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Found 96 results

  1. Crime Problems

    So I was wondering how you would control all the players who want to turn to a life of crime, in many games in which crime is an option, people like to do so. So some servers would most likely fill up with criminals and everyone but hardcore RP players would continue to rob and steal. I'm just saying, the game seems great, but people love to play the "Bad Guy" in games and everyone will want to become a crime boss or something. I know you can't fix this but have you or anyone at all thought about this issue to?
  2. A character(s) that takes drugs, then does crimes should have a greater increase to being caught, due to more mistakes, and greater carelessness. I really don't want to see some pipe blasting scrud-cake, effortlessly be in control of their character as I am trying to bust them... ha ha. If too much drugs be done in 1 session or, too often, I wish I could identify them by example: (excessive itching, stumbling, mumbling or, the shakes). It would be nice to frisk the back alley salesman too. Just a thought...
  3. The Fibonacci Family Short Bio : The Fibonacci Family was formed in the early 90's by the three Fibonacci Brothers : Vinchenzo, Kostadin and Bartolomeu. Together they form The Council which in itself is the governing body of the family. Born to an Italian father and Yugoslavian mother, the trio's childhood was anything but easy. Leonardo Fibonacci (the father) was a retired military veteran and their mother a housewife. Most of their early life they lived in poverty, just before their father decided to move to the USA in hopes of a better future and to live the American Dream. But life in the USA was nothing as expected. The whole family was homeless for the first 4 years. After getting part time jobs working as valets and studying at the same time Vinchenzo realized that this is no way to make money, and he had to study hard to succeed in life. The trio graduated high school and had a desire to pursue their education career and wanted to go to college. Unfortunately for them funds were short and that simply wasn't available. The trio spent the next 2 years working various jobs until they met a man in a black suit with shining shoes. That man turned out to be a wiseguy. Soon enough the trio went to college : Vinchenzo studied Criminology, Kosta Economics and Bartolomeu Psychology. After finishing college they realised that the 9 to 5 working routine is simply not for them, and using all the wisdom gained from the wiseguy and their grandfather (who was an early balkan bootlegger) they decided to become mafioso's and start their own family. The Family : (in case this didn't post here is the link ( As it stands our family has multiple ranks going from top to bottom 1- The Council : The Council consists of the core founders and their respective roles as 1.The Don - Overall leader of the family, controls everything related to family matters, commission meetings, appointing new members, hits and organised heists. 2. The Economist - The 2nd leader in charge of anything money related : most rackets, money laundering, everyone's income and takes, fees, bribes and works the families legal entities. 3. The Entrepreneur - The 3rd leader who is in charge of the organisation of most criminal activities along with running the illegal casino and gambling rackets. 2 - The Consigliere : The Consigliere is the next in command after the council. He is in charge of handling contacts which should not be handled by the Council themselves. He is also the family's legal councler and will be defending most of them in the court of law. He will be carrying out all the bribes that the Economist has thought of and approved and will have a room in the HQ along with the Council. 3 - The Underboss : The Underboss is essentially the person who organizes the capos and monitores their activity and earnings. He also assigns tasks to the capos who are under his jurisdiction, and the person who usually carries out the ordered hits. Any issues from below the ladder are handled by him. Each underboss leads 2 capos and in term has a total of 18 made man at his command. 4 - The Capo : The Capo is the middle manager in the family. He is the person who gives out the underboss's orders to the enforcers and usually is in charge of one of the families activities (for example : racketeering, drug manufacturing, arms deals, illegal gambling ... ) Each Capo Is in charge of 2 Enforcers and has a total of 8 people in his command. He is allowed to authorize, lead and carry out small to medium operations. 5 - The Enforcer : The enforcer is the first promotion that a loyal solider will get. Enforcers are in charge of a small tactical team of 3 people and usually are used to ease the tactical command of capos. They lead their squadron in small operations (such as robing a store) and are in charge of the protection detail. 6 - The Soldier : The First of the "made man". The soldier (unlike the associate under him )has the privilege to be a member of the family and enjoys high status and protection in society. Soldiers are the back bone of the family and they do all the tasks that higher ranks order them to do without question. If loyal and proven good they might get promoted further in the ladder. 7 - The Associate : The Associate is a person that has ties to the family, but is not made. Be it a corrupt police officer, a delivery driver or simply someone who wants to prove himself enough to become made, the associate is the person that does most of the dirty work. Family Affairs Due to the game not being released yet we can only speculate what will be included in the final release. This is what we expect and hope to be doing when the game releases Racketeering, Extortion, Illegal Gambling, Drug Production, Drug Trafficking, Kidnap and Ransom, Heists and Roberies, Booking, Arms Production, Arms Dealing etc. Family Rules 1. When joining the family, you must take an oath of omerta. That binds you with the family until your death. Breaking it will result in your death. 2. Loyalty is a big driving force in this organisation. It can take you far in both ways so make sure not to break it. 3. Snitching is not allowed. Snitches don't get stitches, they get burred 6 feet under. 4. Follow the leader ! You must obey everyone that is a higher rank than you, even if you think that their decision is not good. 5. You are not allowed to be seen with the police unless it has been authorized by your superiors. 6. Be of an age larger than 16. We expect mature people who will be ready to roleplay 7. Respect the time of the other members in the family and show up on appointments on time 8. You are not allowed to talk to anyone who is not a member of the family about the organisation. (Not even your wife) 9. The murder of a made man can only be ordered either by the Council or the Commission, if you see someone made get murdered tell your superior immediately 10. Inner family fighting is not allowed. Save your strength for our enemies 11. Have fun, its only a game ! (but it is a way of life too) How to apply In order to apply fill in the application form : If any other organisation or company leader wants to discuss an alliance or a working relationship send me a DM here ! * I am sorry for any grammar or spelling errors, English is not my first language.
  4. Esqueletos MC

