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Found 79 results

  1. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hi future friends! I hope you are well. Here's a friendly greeting from Ontario, Canada! As your typical Canuck, I have a maple syrup addiction, live in an igloo, say "eh" far too often for my own health and drive a dogsled to and from work. Riggght? Yeah not so much. Jokes aside, I've been gaming since I was knee high to a grasshopper, with extensive experience in large multi-game communities and experience working for a large game developer (Ubisoft) - I'm super passionate about helping people and coaching folks. I'm a big fan of quality community and great games that give you the flexibility to do what you want the way you want naturally when I discovered Identity today I decided to create an account and say hello! So...hello! Other games I play actively are Sea of Thieves and Star Citizen. Good times. Looking forward to getting more involved with the development of Identity and seeing where this wonderful journey shall take us! Thanks and have a great day! Anvil
  2. Greetings from Scotland

    Just a quick intro from a gamer in Scotland. Looking forward to police or business RP.
  3. Logan Wolf

    Basic Information Full Name: Logan Wolf Gender: Male Age: 19 Nationality: White American Height: 6'2 *REST OF LOOKS TBD BASED ON IDENTITIES CHARACTER CREATOR* Characteristics Brave Charismatic Trustworthy Loyal Erratic Smart Backstory Logan grew up in the streets of New York and was surrounded by criminals, gangs and organised crime. By the age of eight, he had started committing petty crimes such as; Theft, Vandalism, Assault, Assault With A Weapon and Possession Of Class B Drugs. Logan then as he got older he excelled in school but took little interest in any subjects apart from Business and Physical Education, he was top of his classes in both of those subjects and was noticed by teachers for his violent behaviour and psychotic tendencies. This would result in him being forced into a psychological evaluation at the age of twelve. The results showed that he had many of the traits of a Psychopath/Sociopath. He carried on his school life until thirteen, he came home late one night after being out committing crimes attempting to help his families financial hardships, the door was open, he walked in with many things missing and blood was around the place, he went to his mother and fathers room where he saw the bodies of his parents. Logan showed only one emotion at the sight of this, anger. As Logan left the house a Man was waiting for him, this man was named Jim and he told Logan what had happened, Jim had seen who did it and what gang he was associated with, they spent the next year building a small gang and started taking rival gang territory. At the age of 15 Logan finally was face to face with the man that had broken into his home and murdered his parents, Jim passed Logan a 9mm pistol with a silencer on the barrel, Logan aimed it at the man and without a second thought as the man was begging for his life Logan shot the man between the eyes. They then left the area and carried on expanding for three years. A large Mafia family noticed them and saw them as a problem so they ordered the assassinations of Jim and Logan. Within the space of a week, most of the men that worked for Logan And Jim had been killed and the rest left the city. Logan and Jim sat in their studio apartment waiting for the assassins to come, the Don's personal assassin showed up alone ready to take them out. It turned into a battle to the death which eventually Logan and Jim won, but Jim took a bullet for Logan which Logan will never forget and owes Jim his life. After this, they leave New York and head out to a new city to work their way back up. Goals And Aims In Identity Logan wants to rebuild his empire and have a name which everyone either respects or fears, he wants powerful allies and few enemies. He wants to be as powerful as possible and have connections all over the city, inside politics and the police force. *WILL BE UPDATED WITH FURTHER DETAIL WHEN I HAVE THE TIME*
  4. Sam's Introduction

    Hello, my name is Sam and I'm 17, I also live in the UK , I have been following Identity for a couple of years now and I'm very excited to see the release of the town square, I am currently a college student who studies Computer Programming, Psychology, Music Technology and Performing Arts. I am a serious role-player and I'm excited to meet more of the community in game, feel free to message me with anything I am always up for a chat and I enjoy helping people. I am a friendly person but I usually role-play as a mobster who isn't very friendly, I hope to see you all in game and am looking forward to meeting all of you and making friends in the community, I hope you're having a good day:)
  5. Greetings From Texas.

