concepts that are based off of the "Art museum", "Paintball", and "Movie Theater" as they are very nice additions to the game. So I thought of some other things of the same kind of genre, I see them as "Tourist Attractions" or other kinds of entertainment and the culture of what "Identity" should have someday. ________________________________________ Average Level Difficulty Concepts (Reasonable to Question) * Starred concepts make more sense if you continue them with the "More Advanced" projects listed. Amusement Park - A main amusement park resort (Water park, Roller coasters, Food Stands, Haunted House, ect. Should be extremely big and amazing looking like Tokyo Disneyland) Resort / Honeymoon / Amazing Visual Scenery - Beach Resorts ( Like Sandals Resort, clear waters & tropical plants, animals, and atmosphere) Traveling Entertainment - Carnival (Carousel, Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, Swinging Hammers, Octopus, Tilt a Whirl, ect. a tiny carnival/circus that travels around to different areas) Festive / Events - Festivals (Music Festival - I know someone who would love something like Ultra, Food Festivals, Holiday Festival) Fair - Clothing Fair / Goods Fair (Pop up event that sells unique clothing / Items only sold by console) Shows - Car Show (Pop up event that sells rare sports cars only sold by the console) Live Entertainment - Sports Centers (Players should be able to play a sport and if they're extremely good they can get in on the Sports Centers) * Museums - Historic Museums (Should be able to find rare fossils around the world to give to the Museum or hold onto and auction off) * Historical Artifacts & Treasure! - Ancient Ruins & Temples to explore and gather rare treasure from them to keep, sell, or steal. (codes & messages required to break into different rooms devs can give hints about each treasure hunt) To have ancient ruins and temples you should first give identity a real history as to why those items are valuable. * Historic Entertainment - Medieval Entertainment (There's a place called "Medieval Times", they do real life jousting on horses, dress in medieval clothing, give you a medieval meal, and for an extra fee; you can pay to sit in the throne, eat like a king, wear a crown, and tell what you want the actors to do to each other while watching them and eating your meal.) ________________________________________ Miscellaneous Concepts (Reasonable to Question) Identity Wiki / Interactive Dictionaries in Game - A wiki section devoted to explaining in depth on the information of items, with an in game item called the "Dictionary" that you can open and click on words that will then pull up Identity's official Wiki Page. Example: History of ALL the Businesses that surpassed 1 month and what their purpose was, the time opened and time closed. Toggle to see all the currently present owned stores. Identity Interactive Map in Game - A consistently updated Map that works with the "Wiki" mapping out all the businesses, farms, dig sites, ect. For players to toggle their map to. Clicking on any of the dots located over a specific site will pull up the wiki with the information on that site. ________________________________________ More Advanced Concepts (Culture, Globalizing, Planet, Solar System) Warning! If you shit yourself when thinking about things too hard DON'T READ THIS SECTION! Note: No, I of course do not expect these concepts any time soon or at all! This is the "ADVANCED" section. These are idea's I will be putting out there to the general public. This is more for those who take interest in thinking "bigger" or give reasonable alternatives to help make some of these ideas easier to achieve. Culture and History of Identity - Story line of it's history and how it became of modern day civilization. Have a historic museum solely about Identity and where things started. For example "Massive stone statues were carved 10000s of years ago this is what they look like" then you can throw in if Identity will become a "Planet" within some kind of solarsystem. If you guys will add that some day waaaaaaaay into the future you could add in some aliens. You could base it all off of earth's stuff but make it as if you're creating your own civilization. (To me what's the fun in exploring something I already know in the real world? That's what I love about videogames. Their creativity, difference, and similarities.) By giving addition to the "Culture" of identity and what the different cultures could inherit, you can add in a whole lot of other fascinating things with your own choice of design. For example you could create a "Yik yik" fruit native to the "Orsik" people of "Juskar" which live high in the frosted mountains and "Yik yik" is a yellowish pink star shaped fruit that grows off a tree that looks like a "Lepidodendron" tree that has gone extinct in our world. For now the real world is a very good template to copy off of before expanding far off into this more abstract realm of creativity. Human Advancement - As years (or "x" amount of time) go by for this game, you could give it a "new era" where it surpasses the modern era into a futuristic era. When town square becomes more "of the past" thing and is considered a historic momentum to be