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Found 15 results


    A SERAPHIM NETWORK™ PROJECT: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: All aspects disclosed in this piece should not be taken at its word. Changes and edits are inevitable as more information concerning game mechanics become available to the public. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MESSAGE FROM LUX™: We at LUX™ know how passionate the citizens of Identity Island are about cars and racing; thus LUX SPORT was born. We have formed a derived brand that has the ability to accomodate the passions we all have for vehicles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR MISSION: We recognise a common passion - for vehicles - that radiates through all Identity citizens and as enthusiasts ourselves we strive to craft vehicles that impress the hard to please. At LUX SPORT we have a focus on speed; thus the models you will see produced from LUX SPORT will be sleek, elegant and modern. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CARS: LUX SPORT provide a variety of cars all with differing styles. The images shown below are real car models that have been adapted; displaying similar features to what LUX SPORT hopes to achieve. [Pre-adapted images provided through Google Images] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOTORBIKES For those who want speed in a more compact form we are designing motorbikes. LUX SPORT will design along two alternate themes. The first theme follows a modern look. They are sleek and abstract; for those whose style includes clean and precise. The second theme is a very classic vintage vibe. This was designed to accomodate the many motorcycle clubs that I'm sure Identity will grow to have. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPANY OWNERSHIP: LUX SPORT™ is a sole proprietorship, owned by the Director of the SERAPHIM NETWORK™, codenamed THE SERAPH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COMPARTMENTALISED SYSTEM: The structure of this derived business is extremely similar to LUX™; for a more in depth description follow the link. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RESERVATIONS: As we do not have sufficient amounts of information concerning market pricing reservations can be made instead of preordering systems. Reservations let us know that you are interested in buying a certain product, but does not have the official certainty that preordering has. If you are interested in reserving please click the link below. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MORE DETAIL WILL COME WITH TIME
  2. I feel stupid about that question, but I never read about this anywhere, so I wanted to ask.
  3. LK MOTORSPORTS™ JOB APPLICATION FORM AND USEFULL INFORMATION ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── I. WHAT IS LK MOTORSPORTS? LK Motorsports (Short for Levi King Motorsports) is a racing team which participates in multiple racing categories. These categories include: Stockcar, streetcar, motorcycle, off-road and rally. Each sports have their own special crew, but each share the following crews: Mechanics, PIT crews, spotters. II. WHAT CAN I DO IN LK MOTORSPORTS? As said above, there are several positions that you can partake in with LK Motorsports, here are all the possible positions; MECHANICS: Works on the vehicles before and after races, makes sure the vehicle is at its best for the best results. Head-Mechanic: Assigns tasks to the mechanics Logistics Manager “Storekeeper”: Orders parts for the vehicles Test-Driver: Test drives the vehicles on track after being worked on Mechanic: Works on vehicles PIT CREW: The Pit crew takes care of doing adjustments and minor repairs the vehicles during a race (Changing tires, refueling, etc) Crew Chief: Commands the driver, also commands the PIT crew Front Tire Changer: Changes front tires Rear Tire Changer: Changes rear tires Gas man: Refuels the car PILOTS: They drive the vehicles, it is the hardest role to obtain N/A MARKETING AGENTS: They make sure the team gets known. SPONSORS: They pay to have their company advertised by the team, usually directly onto the vehicles and through promotional videos featuring the drivers. The sponsors are the main revenue of the team. ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── NEWS: April 3rd 2018; LK Motorsports signed a Tier 1 sponsorship with Velocity Logistics. (Concept Art for a Stockcar) ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────── WE ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR SPONSORS. THERE ARE 3 SPONSOR TEIRS, 1 - MAIN SPONSOR, 2 - SECONDARY, 3 - TERTIARY SPONSOR SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!
  4. Illegal/underground culture I think there could be a lot of potential for an illegal/underground culture because illegal activity don’t just comprise of action for financial gain but also recreational interests such as illegal party where drugs are plentiful and it’s not hard to buy drugs. Squat raves/illegal rave: These events could be held anywhere (depending on the systems and features in place in the game), full of drugs and not absent of the present of drug dealers, these events could be used to make money from many avenues such as: Profit from drug sales: The organisers could make profit from the sale of drug, the organisation could be a drug cartel using the rave to shift their products or the organisers could make a profit from from a cut of the profit of drug dealers that attend. Profiting from entry sales: The organisers could also make money from charging people entry prices. Illegal street racing: Street racing can be a very enjoyable and exciting activity both for the racers and the people watching and it can be a very lucrative business. Profiting from entry fees: The organisers could profit from charging the racers a fee, taking a cut from the lump sum then awarding the rest to the winner/winners. These have been a few ideas of mine, please expand on my ideas and suggestions your own ideas for Illegal/underground culture in identity. Peace out
  5. Identity Racing League