    Hello Community! I have been following this game since about 2015 and finally cracked and bought it. I kind of am debating if I should lean toward starting a Biker gang or maybe becoming a Motorcycle Cop? If anyone has any ideas or would like to join me in this endeavor, I would like your opinion. I have tried to start countless Biker Clubs in Arma 3 Altis life, Arma 2: Takistan Life, Arma 3: City Life. and other Arma Mods. I had a lot of success in those servers, but they would always close down and there went my dream of having a Motorcycle club. No Slant Bikes. Harley and Choppers. I want to put together an MC with multiple government like electing a President, VP, Secretary, Sgt at Arms, Road Captain, and voting on prospects, club activities and business. Thoughts? I know we are a long way off, but I would love to get a discord and other things set up and ready to go for Launch.
  6. Portugal Server NAME SERVER : [PT] Revolution Portugal RolePlay Olá a todos Portugueses presente neste Maravilhoso Game que será lançado brevemente de MMORPG e contando com isto eu estou a preparar um servidor Portugues e espero todo apoio da população Portuguesa neste Jogo e neste Servidor! !Atenção! Translation to English Fique à vontade para entrar no nosso Discord (LINK PERMANENTE) Também temos Steam Group! !Forum FUTURAMENTE!
  7. Heyo, From Australia!

    Hello from Australia everyone! Recently I found about Identity again after 2 years of forgetting it and silence. I’m new to the forums and everything happening in Identity right now but I hope you’ll accept my introduction and link me or help and show me everything I need to know. After looking at identity a bit more. I’ve decided to buy the $15 or $30 pack tomorrow. Hopefully development gets done soon because I can’t wait to try this out!
  8. It has been a journey following the development of Identity. First hearing about the game in 2015, I was wildly interested in what the game will become and had a outburst of excitement when viewing the initial trailer. Considering my age (15) at the time, I had no card to back the game myself and instead continued to follow the game's journey. Despite, various ups and downs I still look positively on the development as it is a highly ambitious concept produced by a small team. In recent times, I have since viewed the gameplay video and looking forward to customising my own character after years of anticipation. Though I never made a forum account, I have created one as of mid-2017 and through my ownership of my very own debit card, I have purchased the $30 pledge as of an hour ago! Looking forward to meeting you all in the square!
  9. Anthony Smith introduction

    Hello My name is Anthony and iam from the Smith family. I have heared of this game from Sun Diego. He told us about this in our forum SAMP. Iam now really looking forward for this game, since this is an upgrade from our real life rp server based on gta san andreas. This game has so much potental when it comes out and iam so hyped and cant wait to play it. When does it come out exactly?
  10. Hey there everyone!

    Hello there those awaiting the release of Identity RPG. My real name's Marco, but for Role-Playing purposes, I'll most likely go by the name of Marius Rosetta. I think I rushed the community registration and put Mario on accident, lol. Identity RPG will be my first real involvement with Role-Playing, as on other games the RP-concept does not seem to click with other people. Other than Identity RPG, I play and stream other games such as Rome II Total War, Shogun II Total War, the single-player campaigns of Battlefield/Call of Duty, Conan Exiles, Life Is Feudal: Forest Village/Life Is Feudal: MMO, and a handful more games that I can't think of. I'm hoping to meet many of you once Identity RPG releases and hope to start off as a normal citizen in the game, doing normal jobs and saving up some moneys. Eventually I plan on getting into the Detective/Police Force once the module is released and stabilized. Other than that, I cannot wait for Identity RPG to launch/release! P.S. - Can any Admin/Moderator somehow change or tell me how I can change my display name to Marius_Rosetta?
  11. Christopher Sharpe Age 30 Lives in California Status: Online I'm Moving! Posted on 5/30 at 10:48 p.m. The times almost come! I'm packing my bags and getting ready to move to Town Square. Flights will be leaving, probably around June 13th I hope. I'm looking forward to my new apartment there. I hope I beat the rush. That hotel is going to be fucking PACKED!
  12. Hello everyone! I am from New Zealand. I am really looking forward to this game! I just was wondering if anyone knows what the required specs are yet? I am running.... CPU - i5 6400 @ 2.7GHZ RAM - 16GB Ripjaws DDR3 GPU - Gigabyte GTX 770 OC 2GB HDD - 1TB (With others spare) .... and what version of DirectX will this game use? Cheers everyone!
  13. Hello from Israel!

