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Found 17 results

  1. Your Apartment Ownership

    so from what i can tell, i own a studio and one bedroom, due i keep both units, and if i upgrade to a lux apt, will i then own 3 units, same thing for the garage. is all furniture free at this time and clothes in the store, when will the currency system kick in. will all inventory reset at some point
  2. One Bedroom Apartment Decorated

    Thank you to the devs for getting the pledged apartments sorted out. We may not be able to change the walls/floors but I had a fun time decorating something other than a studio. So heres my one bedroom apartment!
  3. Oversized carrot

    So, if anyone has a carotene deficiency, head over to my apartment to get at a piece of my OVERSIZED CARROT. No, I mean I literally have an oversized carrot in my apartment, just look at the pic. ingame: Histelan Fincher
  4. Apartment Lights

    Hello, The apartments are pretty well done (except the windows, pretty blurry.. ) but I found some points to improve, about the lights : - Could you adjust the daylight so that the apartments are much brighter, with a more natural light ? Especially for the realistic side... for a good exposure. Because the day, apartments are really dark without the artificial lights. On the contrary, during the night, the light is too dazzling. - Can you also make the light "whiter" ? It's really too yellow... (whiter and more brighter as on my pictures of 3D plans Day/Night attached). - Also, will the balcony of the 2 bedrooms luxury apartment be accessible ? Thank you, I can't wait to see more of it. Ushia.
  5. Show me your apartment

    Show down below with pictures how your flat looks like so far here is mine
  6. hey I asked for a two bedroom apartment and got a studio do you developers know when you guys gonna fix the apartment issues I also ordered two car garage and sports car thats what i get in my vip pack i don't wanna have to be using a studio apartment all the time please fix this issue on what i ordered! thank you DEVS names tmacdonald in the game.
  7. How do I get to my apartment?

    As the title says. I put my full name into the game (tried Steam name and also tried the character name), but they didn't work. It said it couldn't be found in the hotel elevator. Am I doing it wrong?
  8. So, i've not seen this anywhere. But here the question goes. Have you guys considered of the Renting of apartment. What i mean with that, if i buy the 500$ package, and i am very low on money. Does the state charge me money for having the apartment. If yes, do i lose my apartment if i don't have any cash. Would be kind lame if you spent 500$ irl on a House/Apartment. And suddenly you're out of money, and the apartment gets taken away from you. The same goes for Cars/bikes/trucks/, would be ok if you don't pay the water or electric bills. So, i'm done talking about the taxes. Now comes the strange part. What about diseases or the flu. If you stay outside in the cold, for too long. Or even, drugs. And you suddenly get some kind of cancer, which has the inability of moving for very long. Or even worse, incontinence. What about owning children, kids, teenagers? Dogs, cats? "Suggestion, if there are kids in the game. Do not make it possible to kill, or hurt kids in the game." Maybe you can drive over them, but they stand up and run away. I don't know, are there gonna be any NPC's ? When there are such a few players online.. Will indentity have their own server? Will you be able to host your own server? Is the entire economy driven with actual players. What about noobs? That drive on every single obstacle they can find. And cause hundreds of dollars of damage? What about hunger, thirst? Someone should make a video, about every single detail there will be in the game. What about gravity? Falling, ice, slippery road, crashes. Will they be realistic? Well, that's enough for today. I'm getting tired of typing. Hope some of you have some answers for me.
  9. Hello, I wanted to know if we could live in two in an apartment where there is only a bed and for example I sleep in a sofa and my friends in the beds. Or if I have a girlfriend we can sleep two in a bed?
  10. I figured these blueprints (or floor-plans) deserve their own thread. Some of these are KickStarter only pledges (too late for those; and were in Canadian Dollar), the others are still available on the current website! I've labeled them accordingly. Also, I'm pretty sure the luxury and non-luxury versions will have the same blueprint, just less fancy appliances and such. But I could be wrong. I'll try to get this confirmed. ALREADY DEBUNKED: the luxury versions are LARGER and fancier! Studio apartment ($90 and $100 website pledge reward) (originally uploaded by @LuckyDuck) Luxury one bedroom apartment ($250 website pledge reward) Luxury two bedroom apartment (CA $1,000 KickStarter pledge reward) Penthouse (CA $2,500 and CA $5,000 KickStarter pledge reward)
  11. Hey guys, my first post here. Im just wondering if house/apartment flipping will be a thing, where you can purchase a cheap, ugly apartment or house and make it nice then sell it for a profit. Thanks!
  12. Furry Walls - House customization