    Hello, my nickname is Paradelton. And yes, this is my painting for my future plans of Identity Racing League. I want to remain hidden in the shadows, since these will be street races, hence you will only need my nickname for now. Dear driver, if you are interested in exciting racing competition to spice up your day in Identity, you came to the right place and should contact us via Discord or this thread. I am not good at paintings but I have expierience in running tournament scenes. Let's get in contact and maybe you show me your driving skills on Town Square~ -Delton. Identity Racing League Season 1 Event #1Registration: - IMPORTANT: a player has to be in the official IRL Discord Server at #tournament-events and be able to contact with the organizers & opponnents - IMPORTANT: drivers are responsible to report their scores correctly via Discord - IMPORTANT: drivers will have to pay an entry fee, which most of will flow into the total prize pool of each event - stream @ - Discord @ - number of participants per race: not yet identified - excluded from the Identity Racing League are tournament's hosts, managers, helpers and casters - game devs are allowed to participate! Tournament dates: TBA General Rules: - Registration: Possible until one day before the event starts at 11:59 pm CEST - Point / league system Formula & Seeding: - start seeding via official league point system - new people will be seeded randomly behind Disconnect Rules: - If a player disconnects it counts as a crucial crash and set player is out of the race.General Rules - If a player is unresponsive or does not show up for 10 minutes from the first available start time for their race they will be disqualified. - If the manager / stream may request players to wait before starting their race, if players do not wait when told to do so the race will be voided & replayed. - All vehicles are available and allowed to use. IRL Ranking System: At every event players are able to obtain so called "Cup Points (CP)" for a seasoned ranking system. Prizes in Season 1 Event #1: - 1st place will earn 25 CP + 50% prize pool cash - 2nd place will earn 18 CP + 30% prize pool cash - 3rd place will earn 15 CP + 20% prize pool cash - 4th place will earn 12 CP - 5th place will earn 10 CP - 6th place will earn 8 CP - 7th place will earn 6 CP - 8th place will earn 4 CP - 9th place will earn 2 CP - 10th place will earn 1 CP Good luck drivers!
  6. Will There Be Drag Racing?

    I was just wondering if there would be drag racing in this game like an official drag track cause if so that's what ill be doing the whole time tbh lol
  7. Midnight Chasers Street Racing & Meetups Hello, we are the Midnight Chasers. Founded by a couple of friends in their basement hideout, this small team of organizers will bring modified meetups and illegal street racing to the island. The organization is run by 3 (currently) managers who will host a range of events including: - Modified Meets. Includes muscle, JDM, EDM and other car sub-cultures. - Street Races - Rally stages and monitored races - Drift sessions/touge runs - Drag Races at tracks and timed track runs and many, many more... We are car lovers within and always have been. A lot of our experience comes from both IRL and from the insane amount of car meetups we have both joined and hosted within GTA V. Before each event, we will be putting up our own custom posters onto both the forum and possibly our own website when the time comes. These posters will include time and date, the type of event and what theme of cars will be allowed at such event. Here is an example: Events such as meetups will be open for everyone and will be free. Races, on the other hand, will have a buy-in price in which small amount of money will come to the organizers and the rest will go to the winner of the race. For example, a buy-in price of $100. $25 with go to us and $75 will go to the winner. Current Organizers The King @Hanshi-Toshiro The Baron @JonathanTaylor The Duke @AlphaQue Each organizer has their own separate roles within the organization such as treasurer and some will only work with specific events. CLUB Depending on what your fashion is, whether it be street racing, drag racing, drifting or doing rally. You have the chance of being an actual member of the club, instead of just coming to our meets. Of course their are some guidelines. Men and Women must agree to the terms below. 1. Attend a certain amount of meets, get to know the regulars, the staff and current members. 4. You must show your worth to the club (sounds cringe but keep reading). In order for a member to notice you, you must show to them that you are better than the average racer and car culture enthusiast. 2. A current member must sponsor you (Basically recommend you) and show you the in and outs of the club. 3. You must shadow you sponsor for a minimum of three weeks. Depending on your degree of knowledge of the club and cars the weeks can stretch or shorten. MORE RULES TO COME! Thank you for taking a look at our new organization and we hope to see you on the road, and at our events of course... Feel free to comment and ask question or suggestions.
  8. Street drifting?

