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Found 3 results

  1. Hello devs, many people probably think about getting a refund now and i really understand. The ts release is getting pushed back again and i think you should give a little bit more to the people who still believe in this project. What about giving everybody who pledged before ts comes out a little extra money? Biker and up-sized 2000$ Speed demon 4000$ VIP 8000$ What do you guys think about my suggestion?
  2. I figured these blueprints (or floor-plans) deserve their own thread. Some of these are KickStarter only pledges (too late for those; and were in Canadian Dollar), the others are still available on the current website! I've labeled them accordingly. Also, I'm pretty sure the luxury and non-luxury versions will have the same blueprint, just less fancy appliances and such. But I could be wrong. I'll try to get this confirmed. ALREADY DEBUNKED: the luxury versions are LARGER and fancier! Studio apartment ($90 and $100 website pledge reward) (originally uploaded by @LuckyDuck) Luxury one bedroom apartment ($250 website pledge reward) Luxury two bedroom apartment (CA $1,000 KickStarter pledge reward) Penthouse (CA $2,500 and CA $5,000 KickStarter pledge reward)
  3. Hey guys, so I recently pledged 100$ and I'm looking forward to playing the game but today i thought about how you are going to receive the reward you pledged for. There are going to be different servers and they'll probably not share the same database (because you will be able to create your own server with your own settings and rues etc. as stated in the video "Identity Overview") thus your inventory will probably not be the same on every server. So. My qusetion is. Are you going to receive the rewards on every server or only on one specific server or on every official server or something like that. I hope someone can answer this question Have a nice day everyone! EDIT: I already read it on the website but I want to confirm it. Pledgers will receive their reward in the modules AND in the finished game. Is this true?