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Found 83 results

  1. Seriously!

    Why do we not get responses from the Devs or moderates? Why is the tracker not been updated? Its nearly the end of the week outmr we not going to see a change until next week or something this is so unprofessional. What's going on
  2. OMFG

    2 days and still no tracker update. It's fucking Wednesday. What the hell are you devs doing? Should be finished by now it's one task yes I know a fix can create other problems but fucking hell the only problem I see is the lack of communication and the lack of being able to complete one stupid task ahhhhhhhhhh don't make me angry you wouldn't like it if I'm angry ahhhhhhhhhh hdjchxycixygjcxhxhcffufucux no but seriously hurry up. Ps can't wait to play the first module
  3. Customising Profiles

    Loving the implementations on the new site so far! Wondering what everyone else things in regards to the design and new implementations since the upgrade. However, there does seem to be a bug in regards to the customisation of profiles as I can not seem to change the profile picture. Once activated through clicking on the avatar icon, I get redirected to pick an image from my computer: Despite having a selection, the avatar does not seem to update! Overall, I do find the various banners as a nice feature for this new site. Looking forward to see you all in-game soon! (hopefully)
  4. Last task

    How long does it take for this stupid task to be completed if it's just the inventory that many people have said then God sake who cares just release the TS now and fix it for an update. Why keep us waiting for this shitty task
  5. I was wondering what exactly you can do when the Town Square Module comes out? I heard there's no weapons, vehicles or in game currency as of yet. It says the you'll be able to create your character and socialize with other characters but how long will it take for the S.W.A.T and Racing modules and the BETA to come out. I feel like I am going to be waiting a year or two for the full game to come out.
  6. Town square release tracker

    5 days and still no tracker update I'm hoping this means it's a good sign for it to be completed. If not I'm going to punch myself in the face the more likes I get is how many times I will punch myself
  7. Will we be able to swim in the water/ under water
  8. What do you think?

    So the Town Square module(beta) is about to come out and I was just wondering what everyone thinks about the game and the footage that's been released so far. I cant wait because I'm a really big fan of MMOs like GTA. I was wondering if anyone knew the limitations of the game, vehicle and weapon wise or/and how you make in game currency in the game(missions?).
  9. It would be nice if, perhaps, the users could get into avatar creation, with no game play, a bit earlier than before full game unveiling. A person could take their time in creating their look, instead of quickly so they may get to game play faster. Just a thought but, if there was a running % shown for certain features taken for some peoples avatars individuals would pick the less used percentages for their self uniqueness. It would also be beneficial if there was a pre-town square mass transit (EX: ship, plane, train), having low functionality. In this transit system, that is really an indefinite amount of time in its approach to town square; a type of waiting room users can converse with others, familiarize themselves with movements, set/test key binds, setup sounds/speech. Developers can monitor conversations/interactions as well to perfect things. These 2 suggestions would get people more interested in kick starting, or purchasing more for this project if they were participating in its use, even if it was in a minimal play mode. Rolling out in increments may also help to steer/change finishing touches. I Understand that town square is pre-game play. I am sure most would not mind pre-town square, with little functionality. Just a couple thoughts...
  10. Greetings. I am Centro. Upon looking at Identity, I have been interested in filling out applications. I am looking for things prior to work. Be it taxi driver, spy, private detective, thief, bartender, cook, paintball referee, waiter, hunter, or others. I'm interested in things related to legal work to illegal work. Keep in mind that I will only choose one job. You might be saying to yourself if you're a police officer, "He steals? We cannot hire him." Which isn't a bad idea, but keep in mind that I will only be working for one person. If chosen as a detective, there will be no thievery or random murder for me. If I am a criminal, I will not help the police. The job that I choose will go with the character, therefore if you are needing someone to trust, I am your man. If you are chosen as my boss, then I will solely work for you and work under you with following all the laws and rules you provide. Please keep in mind that I will be in 100% RP mode once I am in game. Things I am looking for: Seriousness - no trolls Formal - well written - in depth application Owners who are above the age of 17 Understands the full rules of Metagaming Understands that anything we talk about will be between me and the person I am talking with, not their character (Unless in RP) Full honesty in the recruitment process (ex; You say you are a detective agency when in all honesty it's a Family/Gang. Ex2; You have 4 people in the company but state 100 in the interview) I do not work with KOS/RDM organizations - We are here to RP, not to go on a killing spree Looking for organizations/jobs where you believe negotiation before pulling the trigger (ask if confused on what I mean) Understands that there are other things I may be looking for that may not be written above Aware that it is not first come first serve so make use of what you say to me More than 4 members Please contact me on Discord: Centro#5836 or here on the forums. Please be aware that I will only respond to private messages. All posts under the comments section for recruitment will be disqualified. I wish to work for an organization that can listen. [EDIT Added Content ] I may sound like a cherry picker, but here is why. Multiple people have come up to me. Why choose first come first serve when there's perhaps better organizations out there? I like to choose and compare to see if it will fit my needs, as well as there's. Not just pick it and move on with it. Thanks Centro
  11. It's being released between now and somewhen ?
  12. Dear Diary