    Where's the furry wall customization? Definitely needs to be implemented! When I roll into my crib turnt I need to just stroke the furry wall.
  13. Can i get a apartment if i buy the package to 30 Dollars, maybe buy one for ingame money?
  14. So I have a couple of questions about Apartments, Houses, and Business buildings like factories and small shops and stuff because I heard there was a unlimited amount of apartments but a limited amount of houses (and I'm assuming the same goes for buildings) on the island. Apartments So I heard there will be a unlimited number of apartments and I was wondering if everyone will have an apartment to live in when they first start or will they have to pay for it just like any other building along with rent? I believe hearing people will get an apartment for awhile when they start for free but will they eventually actually have to go out and buy one and pay the rent? Will the apartments be on the map for a player to walk to and will high end apartments be the same as the unlimited apartments as in there is a unlimited amount of them? Or will they be unique like the houses on the island? Houses So I heard about every house being unique and such but what if every single house was owned and everybody had live in apartments, would they be available for purchase when the player leaves the server or is it forever owned? I think this would be a bit disappointing because what if the player hasn't been on for quite awhile and they still own that house? Will there be some sort of time limit on how long they can own the house if they are gone? If it does work like that, would the player lose the money they put into the house? How many houses will a player be able to own? I don't know how else to ask these questions but I hope you understand them. Buildings So this is similar to the questions I asked about the houses. What if all the buildings were owned and people weren't able to create their business and expand? Will the building be there forever owned by the player who bought it or will everybody have a chance to create a business? Will the building eventually be un-owned when they leave or will there be a time limit for how long they are gone? How many buildings can you own? Will every building look different and have a different layout? One more question. Is there a limit to how many people can be inside a building, house, and apartment?
  15. I know this game suppose to be similar to real world. My questions is will their be evictions notices on apartments or monthly paid rent paid from player ingame bank accounts each month in the game. Will their be insurance you have to keep on cars, if you reck your car will their be and option to fix it at a mechanic garage or simply just total it out or cash it out. If car can be stolen if left unlock or no alarm is the car lost or if their in game insurance will they cover the cost.. Since I here that only the player that own a apartment, that player unless giving someone entrance to enter. So I assume no home break ins or robberies. Also will their be safes or storages to keep guns and personal vaiables to store or will thier only be a certain limit of guns that can be carried or will it be similiar to GTA the way a player buys and carries guns. But if a player is robbed should a player be able to take that character weapons if he choose to or the player can drop/give them up just like in Arma 3. also the movement of characters will they move/walk/run similiar to gta hopefully its nothing like Arma. With apartments lets say all the apartments are taken up in a certain area,, and than again lets just say you have palyers that have apartments but one played on the server one time and I'm like dang why dont the character loose his apartment after a certain amount of days or no money in account being he most likely on another server.. Also does game money follow from server to server including weapons and clothes or does going to another server have to make a new character get a new job etc...
  16. I don't know where else to post this, and I couldn't find an answer anywhere. How much will an apartment be? I want to get the 60$ pledge just for the car, yet It does not include an apartment. also, only 1,000 dollars. I need a car for my crew, and I am not apart of an MC. (my other character is and will have an apartment but I want separate apartments because they will not have any affiliation with each other) I need this characters (luca) apartment to hold pistols, weed and for their to hold some of my friends. So the cheapest house, maybe, 600 bucks? 500? including garage of course
  17. Roomate

    So I am expecting to share my apartment with my girlfriend but it's important to me that she is able to use the apartment and possibly remodel it or whatever she wants even when I'm not online, can I hand her the keys?