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Found 112 results

  1. Aaron for Mayor of the Town Square.

    Hello valued Citizens of the Town Square, I am Aaron and I run for Mayor of the Town Square. I will explain what are my plans and what I will bring to the Town Square and it' Citizen's. Q): What will you do, if you become Mayor? A): I will setup social events in the Townsquare, speeche's, Lotterys (As soon as we get money ingame), and simply some fun events. Q): What about Stores, Companys, Civil jobs? A): In order to own a Store or Company in the Town Square, you will have a talk with me, and you'll need money of course. In order to own a Company (without store) you will have to talk to me, but you don't need money. If you want a simple job, such as Cashier, you gotta talk to one of the Store Owners/Managers. Q): What about City Councils, and City Hall jobs? A): If you want to be a City Council, talk to me, I will interview you on Political stuff etc. To get a City Hall job, you simply got to talk to any Member of the City Council. Vote me, and I will make the Town Square better together with it's Citizens, a vote for me, is a vote for the future. If you want to have more fun, events in the Town Square, and a fair leader of the Town, vote me. I am not a ruler, but I will make this Town better by events, partys, and more social events. Vote me if you want a competent City-Management, and a trust able Person as Mayor.
  2. Why is the process bar from the Town Square module still not progressing even though the game has been out for many months now and is available to everyone on Steam? Why is the process beams from the Town Square module still not progressing even though the game has been out for many months now and is available to everyone on Steam?
  3. Step into the Town Square! The Town Square module has been released and available on Steam for just over a month. With a rocky start (the initial demand was a very large load on our servers), we devoted most of our development time immediately following to bug fixing and stability improvements. If you haven't had the chance to try the Town Square and experience a small piece of the Identity world, grab your Steam key and check it out. If you played only in the first week of release, I'd recommend logging in again now as stability has vastly improved. Identity Town Square module trailer With the Town Square now running smoothly, we've shifted much of our focus to feature development for the SWAT module. We'll continue to fix bugs and add other features to the Town Square, too. On the Horizon While bug fixing and quality-of-life improvements continue to be a focus for our developers, we've also shifted much of our effort to bringing new features and content to SWAT and the Town Square. Most of this effort is geared toward our next module, SWAT, with the added bonus of being able to utilize it in the Town Square as well. The Town Square Roadmap - Guns, guns, guns! The shooting range in the basement of the police station will be opening up, giving you access to a few guns to try out (like the one pictured here). This will give you a taste of how guns will work and feel. We'll show you how awesome the gun systems are with a video when we come closer to this release. - TVs in apartments. You'll soon be able to watch YouTube and Twitch with your friends in your apartment by using TVs. - Radios in apartments. Select from a dozen radio channels to stream into your apartments. In the full game, the available radio channels are chosen by the server operators. - Improvements to the control and animation of players. We'll be polishing up the way players move to make everything feel smoother. - Added security and ownership systems for apartments, allowing you to assign roommates and more. - Lots of added clothing and character customization options. In addition to the features above coming to the Town Square, we're also pondering work/job elements that can be brought into the Town Square as we'd like to introduce currency. Get your Identity Steam key! To get your key, login on the main site at You can then go to the Account tab of your profile where you'll see an option to link your Steam account. You must have BETA ACCESS on your account to claim a key! ATTENTION! You can only attach one steam account to one game account, and it's permanent. Be sure you're logged into your game account which has the items you've purchased before attaching a Steam account! Handing out the keys like this allows us to reduce load on our servers. We currently have another batch of 10,000 keys in the system and we'll be adding more as necessary. Once you've obtained your key from the Identity website you can enter it into your Steam client, but be sure that you're logged into the Steam account where you'd like to own Identity. Click the Games menu in Steam, and then Activate a Product on Steam. Identity Steam Community Now that Identity is on Steam, Valve has been so kind as to set up our official game Steam community. Drop by to join in on discussions, get updates when we release patches and more. This will also be a great spot to see screenshots and broadcasts from others playing the Town Square. Come visit the Identity Steam Community. -- John VanderZwet
  4. I like lemons but sheeeeesh

    This one is a bit much for me. :')
  5. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    Thank you to the devs for getting the pledged apartments sorted out. We may not be able to change the walls/floors but I had a fun time decorating something other than a studio. So heres my one bedroom apartment!
  6. Apartment in town Square

    Hello, I have a question. I really like playing the Town Square module and design my Appartment. But I pledged for a one bedroom luxury apartment, thats also what is shown on my profile. But in Town Sqare I do only have a Studio apartment. Is that normal or server related? Or is it just a bug? Just want to be sure I don´t put to much time in designing the wrong apartment.
  7. Now that furniture stays...