    ESQUELETOS MC Founded - 2013 Years Active - 2013-Present Platform - Pc / Playstation 4 The Esqueletos MC has been a club for 5 years now the club started on GTA San Andreas as a couple of like minded people just trying to Role Play. Not knowing that it will expand as much as it has. As the release of GTA 5 came, an original member from the charter named Skully went to Playstation to expand the club. Skully grew the club and eventually brought the club to new gen PS4. At which Esqueletos MC was at its prime with 40 members and one of the most respected and well known club in the GTA community. The next step in the journey is to establish an Esqueletos Identity Chapter. The Charter will be ran by Ajax and Pzycho, two first 9 members of the PS4 Charter. Being long term members for 4 years. Ajax as President and Pzycho being Vice President we set out to make it as strong and respected as the chapters before us. Join us in this new beginning as we build this club. The 1% As a club the Esqueletos MC follow the philosophy that it stands for. The 1% percent of the society that does not follow the rules and abide by the norm. The Esqueletos MC is an organization surrounded by the fact that we take no shit and take no hesitation on making a first punch. We proudly wear out 1% diamond on our front cut and make sure it's clear we don't care if your alive or not. We pride ourselves on needing no one but the club. We demand respect and if not given it's taken you will either respect us or fear us. Requirements *+18 of age *Must have Discord *Mic required *Basic MC knowledge *Mature Mindset NOT REQUIRED TO BE HISPANIC OR SPEAK SPANISH If interested or have any questions join us on our club discord. RP Background Founded - 1978 Years Active - 1978-Present Established - Los Angeles, CA Key People - Hispanic Type - Outlaw Motorcycle Club Region - United States, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina Membership - 300-400 Esqueletos MC is a hispanic themed club that is based around the west coast style bikes and lowriders. The club was originally formed as an act of peace and brotherhood and a stand to the cops and the oppressors that surrounded the mexican communities. In the 80’s the club took to gang and violence as the club grew. In the late 90’s the club decided to support the act of gun running and drug smuggling and distribution with a hand in prostitution to afford to keep the club up and running with a stable income. Now in present days the club still continues the illegal activities now having a strong connection to the west coast mexican mafia and surenos. P R O S P E C T The prospecting period is one of the most crucial parts of being apart of the club. The prospecting period shows us who you are what your morals and values are and weather or not you fit in to be an Esqueleto to claim a full patch it takes hard work and dedication that consumes your time quite well in and even out of game sometimes. This club relies on brotherhood, trust, and loyalty. There is no time period, the prospecting time period is completely up to how you perform as a prospect. You will wear your prospect cut at all times and participate in all club events. MORE PROSPECT RULES IN EFFECT FOR MORE INFO CONTACT A PATCHED MEMBER. S U P P O R T Old Club Memories
  5. The Identity Duck Army

