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  1. Luprano Family trailer

    https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ak5PEYyO1ZHrgw2aQMxdmnaqe1Pk Join the Luprano Family, DM Frank Luprano or Rizzoli for information or acceptance into the family.
  2. Restaurant Businesses

    Thanks for the feedback! Really appreciate it! That seems like it would be interesting, maybe during the early stages of its release. They will improve on the aspect of all businesses within the game.
  3. Restaurant Businesses

    Personal customization of such establishments as well? Was wondering if that would be an option. As it would make Identity more realistic and have more of a variety within the servers. Besides for just one type of Restaurant an individual or individuals can run.
  4. Restaurant Businesses

    Hello everyone, I've recently come into an idea. Where you could maybe start up a restaurant business. Players can be hired by the owner to specific job duties. There should also be an option, where you can create your own menu and type of restaurant. There should also be warehouses or farms, which support these businesses. Instead of there just being NPC's, which take away from the whole role playing aspect of the game. Players would be a more exciting experience. It would also add more backstory to each individuals role play experience.
  5. Better to be arrested then killed?

    Definitely would be up to the police force to decide that, which isn't something that I deal with accordingly. It's not in my line of work.. Exactly.... But if they see nothing. It's as if they were never there. It's normal for a criminal to fight if they're approached with deadly force.

    To be quite honest the drug making process. Seems like something that I would definitely be interested in! I'm sure that ingredients have to be gathered as well, wonder if it will be as easy as going to the local drug store.
  7. Luprano Family

    Grazie! Per il benvenuto! Don Frank Luprano.
  8. Luprano Family

    I, Rizzoli pledge my allegiance to the Luprano Family. Lunga vita alla familigia Luprano!
  9. Greetings from New Jersey

    Contacted you back with a reply to your message.
  10. Greetings from New Jersey

    Damn I live right by the shore.. Only thirty minutes away from me, but I don't live in that township. I'm more on the edge of middlesex. Didn't know anyone was from New Jersey on this forum! It's nice to meet you! Hopefully we can team up! I'm looking for someone interested in the kind of work that I will be doing. So that maybe we could benefit from each other.
  11. Greetings from New Jersey

    Middlesex County, what about you?
  12. Greetings from New Jersey

    Definitely, going to do that! Would love to work with you guys. I don't have my portfolio right now on a website, but I do have images of models that I worked on! What is your username within the discord, definitely would love to talk with you.
  13. Black Market Discord

    That's a pretty good idea! I'm all for it, definitely looking to get into the business myself. I've always thought about the black market as a entity. That is purely untraceable. How will you make that happen in game? In actuality I have a good idea to make that happen. If you want to know message me.
  14. Greetings from New Jersey

    Thanks, I definitely will enjoy my stay! Wish there was a Team speak would love to talk with you guys about some ideas that I have. Especially for a business that I was planning on creating, but still need to create the logo. I know that I probably can't create any models for the game, because as of right now I don't know how to rig anything, but modeling isn't a problem. I'm definitely happy with the direction in where this whole entire game is going towards! I'm thinking about upgrading to the biker package! Wish the up-sized was a little bit cheaper because I would definitely up the $60 towards the up-sized package!
  15. Greetings from New Jersey

    Hello everyone, Looking forward to seeing all of you in the town square! I’ve been a part of the Arma community since Arma 2. Which a lot of my in game roleplaying experience has come from playing DayZ and DayZ RP. I’ve also played Asylum life and many other modes of Arma. Throughout my college years I have studied Game design and know a lot about adobe suite and Maya software! If your looking for someone to create models, banners, or textures. Then I would be able to help, as of right now I am looking to join a respectable family or gang. Within my gaming experience I have lead people, but I have also created documents that contributed towards the group I was leading. As a Game Designer I know the mechanics of how games are created and look at the creation from a creators standpoint. That’s where a lot of my skills can come to use as well within a combat situation. As I said before I am looking forward to seeing all of you in town square! Glad to be a part of the community!