    If you can mod race cars then you should be able to mod cars so they can drift - and it to be illegal.
  9. Nascar

    I had an idea that I think many would like. Legit, actual Nascar racing. We don't have to call it Nascar, we can call it something else relating to Identity. Also, we can have a legit system. Build your team, get engineers and mechanics, hire a pit crew, hire a truck driver and spotter. Just a thought.
  10. Polys Horse Racing

    POLYS HORSE RACING Ever dreamed about fame,glory and money? Ever dreamed about being the best, the fastest? Ever dreamed about being on the cover page of Sunday News? came to the right place! Here is the place where limitless tournaments, of various kinds, of horse racing will take place. Sign yourself and your horse to the next race and make it to the top of the ranking list! Come make allies, or rivals and live an adventure full of opportunities. Feeling Lucky?? Why not come at the spectator sits and bet on a horse. Watch the race and live a time of thrill. Making money hasn't been more fun and easy. Hope to see you there!
  11. car gear

    hello everyone, its my first post after seeing this game today. i'd love to have choice between buying an automatic or manual gear car. please don't make it like GTA or ARMA where it's only automatic, some of us likes to change gear manually to feel the realism. let there be different prices for manual and automatic cars also. sorry for bad english but it will be nice
  12. Stock car racing

    I think this would be a great feature. Because street racing is kinda mainstream. Stockcar racing in a MMORPG would be a world first. There could be the basic stock car (all white) on which you could add pain schemes and sponsor logos imported from your computer or a link.
  13. I don't know if something like this is in the works, but there should be some kind of competitive racing motorsport league(s). If it isn't feasable, then a simple underground one will work fine, but I think if this game stays true and adds content continuously this can really add another popular area of gameplay. I also do not really know how far in depth this game will go. Maybe to go along with this and other careers there can be a news/television career that can do interviews, report news, commentate on sports and events, etc. It would be nice to have multiple player based news or TV stations. Note: These should probably be a in the not-so-near future so a stable base game can be made and fit enough typical audiences to have a large playerbase before specific careers like these are added. I could list more but I'll refrain. tl;dr: A professional racing career area, and a news/television career area to be made way later on in the dev cycle, if additional things like this will be added
  14. I know that the developers have told us about how in-depth the driving system will be and how you can race on the streets and tracks of Identity, but besides being an opportunity to have fun and show off your ride, what else is there to it? Driving is one of my favorite aspects of gaming, and in Identity, I would like to get paid for it (in the game currency, not real currency). A professional racing career would allow players to get paid for racing on the tracks or cleared streets of Identity. Fans could pay for tickets or watch on T.V.s to see these races. As a bonus, these racers would get access to exclusive racing cars that wouldn't be purchasable anywhere else in Identity. This could also be a great opportunity for companies to get awareness since they would be able to sponsor these racers. The illegal racing career would be the "high risk, high reward" version of professional racing. The racers in this career wouldn't get access to the exclusive cars or get sponsored, and would have to race on the streets of Identity while regular players are driving as well. This would result with the cops chasing the racers because they put innocent citizens of Identity in danger. The upsides to this career is that you would get access to illegal parts that you could put on your car, and if you won a race, the winnings would be much higher than a professional race. I could see this career being a way to settle disputes between rival gangs. So what do you guys think: would you be a professional or illegal racer? I would really like to hear your thoughts.
  15. Racer/Getaway Driver

    I'm the best driver all through IDENTITY. I think like a cop, so I know where they'll be. My partner is my friend Nick. You hire me, You hire him also!