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  1. I just wanted something to be cleared up really quick. Will hallucinogens be in the game like LSD, magic mushrooms, and DMT? If they will be it would be quite fun to experence in game (I am not promoting drug use in real life). It would be an extremly unique game feature if atleast one of these drugs could be made, used, and sold in game as pretty much any other video games do not include drugs that make you halluncinate. If drugs like those listed will be in the game it would be cool, I just hope the effects would be very complex and authentic instead of just a filter thrown over your screen. Sometimes when you use these substances your enitre field of vision is obscured by shapes and colors, or your in a completley different place it seems like where it seems as though you are the universe itself according to users of these chemicals. Overall if any of those drugs or one like it will be in the game it would add a very unique aspect to the crime lifestyle. Thanks for reading, (***I do not want to try these substances in real life***).
  2. Quick Q. why has the town square been at 76% complete for past months seems like it will never move up.
  3. It would be cool to see some sort of park that you can drive/walk/bicycle to that's out of the city where you can go camping and hiking. There could be some career openings for park rangers. The park rangers r basically the police but for the park and the rural area around the park. Or there could be a sheriffs department instead. Not only is it fun to go camping and hiking and maybe even mountain biking if they add that the park would be a good place to go to and hike off the trail and meet up to do drug dealing or illegal grows of marijuana. The park would a few square miles probably. I hope some sort of state park type thing is added in to the game for the island. Does anyone agree?
  4. server divided by countries

    I hope they do this as long as there's enough players for each country that plays for the most part
  5. Game Logo

    The logo is fine how more "gender neutral" can it get. The logo is just simply a logo. You can't expect it to capture the attention of the two genders equally and the devs already showed female character models