    Hey guys! My name is Daniel and I'm 21 years old. I'm from Israel, this Wednesday I'm about to finish my 2 years and 8 months of military mandatory service. During my time at the army, I was part of a security team at Israel's most important base, working side by side with the Ministry of Defense of Israel along with Personal Security unit. I've been gaming since I remember myself, starting many old-school games that will remind most of us big parts of our childhood to World of Warcraft and other Blizzard games quite often. That, of course, is if I exclude a huge list of games I play and have played in my past. While playing World of Warcraft, I've been exposed to a project called TrinityCore and since 2013 I've been working with C++ on the TrinityCore project, creating custom scripts and making dreams come to life in-game. Due to a few problems, I've stopped developing for private servers and tried to focus on Unreal Engine game development, but surely, I need more tutorials, lol. Hard stuff indeed, I salute those who master it. I currently work as a cook on an airport restaurant and believe me, I work quite a lot. However, when I've seen a random YouTube video of top 10 most expected open world games that would come out at 2018, I noticed this game among the last ones and the words that drew my attention were "players influence the game", which is exactly what I was hoping to find. It is very exciting for me to see such a game coming out and believe me I'm so hyped about it, I legit bought the $100 pack after 6 hours of me looking around the forum and watching YouTube videos. So hyped I convinced at least 5 people to take a look at it when I play it along with me and consider buying it - and they did. No doubt, I'm really into this game since yesterday (which is when I discovered it) and I'm so happy to see it will have an open Beta next month! Can't wait to get in-game!
  14. Greetings from New Jersey

    Hello everyone, Looking forward to seeing all of you in the town square! I’ve been a part of the Arma community since Arma 2. Which a lot of my in game roleplaying experience has come from playing DayZ and DayZ RP. I’ve also played Asylum life and many other modes of Arma. Throughout my college years I have studied Game design and know a lot about adobe suite and Maya software! If your looking for someone to create models, banners, or textures. Then I would be able to help, as of right now I am looking to join a respectable family or gang. Within my gaming experience I have lead people, but I have also created documents that contributed towards the group I was leading. As a Game Designer I know the mechanics of how games are created and look at the creation from a creators standpoint. That’s where a lot of my skills can come to use as well within a combat situation. As I said before I am looking forward to seeing all of you in town square! Glad to be a part of the community!
  15. Hey, there!

    Hey, There! the name is Hitman. First of all I would like to say I can't wait to see you all in-game I'm really looking forward for the release of Identity. I will be getting on day one! Anyways, I'm from Minnesota I am 20 years old and I love gaming especially role playing games like this one, My favorite hobby's to do is game and watching Anime I know this game has nothing to do with Anime but I thought I bring it up because there are a lot of Anime fans out there, I also enjoyed playing the original sims games on regular nintendo, ps1, ps2, ect.. and thought this game might be similar that's why I decided to join this community.
  16. It’s been a while

