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Found 3 results

  1. Dark Web

    I think this might have been asked but I couldn't find it after searching, but there should be a dark web system for computers, where you can find different types of black market websites for drugs, counterfeit money, weapons, etc.
  2. Black Market Discord

    I am taking it upon myself to start a discord for underground jobs, drugs, guns, protection, etc. This discord requires maturity and respect at all times. We have a system for getting rid of insiders and cops. There will be some snakes, narcs, and cops slipping through here and there but with mistakes come corrections. To be able to see deals and all info on sales you will need to be interviewed by me or one my staff. This is the discord for the Farmers Market. FYI for whoever is half retarded this is for the VIDEO GAME Identity that is going to be released soon, not an actual black market.
  3. Black Market

    I'm a business man looking for opportunities to help my other endeavors run via... less ethical means. Here's what I'm offering: - I buy and sell guns, don't expect them to be cheap as you'll get them without a serial number and you wont need a license. - Explosives, C4, grenades and teargas again not cheap... you get this stuff without looking fishy as fuck. Buying and selling - Heavy weaponry, light machine guns, mounted machine guns, extremely expensive. Buying and selling. - Armour and riot shields. Much cheaper but still at a price. Buying and selling. - Armoured cars, extremely expensive. Partnership: I'm looking for good firm customers that I know will come round to me when they need quality goods.