    Join the Duck Army today and become one of the mighty ducks to fend for the Queen! Quack!
  6. 0:23 About us and Long-Term Goals Black Diamond Enterprises was founded in Nashville, Tennessee and expanded upon in Ash Hill on a later date by two men which their real names are Unknown or Classified. Matthew S. Demonestra and Jose K. Rodriguez moved to the island off the Carolinas to start a new life and form the large Black Diamond Enterprises. Black Diamond is a Corporate Business you'd see anywhere nowadays... AT&T, Wells Fargo, Apple, Razer... etcetera, with alot of elements of a Mafia and Cartel. Inspirations come from Ghost Recon: Wildlands with the Santa Blanca rank structure and order and Grand Theft Auto: Online's business aspects with high rise offices and businesses. Our goals at Black Diamond Enterprises is most importantly to make as most cash to the leaders and employees as possible and become one of the biggest on the map, we strive for solid and well rounded leadership, loyal and willing Employees. Cash made will go to everyone in high up positions, Employees will get large payouts too cause without them what would be BDE? Rank Structure CEO of Black Diamond ---Sicarios--- COO of Black Diamond Head of Production | Head of Smuggling | Head of Security | Head of Influence | Head of Logistics | Head of Operations Underboss Employee Associate Interviewee Activities Drug Production, Weapon Manufacturing, Illegal Trafficking, Burglary, Illegal Gambling, Hijacking, Racketeering, Alcohol Bootlegging, Loansharking, Coercion, Extortion, Money Laundering, Cyber Crime, Bribery, Numbers Game, Chop Shop, Street Racing, Organized Retail Crime, Forgery. If it makes money, we do it. Applying to Black Diamond Requirments --- - Must be 16+ y/o - Must have a mic - Need to have Discord - Must be Mature and Active Join the Discord through this link and PM me with the following information(Use this format) Why do you wanna join BDE?: What sector are you most interested in?(Production, Operations, etc.): Name: Age: How active can you be?: Do you understand the Rank Structure and Rules and will abid by them?: WIP
  7. What is this? The Unseen is a criminal organization which values respect, loyalty, and devotion. If you want to feel as if you belong somewhere, have people who always got your back no matter what. Join The Unseen. We are not the typical "gangsta" crew you'd find on the street. If you think that you are very mistaken, once we've grown to a substantial amount of people, we begin our climb to greatness, join and be a part of the revolution. Do not let our yet small number scare you, once you join, you're family. How do you join? Do you want to be apart of The Unseen? Apply here. Minimum Requirements. - 15+ years old and mature. - Loyal. - Active both in game when TS is released and on Discord before (and after release). - Willing to do whatever is necessary. - Follows orders given by the Leader. - Must have pledged at least $15. Allies - Moretti Family - Bourne Car Rentals - Luprano Family - Black Diamond Enterprises Positions Meths Leader - Hugo R General - [Vacant] Chiefs Chief Advisory - Mr. Schmidt Chief Enforcer - [Vacant] Security Chief - [Vacant] Regular Personel Advisor - [5 left] Enforcer - [30 left] Security - [49 left] Soldier - [99 left] Other Informant - [5 left] Bookkeeper - [Vacant] Recruit - [91 left] Info Join Discord - Only click if joining The Unseen Hierarchy What do the different ranks do? Rules Join the revolution now. Members as of now: 9
  8. Hello How will this whole court system and jail time work. Is it: a) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to a court room where he has to wait till a judge speaks out his sentence or the more better option imo.. b) After a criminal got catched from the police, theyre driving him to the police station, where he gets put in from there to his jail room and has to wait his time. The time should be based on the wanted level the criminal got catched at. The wantet level shouldnt go away even if he logs off, since irl the crime doesnt go away either, think of it like that. At best the crime level should be lowered by some levels after 1 week or longer. Also you could get up to 99 or infinity wanted levels, it shouldnt just be stuck at 6 like in gta? So the times would look like this: for each wanted level its 30 mins. So for 10 wanted levels the criminal should have to sit 300 mins in jail or 5 hours. Then the criminal levels should be given like 2 for speeding over the speed limit, 6-8 for light roberry, 10 for killing someone, 10-20 for heavy bank heists and the list goes on from there. But dont be afraid to put on long sentences. Its the players choice if they wanna be criminal and try to get money faster than the average hard working civilian but then he has to also pay the price IN TERMS OF SITTING IN JAIL. Please respect this opinion and try to implement as much as you can like this in the game. Believe me it will work out so good. best regards Sun Diego
  9. I'm looking for players that would be interested in working together in a mafia style organization or secret society that could span all aspects of this game from legit legal business to all forms of illegal activity to gain power and accumulate the financial high ground early and take hold of the real estate market on the official servers as they are at this point the only finite resource in the game and can only gain equity with time as well as provide staging grounds for the exclusively criminal aspect of our forces ( street level gang bangers) to stage forward bases and take over valuable "turf" as well as a steady form of income (rernt) from properties not being currently used as staging grounds. The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Int
  10. So been wondering for a while. How will Identity deal with crime, robbery and murder? We know about the stress system, and how it works for straight up KOS. But how will mechanics deal with camping greafing and that type of gameplay? A lot of these games ends up with one reacquiring problem\ game loop. You grind some stuff, and get man handled by a serg of people while you are picking fruit or mining ore. I mean a regular Joe can go a entire life time with out getting mugged, attacked or kidnapped in real lfe. Will there be lets say guards (NPC) for lets say a querry or refinary? Identity is suposed to be realistic so how will Identity tackel this? Eventualy everyone will turn to a life of crime as you end up not wanting to do legal becuse of the time it takes and lower profit. With the risk of losing everything before cashing in anyways. This leaves the world scewed to a semi anarcy where no one gives a crap. Criminals should be a higher risk of getting murder while regular legal jobs should be safer. It be interesting to see how Identity will deal with this side of a game like this. If legal jobs become unattractive it will effect everything from crafting and economy to the mentalety of players on the server. Any toughs? Cheers!!
  11. Backstory of a stuggling artist