    After a few months debating if I should buy a citizenship due to a small amount uncertainty of the legitimacy of the game, I have finally done the deed. Why is my name Identity_British? Fuck knows, can someone please think of a explanation I can tell people. I quite honestly have the brain of an ape thus failing to provide any sort of decent thought. My best idea was nationalism but people get mixed up with that and fascism so I thought I’d better not say it. Anyways, I’m here now, planning on staying. Ta ta for now chums!
  17. Greetings, my name is [REDACTED]. A lot can be said for me. I have recently been kicked out of a crime family for being too rough on a "reconditioning" job was hired for. Not sayin' any details, but the guy put up one hell of a fight. I am now looking for a new crime family, organized gang, and/or mafia that wants to use me as their embodiment of death and punishment. I'm no street punk, so don't expect me to partner up with some wannabe hoodlums looking to make pennies. You want the best psychopath on the market? I'm your guy. Talents: Striking terror into the hearts of people when they hear my tag, "[REDACTED]" Gloating [EXPUNGED] Political statement [EXPUNGED] Lies to conceal true identity [EXPUNGED] Mannerisms and preferences [REDACTED] In all seriousness, I am a pretty cHill guy. I rEalLy am uP for anything criMe rElated. I'm tired of b3ing th4 goo.d guy 5in RPG5, so I th3ught 1 could embrace my wild side wheN it came to th1s kind 8f stuff. been f0llowing Id4ntity since th8 initial Kickstarter, but b0ught it about a yEar ago. I had recently left the Identity player group I waS in because they were going dOwn a road that I didn't like. If any crime Syndicate wantS to hAVe mE as an enforcer, punisher, etc. Me and my character herE fit the bill perfectly. May your days be long upon this Earth, [REDACTED] This information presented by the user "Gwion524" has been reclaimed by I.N.E.C. Do not press into this subject further or face retribution by I.N.E.C.
  18. Hello

    Hi my name is Josh, but I go by MrJDubYou. I am a YouTube content creator, as well as a member of the DOJ RP Community. I'm an avid gamer and work 2 jobs on top of running my channel. I'd love it if you stopped by and said hi or got to know me.
  19. Hi, Stantain here

    Hi, I'm Stantain, really excited for this game. Don't know what I'll try to RP yet, we'll look at the possibilities. I hope they'll open some kind of Tag or Paintball game in it in orther for people to hold a job and keep having fun with guns that don't kill. Speak FR/EN/IT/SP. Cheers mates!
  20. Hii

    Hi there my name is MrBananix3 (full name: Marcel Bananenbauer which could be roughly translated to Marcel - the farmer of bananas) and I'm really excited for this game! A friend of mine (Svanders) introduced me to it and i can't wait for it to be released. Looking forward to playing with y'all owo
  21. Hello from Ohio, USA!

    Hey everyone I'm a new backer(aka way after the kickstarter) and recently purchased the apartment owner tier of the backer pledges. I'm 25, and a Ohio native for my entire life. I really love backing games with great ideas and really this game(being that is it similar to Second Life in many ways) is really what I've been looking for all the time. I'm really excited to meet all of you and become a part of the community and to help gather attention to the game in real life as well. Can't wait to meet all your "Identities"(see what I did there I basically make dad jokes but i'm not even a dad) Mantisoli
  22. Howdy Beauties

    Hello you beautiful community, My in game name is Kicapri which I just made up some time when I was changing my name, but my real name is Logan. But anyways (I also posted this on my profile) I am a high school student that likes to play video games. I also stream on twitch for fun everyone once and awhile and I am affiliated. Otherwise I found out about Identity from a YouTube video from RhinoCrunch the day he posted the video talking about Identity (that I can remember) and I have known about Identity for two years being that I love role playing games and have played a ton of role play servers of Arma RP, Garry's Mod, Reign Of Kings, and Rust (There is probably more but that's what I can recall right now). But I completely miss these games especially Arma because that's what I played the most and it was one of the first games I ever played on PC and its what got me into loving RP. I used to mostly play a whole ton of all the way through until they discontinued the servers and I was a donator of probably $50+. I am extremely exited for Identity and I have been for a long time and I am very happy to be apart of the community. Thanks everyone for reading my shitty introduction <3 Love, Kicapri :3
  23. Introduction-Hello Identity

