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Found 7 results

  1. Actio & Reactio

    Police reactions First, I am sorry for my bad english I played often as a Cop on different arma 3 RPG Servers and something always annoyed me: The bad Players could shoot us at any time and we have never had any chance of reacting to this fast enough. So I propose that officers have the chance to have their hand near their gun holster when they are in suspicious situations (hold a certain key or press it once), so they could react as fast as the bad guy or even faster. Its a small function but it could change a lot. thanks for reading SwissGuy
  2. Greetings from New Jersey

    Hello everyone, Looking forward to seeing all of you in the town square! I’ve been a part of the Arma community since Arma 2. Which a lot of my in game roleplaying experience has come from playing DayZ and DayZ RP. I’ve also played Asylum life and many other modes of Arma. Throughout my college years I have studied Game design and know a lot about adobe suite and Maya software! If your looking for someone to create models, banners, or textures. Then I would be able to help, as of right now I am looking to join a respectable family or gang. Within my gaming experience I have lead people, but I have also created documents that contributed towards the group I was leading. As a Game Designer I know the mechanics of how games are created and look at the creation from a creators standpoint. That’s where a lot of my skills can come to use as well within a combat situation. As I said before I am looking forward to seeing all of you in town square! Glad to be a part of the community!
  3. Attention Identity players, especially those who I have played with on the asylum gaming servers! We are a gang founded purely by old Arma 3 players who have been excited about this games release for a long time now. We are full of experienced individuals and now well how the asylum gaming economy works, and is run. We will only take experienced players, who understand the criminal economy of such games. To submit an application and get access to our discord publish an application here. Our Back Story A group of misfits in the old fishing Island of Altis, a small group of men struggled to survive. They refused to merge with the rest of society, training in rebel arts and driving box trucks in the dead of night to harvest coca leaves.They earned a lot of respect, and a large amount of cash, but were forced to leave when too many people were coming to the island and ruining the good society these men helped build. In a desperate attempt to find a place to settle down and gain that dominance again, these men have thrown away their previous identities, and changed their gang name in an effort to a fresh start in the world of Identity. Finally, after years of drifting through different societies and islands in the world of Arma they knew they found a final resting place here. And they plan on making it their world now... What We Major In! Associates in Applied Sciences in Drug Trafficking Bachelor in the Arts of Thievery / Robbing Double Majoring in Killers/ Hitmen Masterate Program of Hijacking And a Doctorate of DRUG MANUFACTURING Our Ranking System Boss Under Boss Captain Lietuenant Sergeant Corporal Block Thug Street Thug Thug Thinking About Joining? I knew you would! Application Guideline: In-Game Name: Age: Mic (Y/N): Previous Experience (Include hours played on Arma) : Why you would like to join: Thank you all! and we will keep you posted as events develop.
  4. Hello from Germany!

    Hello Citizens of Identity! I'm new at the Identity Community and i've registered myself today. I have send some Money to Support the Devs and get Access to the game soon as possible First I would like to apologize for my bad english because it's not my native language. But i'm sure you know what i mean. I'm from Stuttgart, Germany and 33 years old. The last years i've played a Little bit Planetside 2, ARMA 3, Ashed of the Singularity, Ark, and some others. My Favorit genre is Real Time Strategy but i love open and realistic worlds where i can do what i want. Identity seems to become the perfect game for that. What i've seen at the YouTube Videos is soo great and i can imagine so much more with that Game. I'm very excited to see more from the game and want to Support you as good as possible Cheers, Steven.
  5. Arma 3 milsim

    I know an arma 3 mil-sim group that needs more members and I am wondering if anyone on this forum would like to join. Add me on steam for more details and to join
  6. I know this game suppose to be similar to real world. My questions is will their be evictions notices on apartments or monthly paid rent paid from player ingame bank accounts each month in the game. Will their be insurance you have to keep on cars, if you reck your car will their be and option to fix it at a mechanic garage or simply just total it out or cash it out. If car can be stolen if left unlock or no alarm is the car lost or if their in game insurance will they cover the cost.. Since I here that only the player that own a apartment, that player unless giving someone entrance to enter. So I assume no home break ins or robberies. Also will their be safes or storages to keep guns and personal vaiables to store or will thier only be a certain limit of guns that can be carried or will it be similiar to GTA the way a player buys and carries guns. But if a player is robbed should a player be able to take that character weapons if he choose to or the player can drop/give them up just like in Arma 3. also the movement of characters will they move/walk/run similiar to gta hopefully its nothing like Arma. With apartments lets say all the apartments are taken up in a certain area,, and than again lets just say you have palyers that have apartments but one played on the server one time and I'm like dang why dont the character loose his apartment after a certain amount of days or no money in account being he most likely on another server.. Also does game money follow from server to server including weapons and clothes or does going to another server have to make a new character get a new job etc...
  7. ARMA

    Anyone wanna play arma together?