    Initially a struggling portrait artist, D. Marlboro began his career capturing the character of Ash Hill’s most lively citizens. Rarely getting paid for the pleasure however, he reluctantly turned his hand to forging fine art. His attention to detail and undeniable natural ability quickly made him successful and with this success came money, more money than he had ever dreamed of making as an artist. With the money however came pressure, pressure to churn out forgeries, pressure to perform, pressure to undertake more lucrative cons like counterfeiting…his small cosy studio quickly became more and more like a sweatshop with deadlines, backlogs, angry (and dangerous) customers. Coping poorly, and as many of the creatively inclined do, he turned to the bottle, and then, to various other…substances. This dependency quickly overtook him, driving him further from the artistic expression he cherished and pursued initially and culminated in a severe case of writer’s block. Unable to summon the energy to meticulously scour over and reproduce the more popular workings of the grand masters, his debt began to mount exponentially and it quickly became obvious something needed to be done. Being all too aware of the value of art (real and fake)and with his contacts in both the artistic community and black-market he figured he could flip an original painting or two for a tidy profit, pay off his debt and escape the criminals he had inadvertently fallen in with. The challenge however was doing this without any capital. A cheap plastic party mask and an old, rusted unreliable shotgun later he had pulled off what the press described as a ‘strong arm robbery’ but in reality was much more like a hectic smash and grab. Regardless, a new bug had bitten; he no longer craved the chemical highs but the massive and natural adrenaline rush which comes post heist. The arm full of paintings he had secured from his first job where enough to cover his debt and buy his freedom. Finally free but with only a couple thousand dollars to his name he retired the old shotgun replacing it with a much more manageable and reliable .45 pistol, replaced his plastic party mask with a non-descript black ski mask and began planning his next hit. It wasn’t long before the target of his heists became irrelevant and he branched out from galleries into local shops and businesses and eventually into the realm of banks and the ever more challenging stash houses of drug dealers and criminals who had harassed and threatened him in the not so distant past… Thoughts, feedback appriciated!
  12. Dark Web