    Let's see those layouts! Here's mine, I've redecorated and rearranged about 5 times already. Can't wait to have more room to put more stuff
  8. Improving

    This module is improving so much. Keep it up guys and the haters may well turn to lovers soon. Can not wait for more things to be added
  9. Hi everybody So I recently have been playing the Town Square for about 3 days and I love it but it kinda gets old if I'm being honest here. I understand the shooting range, tattoo shop, etc. will be added to town square but I really don't want to be stuck in a small space for another year. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge supporter of the game and sure they're hard at work but being trapped in a small space all day makes me feel like a goldfish in a bowl swimming in little circles all day So my question is this to the Identity team, Do you plan on ever expanding the map (at least a bit more) during the beta? Also another question to the other fellow Identity supporters out there, what do you think? Should they expand the map (even if it's a few blocks more of places to go)? Personally I wouldn't mind if we had a huge map and had to walk during the beta, at least we have more places to explore and check out Sincerely, @Mastahakill
  10. Patch notes

    So yeah it's great to see these new patches but when will there be a patch so I can actually use customise property and actually paint in my home what's getting done about that
  11. I just had an update but I don't think it working for me at all I stil get fatal error now and then an I an not customise my apartment still been waiting to do this since I fisrt played this whats happening ? other people I hear can customise there homes
  12. john what are your plans for now about fixing this game their is so many glitches its unreal the game is unplayable ive just entered the game not so long ago and noticed new glitches and bugs ive never seen before its like no matter what you patch and fix you just create 10 more glitches for every few you do. there is no way this game will be played by people in the months to come if it does not get fixed pronto maybe hire some experts on this game building programme who know what they are doing. this is falling apart and soon the people who have backed you and the game for years and still are will eventually say to themselves you know what its failed goodbye. so like I said whats the next step whats happening are you guys making progress to have this game fixed or is it to the point where everyone is so stressed and giving up but not saying anything to the public or what. we deserve to know whats going on there has been no up date today or yester day.
  13. Hey guys! Just wondering if any of you have any hotfix suggestions or just in general suggestions for Identity say them here! Drop a like if you guys still love the game and or just feel like dropping a like! Personally, I think they should try to hire a few more programmers and maybe one more art designer. This game is visually pleasing.
  14. Question about the property I own

    Hi there, I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I have been searching for an answer but cant seem to find anything. I am a little confused about something and wanted to ask and confirm before finding a server to settle on... Firstly, with the pledge I made, I got ingame items such as property/apartment/studio, etc... Is that only applicable to one server? Like a one time use on just one server and never again or will I get that on all servers I join? I ask because I don't want to join a server, settle for a week, and then I'm stuck on that server that actually turns out to be full of toxic idiots. Thanks in advance Pooch
  15. who still has hope for this game if you do leave a like on this post and write why you still are but if you don't like the game and think it shouldn't be sold then leave a comment and tell me why. tbh im still going to keep faith even though so many problems have occurred
  16. who still has hope for this game if you do leave a like on this post and write why you still are but if you don't like the game and think it shouldn't be sold then leave a comment and tell me why. tbh im still going to keep faith even though so many problems have occurred
  17. Servers

    So are the as servers up and running now or what?
  18. its broke already

    I cant even get further than the create character I just gets stuck on a screen with nothing to click or do and I guess there is fuck all we can do as its the weekend and they don't work weekend to fix a broken game ffs
  19. Who screwed the pooch?

    Release date unfulfilled, Twitter accounts getting deleted and the usual stony silence we’ve come to expect from Asylum. Seeing as we won’t be even given the chance to break this module today I thought I’d run a poll for fun to take my mind away from the disappointment it’s yet again experiencing. Is this just another monumental fuckup or is something more nefarious afoot? And do you even care anymore? Edit: HairyGrenade has responded in the comments about his twitter status
  20. Identity is on Steam now!

    Identity and the Town Square are now listed on the Steam store page! We have only a short time before Steam's approval process is complete. The Steam release date for Town Square is in only three weeks time! Head on over to our Steam store page ( ) for all of the exciting information. Also, don't forget to stop by the Steam community section which you'll find on our store page. It's almost here! Thank you to all of our supporters who have allowed us to come so far. This is the first major milestone for a game which could spawn a genre.
  21. We're almost there! Identity's Town Square module has been submitted to Steam and is pending approval. You'll find the Steam store page either today or within the next day or two. Enjoy the trailer above, fresh off the Steam listing. Following Steam's approval of the Town Square within the next day or two, you'll be presented with the official Steam release date. This date will be in November, 2018!
  22. No Steam Key!

    I linked my steam account after purchasing the Founder's pack and my Steam Key box is empty. It has been empty for weeks, but after reading the announcements about how you should retrieve the key straight away I'm worried that I'm going to miss out. I've already sent two emails to the Identity team asking about this but have had no reply. Does anyone else have this issue?