    So it has passed 3 months since the firm Town Square module release date. The Dev's are now showing us actual game play of the work they have done and it does look great. It already has me thinking about playing in game and what i wanna be in IdentityRPG. The Dev's are now showing off the town square and i assume have learnt from their lack of information provided in the past. What i wanna know is how long is this 'minor' delay that is now 3 months on (If you remember the date was set for march). The developers routinely avoid answering these sort of questions and the mod's mostly repeat the same lines. One in particular that annoys me is 'it will be done when its done'. When a game has had multiple failed releases and delays, this line doesn't apply. With the upcoming Dev blog please answer some questions the community wants to know? There is endless shops, pictures of shops, clothing and randomness that goes on these Dev blogs that is just filler to avoid questions it feels like. While most of these are great, there is already enough of that sort of thing on the forums. You guys provide heaps of renders or model pictures already and its getting to the point where you are going to release town square and there is going to be nothing to do being that it is only a small portion of the game (which is fine) but you will have delayed and withheld answers so much that the expectations get higher each time. Please do not mistake this for hate. It would surprise me to get a response from a developer...
  13. In the town square

    So as we all know town Square is maybe 2 weeks away but what is everyone looking forward to doing. I'm looking forward to playing town Square with my friend heading to the karaoke bar to hear what people have got plus hear then sing and make fools of themselfs.
  14. I feel stupid about that question, but I never read about this anywhere, so I wanted to ask.
  15. I have never seen more lazy developers than Asylum. It has taken them 2,5 years to make 33 percent of this game. I have seen several clips from the game, and it's really not that good if you think about the time that it has taken for them to make it. I really want to refund it. Take a look at Far Cry 5 for an instance. The Graphics in Far Cry 5 are better than identity's will ever be. And if you think for a second, you will know that identity's full game probably first comes out in like 2023 compared to the time it has taken identity just to make the town square that isn't even finished yet.
  16. Steam Verification Process

    The Asylum team has mentioned on stream about a "Steam Verification Process". This is when Steam looks to make sure the game being published isn't harmful. I wondered how long this would take... I took a look at what says and they say it takes anywhere from 1-5 days. So there you have it for anyone who wanted to know. EDIT: Wow, I'm really surprised by all the votes! Considering the facts, the fans still think otherwise about the time it will take. I also feel the same about the situation, considering the time it's taken to develop the game. At the time of this edit, the current percentage out of 69 votes was: Less than one week - 38.03% More than one week - 61.97%
  17. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! As I am sure we are all very excited about the release of The Town Square module, and most of us are watching the task list get updated everyday (besides weekends). We are getting veeeery close to the release as there are only 4 objectives left to be done, 2 in progress and in 2 in testing if I remember correctly. When do you believe the module will be released? In the upcoming week perhaps? Perhaps the week after that? Kind regards, Alphoni
  18. 2 or 3 days now!!

    is t me or has anyone else been seeing the tracker update but nothing has changed for about 2 or 3 days running?
  19. Hi! In advance, this should not be hate speech. When the Town Square gameplay was announced, most people were very happy about it but when it was presented most of them were not happy at all, yes I understand that most of it was not perfect but you just have to be happy with what you see, that's me also noticed the gameplay trailer with the drug production and I do not want to understand somehow why people just always have to chop on it this and that is wrong. Guys it's a fucking alpha since you're just happy with what you see and you're done, give your critique and that's it. As I said it should not be hate speech and also people who feel addressed it is not meant to be bad but I just wanted to write something about it. (And sorry for the bad english was written with google translator: D) ~ BukkitYT
  20. In Town Square.....

    What are you looking forward to the most? What kind of jobs are you anxiously awaiting? I know, the wait is making our doctors prescribe xanax and other anxiety meds to get us through, but we can benefit eachother as well I really am curious, what do you guys look forward to the most in the coming months/weeks? Me personally, starting my LEO career path, if not a first responder type of path. Similar to what I'm planning to pursue shortly in real life, but a little bit more sped up, and more easily constructed I hope lol
  21. Just wondering about the community's feeling about today's stream. I tried to make as many options as possible to make it easy to express yourself.

    Come Down And Watch Heres The Vid Also I was also really hoping for a jump animation but feel free to put your input on the stream
  23. I want to know if the game will have the enough servers to serve the players without waiting in queue like other new games, and if there will be queue how long will it be?
  24. I think that they should drop the regular rens and repeate stream. I think its relay backwards to limit your time to 15 minutes. Stuff can happen things can break witch is fine. But you should then plan for it. Lets say a problem with recording or stream, client or what ever. And you are left out of time? Futher more as the stream ends people will have questions. It makes more sense IMHO to do showcase first and then the community can ask some new questions. Cheers!
  25. More new tasks!

    Why are there more tasks? When will this town Square be ready if all your doing is throwing more new tasks in?