    I think this might have been asked but I couldn't find it after searching, but there should be a dark web system for computers, where you can find different types of black market websites for drugs, counterfeit money, weapons, etc.
  13. Bank Heist Crew

    I just need a few people to rob banks with me, we will call ourselves The Counterfeits.
  14. Identity Theft

    How about some identity theft, like players could put scanners on ATM's, or you could peep over at someone and get their PIN number while they're typing it in, or maybe just mugging someone and taking all their information, and then afterwards you could either use it for yourself, or sell it on the black market, which you would be able to access from the dark web on a PC.
  15. Money System Ideas

    Money System Ideas Concept Firstly I would like to explain my concepts then I will go into more detail for some additions to the money system (some may be in the game or they may be in planning, I don't know what they have planned.) What I was thinking of is different states of money such as Dirty money (Money obtained unlawfully) Clean money (Money obtained lawfully). I will now explain what systems could be added. Clean Money The use of Clean money would be to use to buy items for your person, house ext... And you would be able to deposit the money into a bank or the game equivalent and also inside your house. This type of money you could use anywhere and you would not have to do anything to it to use it at all places. Dirty Money The way you would get Dirty money is by robbing a bank or any other big place that would have a large amount of money. The way this money could come into play is if there is a bank robbery instead of the robbers being able to deposit the money into the bank and it would be safe. It would add an extra "cleaning" method you would have to do. This would involve a system of if you had $10,000 of dirty money you would have to pay 20% of the money you want to be cleaned. If you choose not to clean the money you would not be able to deposit the money into a bank but would have to store it in your house or yourself, So if the police found dirty money on you they could investigate where the money came from. Notes There could be a few other ways you could gain dirty money through "black market" trades with players (it would be up to the players if you want dirty money or clean) The police could have a system on their computers to check if the money you have is dirty money. Such as if you got pulled over by the police and you had $10,000 on you they would question you why you had that amount on you and if you don't have an explanation they could run the money through a computer and see if its dirty (involved in a robbery) or clean (legally obtained) This is my second suggestion check my first suggestion out here :
  16. Smuggling

    I was wondering how the smuggling system would work because if it is a generic system such as storing items in an inventory on a vehicle, police could find illegal stuff very quickly. Whereas I was thinking if it was possible to add a system where you can hide stuff under your car inside and all around it, so if the police want to do a vehicle search it would take a bit of time rather than checking an inventory. Also, it would be cool to place stuff on/inside your car it rather than an inventory. (I don't know what kind of system the devs are planning on but this would be my idea of a "cool" system.)