    My name is Aylmer Winslow, I grew up in a middle class family, which consisted of my Mom, Dad, Younger brother and Younger sister, and had a normal childhood, those good friends, middle school bullies, and I passed, barely in school, I decided not to go to college and left my old life behind wanting to move out of the big city I lived in to somewhere new! The reasons I left were mostly because I liked to explore but i explored all I could in that big city and to tell the truth my favorite parts of my life were when me and my family went to the woods and camped and I got to explore my heart out. While I was deciding to move that is when I chose my career because I remembered all of those cool things I saw when I explored which included waterfalls, views from mountains, and etc. and I decided I wanted to bring the same joy I felt back then so I chose to become a Tour Guide. Now you are brought up to speed on what I am gonna do with my new life in identity. Signed Aylmer Winslow I look Forward To meeting You All,
  24. Hey-o, peoples of Identity. Trist (Triste), Here Decided to actually make a forum/main site account and prepare to pay for one of the packages, and get ready to suit up and get to trying out the Town Square module when it arrives. With that, I've come to ask a few questions and at the same time introduce myself so at least in my mind, I'm not stranger. So I'm not sure as to which Thread (immigration or Q&A) to put this under. My name is Tristen, 22, and my real life occupation is that of a Vet Technician, schooling for said job in progress as well. My hobby is actually in visual design (freelancing for people who want work done for small if any amounts of $), I see myself as amateur-ish, but if this game can utilize that skill and actually open up possible jobs in-game, I'll take that. Actually have quite a few friends with the same skills who are interested in the game as well, most likely we're looking to utilize it. Or even as a EMT/Paramedic, since that lands in a medical job field. (Just saying this for possible job offers in the future?) I'm still not sure if this is the right thread for it, since this is a mixture of things. Brand new to the forum part of Identity, Anyways, lets get this started if anyone's interested in filling me in. I haven't looked into what features/aspects will be implemented, so sorry if I seem dull. - Servers. Wealth, all items acquired, character skills/jobs, businesses, player owned homes. Are they all cross-integrated between official servers? Meaning, business buildings, home location, money, etc; stick to certain servers or available in all? Or is it that important to choose a server to have your business HQ? Or is there a whole character/bank/bundle benefits dedicated to a server? This part is what confuses me the most. - It seems like there's a ton of stores/businesses/services already being setup, well beyond than I even expected. How am I even going to go about starting something I'd be interested in if there's already large groups? As a job that can utilize someone experienced in visual design/medical fields? Which also leads me to my first question about businesses being tied to a certain server, and if I would have to look out for ones already populated with entrepreneurs. -It seems like there's a lot of talk about ladder structures for careers, IE, Police, Government, Store management, employees/employers. Are those positions created and filled/hired by the leaders/owners of those establishments, or is there some sort of skeleton that the players organize around? -And last one, Am I too late too this party?
  25. What's up citizens!!!???

    Introduction: What's up identity community!? My real is Jacob, but you guy's can call me that or HAWK (my username). I've been around dozens of role play communities and had the pleasure of meeting so many people. The reason why I'm here, which is most likely the same reason why everyone is here is for the Identity game. This game caught my eyes ages ago back in 2016 and I've watched the game grow through the dev blogs. It took me until now to actually buy the game and make an account on the forums to introduce myself, lol. Gaming: So "what's my experience with role play games?" you may ask. Well, I've spent 1250 hours on Arma 3 (yes a lot of hours, lol) about 900 hours of which was devoted to Arma life and Altis life servers. I belonged to the ANR community which was a very famous one for some time before it disbanded. Since then I've joined tons of other communities mostly playing as a Police Officer. Just last year I had my own server with a great group of people, but had to shut it down due to work and school. As of now I'm planning on opening another server for Identity and bringing the same realistic guidelines that arma has taught me with it. I'm also the creator of one of the biggest Law Enforcement related scenario for Arma 3 called City Cop Life. As well as arma 3 I have 839 hours on G-Mod which about 800 hours were on role play servers too. I've been a Community manager on one of fastest growing role play commmunities for Star Wars RP and Fallout RP servers. So it's safe to say I have plenty of experience with role play. Life: My goal right now is to keep going to school and eventually become a police officer once I graduate college.. I have a lot experience with Law Enforcement and can't wait to share it. Other: I can't wait for the first module to come out so I can join the rest of you and have a bunch of fun. What part of Identity are you guy's craving for them to give more info about?