preserved. That would be fascinating. Evolving all the architecture into something more "futuristic" looking for some areas while preserving others for other players to maintain. Then you could have pockets of people who enjoy the modern era and be considered almost like "meditates" to those who want to embrace the more "futuristic" era of the video game. You can constantly evolve the game at whatever pace you wish. Just look up "Pre War Exploration - Fallout 4" to see designs. Space Exploration - Space exploration, like a NASA site. Launch rockets & satellites, into orbit. Travel out on a spaceship (again if you wish to use the "human advancement idea" you can evolve those rocket ships into something more practical. Plasma ships. Creating a sun to harvest plasma. ect. ) go out and travel to the moon, or other "planets", Identity could even have 2 moons! Here is what it would look like if Saturn was much closer to earth. A Bigger Planet - Here is just a tip to Dev's "You don't need to worry about the size of your planet." It can be extremely tiny so long as it is a planet, this would let you guys continue on into the solar system development, THEN you could create an entirely new planet much bigger for players to go to, just have a bridge between the two planets and make up some random history that this other planet happened to fly out of it's solar system and conveniently stopped close by to the original planet. You could even make it a huge event for players to build the bridge! Then if players no longer need the old planet you can destroy it. To destroy your old planet make raiding ALL things readily available! Have a nuclear fallout! Put up warning signs for players to move over to the NEW planet so the old planet becomes a wasteland, dangerous, and apocalyptic land! Throw all your garbage on the old planet! Continue to explore the old planet! Have the old planet become a 24/7 PVP zone! The idea's are endless and wonderful! So only the mighty can continue to explore the old land for undiscovered and abandoned treasures!
  10. So what's the point if this thread? To kinda give the devs of Identity some ideas to what to put in the in-game map and environment. Heres mine. Red: City border / City limit. White: In city district border. Yellow: Farmland / County houses Glendale County: Home of three big cities with huge farmland to harvest crops in. Has biomes such as small amount of snow Southwest of Glendale County, swamps down South, a beach Southeast and mountains and large forests to the North. Glendale(city): Main city of the county. Has 9 different districts and each would be unique environment wise. Downtown: Banks ,stores, buildings, and hotels would be located there. Docks: Large shipment of (legal & illegal) products would come to the county from offshore places. South Glendale: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels and parks would be located here. Greenwood: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and hotels would be located here. Lakeville: Clubs, stores, low-end and mid-end houses, race track, hometown baseball/soccer/football field and large buildings would be located here. Los Alamos: Small golf clubs, mid-end and high-end houses and a park would be located here. Canal: A casino, high-end houses and boat parkings would be located here. Swim Hall: High-end houses and a huge amusement park would be located here. Glendale Waters: Private high-end house on an island would be located here. Sunny Valley: Beach city south of the county with 7 different districts with unique environments. Downtown: Banks, stores, motels/hotels and various different tourist attractions would be located here. Downtown Sea: Clear view of the ocean of Downtown. Sunny Beach: Main and largest beach in the whole city and county, high-end houses, boat parkings, small shops and islands with high end houses on them would be located here. Northwood: Clubs, mid-end apartment complexes, stores and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field would be located here. Blueberry: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, motels, flats and parks would be located here. Grover: Small stores, low-end houses, flats and swamps would be located here. Valley Island: Large zoo with various wild life would be located here. Mohawk: Industrial city west of the county with 8 different unique districts. Downtown: Banks, stores, hotels, various different tourist attractions and tall buildings would be located here. Industrial Hall: Large factories would be located here. Carson: Stores/Markets, low-end and mid-end houses, project buildings, parks and flats would be located here. East Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses. West Hillside: Stores/shops, apartment complexes, low-end and mid-end houses and a large main park. Mohawk Springs: Stores, mid-end and high-end houses, Casinos, boat parkings and a hometown baseball/soccer/football field. Chinatown: Chinese type stores/restaurants, apartment complexes and a small asian casino. Moh Sea: Sea of Mohawk. So that was my idea of what the map should be laid out as, it's not a suggestion it's just something I did on my free time. How would you guys lay it down? Feel free to make concepts of your own.
