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  1. Hello from germany

    Sure ;-D
  2. Getting Keys!

  3. Hello from germany

    Hi there! I'm from Germany as well, so hello!
  4. Give me a PRB 92 with silencer and I'm happy.
  5. RIP Mac Miller

    ok. What is the purpose, or the reason why every guy on this forum has to know this?
  6. Another One Bites the Dust...

    gg... kill it with fire
  7. Getting Keys!

    So long awaited, finally there, hopefully...
  8. HYPE ???

    Now, it's working!
  9. HYPE ???

    What is this? Turkish scam?
  10. The new website

    So I found myself today with a new fresh lookin’ website, but for me it seems to be just a “reskin” of the old one. Forum site didn’t change completely. I was wondering what you guys are thinking about it.
  11. I feel stupid about that question, but I never read about this anywhere, so I wanted to ask.
  12. Drugs R Us

    OMG, I'm fascinated... The game isn't even out yet, and you guys already set up the greatest project I'll love to see how u guys taking over the 'candy' business.
  13. Games like Identity

    There is luckily nothing like it! Otherwise, we could go and play that game...
  14. [IPO] June 2018 Poll

    Happy Hipsters - Loewe8