  11. Transport

    Hey guys I was just thinking ... instead of 1 big island the map should be several different islands separated by sea and the only way to transport should be by airlines or public ships
  12. So I am extremely interested and am basically a click away from buying the founders passport, but I have one question before, do you believe 300 players with little to no roaming AI is enough to fuel this world you envision, i only ask because i heard 300 and i know that is massive and i am excited, but im just thinking, if you have a 77 square mile map, with politicians and policemen and basically the whole world player driven, do you think there's enough to drive a server economy and make cities and shops within those cities not feel like ghost towns. I would love to hear what the devs have said regaurding this if someone can provide a link or just leave your own thoughts on it below, after i get a couple replys and feel confident i will be buying the game
  13. It would be cool to see some sort of park that you can drive/walk/bicycle to that's out of the city where you can go camping and hiking. There could be some career openings for park rangers. The park rangers r basically the police but for the park and the rural area around the park. Or there could be a sheriffs department instead. Not only is it fun to go camping and hiking and maybe even mountain biking if they add that the park would be a good place to go to and hike off the trail and meet up to do drug dealing or illegal grows of marijuana. The park would a few square miles probably. I hope some sort of state park type thing is added in to the game for the island. Does anyone agree?
  14. Hi all, Just wondering if someone could tell me the names of the towns or point me in the right direction. I have read on the forum many times about towns, but can never seem to get hold of a list. Some one pls help. Btw it would be helpful if I could get a labeled map of the cities/towns. Thanks!
  15. How will the actual full-scale world of Identity be released? Is the full map worked on throughout all the modules? Or is it all planned to be released fully in a certain module, and then added onto? I searched up topics about this but didn't find much..
  16. So I was wondering: Will private servers be able to be edited with some sort of map editor which maybe in or outside of game? When I mean edited, i don't really mean making new islands, I mean putting objects and buildings down. For example: If your server is having an event like a festival and that requires a stage with lighting, will they be able to put that into the map somewhere and then remove it when the festival is over?
  17. I found this after not being satisfied with the screenshots and content that i was getting , after watching all the media in the identity rpg twitter account more than twice i found this video of the clothes store, and i thought why not check this YouTube account for more identity content . After that i found this video and i got really happy to see how the town square will look like , not dull like arma 3 with just repetitive buildings. This place has skyscrapers (which i guess where the apartments are going to be) and lots of variations between all the buildings. beautiful map I've got to say. (keep in mind this was a sketch up from early 2015 )
  18. Map suggestions

    I know that it is early to put this out there but I would love it if the devs made the map, so that cars can drive on the left hand side of the road. So I am suggesting for private servers they add a option for the owner to choose left hand side driving and right hand side driving. So it means that those owners who want there server to be like say England, with the left hand side driving, then they have the choice for it. For me personally, I want my server to have it because I am from the UK. What does everyone think? @Motown @Paratus I know its based around a certain area in america but it still can be, just a bit different. If you disagree, please give a reason why you disagree instead of down voting it because you dont want it.
  19. Real Time Meet markers

    It would be cool if say you could go onto a map via your in-game phone, tablet or PC for that matter and arrange a meeting with someone at a certain time at a certain place, this would give the other player(s) a text message or Email in game whether to accept or deny this or an alternate to this is to reply via a text or Add new location and time. Just a fun little idea of mine, if it has already been posted please remove this
  20. Navigation in the Game

    So just out of curiosity what form will navigation take in the game? Will there be a minimap? Or are there signs to guide us? I would like it if they added signs to guide players and at the same time make it an option to have a minimap on the bottom right of the screen. What do you think?
  21. Identity takes place in a fictional land in the eastern United States, inspired primarily by the Carolinas and Georgia. The map is expected to be an enormous 200 km2 and boasts of dirty cities, beautiful beaches and farmlands with snowcapped mountains and everything in between! What the Identity map doesn't have is an official name! Write down your suggestions for map names; and if you like the suggested name click like on the comment! Let's get ideas for names flowing...