    Hello all we are currently looking for more people to join our organization. We are relatively small but we have the intention of growing. Unlike many of the other powerful and established families, we do not have the numbers, this makes our main objective’s secrecy and trust. This is why unlike other posts, I will not say the name or all the details here. If you would like to know more please message me and I can give you all the details there. One promise is made though money will be made by all. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider us in your choosing.
  18. La Cosa Nostra

    Welcome to La Cosa Nostra, or this thing of ours, we are a criminal corporation which will expand across the land. We will grow together as some of the closest and most lucrative families out there. Join us and I promise you one thing, you will make more money than you know what to do with. Oath -Don't get in the way of making money. -Don't say anything to the police or anyone outside the family. -Don't touch the drug business. -Keep a low profile -Respect your superiors Now let me elaborate on this. If you try to whack someone who is making us good money or screw with them then we may have you whacked as well. If you get caught by the police you never say a word to them, if you do then you won't wake up the next day that includes no talking about business in front of outsiders. Also, no drugs. The drug business brings too much heat and is too risky just don't get involved. We are not a bunch of thugs, don't sit around and throw up "gang signs" keep a low profile and keep your life. Finally, if you are given an order you will follow it to the letter, I don't care if you are ordered to kill a close friend or relative, follow orders and respect superiors. Well, with that out of the way now I can move on to what the jobs will be Personal Bodyguard: You are the only person who will actually see me in person and you must protect me at all costs. Others will hear from me over the phone or text so that it is less likely for me to get caught and so I can keep La Cosa Nostra on its feet, unless I decide it is necessary for us to meet. Anyway, this person may be ordered to kill the underboss if I feel that he is attempting a hostile takeover. Acting Boss: You will act as my face. and take care of the day-to-day in the field. However, if you hold this position don't let the power get to your head and think you run the show. Consigliere: You are not an official part of the family, however, you supply us with connections and money and act as a sort of bank and adviser. In order to apply for this job you must have a decent amount of money and you must have many outside connections through businesses or government. It would also be recommended if you had plenty of ideas for us as well. Underboss: You will manage over capos and make sure that they are all collecting money. If they aren't we will have some enforcers deal with them. Capo: Capos will be given their own little territory to hold as well as a few rackets in that territory. You will also have access to soldiers within your own crew. You can do whatever you want with your crew and your territory as long as you withhold our oath. Soldiers: These are the floor workers of the family and do most of the dirty work. These are the enforcers, the hitmen, the gun-runners, and so on. These guys get the jobs done and are the foundation for this thing of ours. This is where most will start at and are not made members yet. The Insiders: These are the people we can count on to help us in a jam. These guys are not made members but are protected because they help us out in return. (Police officers, doctors, politicians, businessmen, and more are welcome) Message me directly if you are interested! Don't want the police to see who we have now do we
  19. I have seen previously, in other ARMA mods that you have had the ability to store people in the trunk of your car, for example in Takistan life, where you would cross a border and you could store a person with drugs on them in the trunk of your car to avoid being caught. This could be expanded on taking taking hostages or hiding a person. Obviously the police would be able to open your trunk if they had probable cause. Also if you had a bigger vehicle like a truck, maybe you could have multiple people in the back, maybe growing weed or cooking meth. This could also be expanded into storing physical entities in the back of your trunk such as a weed bag or little bag of meth. Pretty much just a way for drug traffickers to hide they're wares. Let me know if you think this would be a good addition
  20. Please add a tweak to your system. Create zones that magnify stress extremely high for the instigator in nice areas that would be unrealistic places to be attacked in the real world. At the same time don't raise stress very high for the defender when he defends himself with non deadly force in the nice areas/ low crime zones. -(One punch knock out?) This system will create a more realistic crime map that matches real world. There are wealthy areas with very little to no crime and other zones with very high crime. Plus players that don't want to be messed with in that way can stick to the good areas as they would in real life while also getting a jazz when they take a trip to the bad areas where crime is more likely to happen.
  21. The Toxic Havoc of Genocide Jack

    Jump down this rabbit hole of mine and join a villainous gathering of chaos and crime. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the player known as Genocide Jack, but you'll grow to know me for my ripping path of havoc. The name of the game is survival of the fittest and I only work with those who can keep up with the pack. For instance a zebra doesn't have to be the fastest to escape the hungry lion but they also can't be the slowest. See what I mean, the ones who fail to keep up will be devoured by the ravenous others. And those who cross me or slow me down will be cut from the havoc as well. You can't put a speed limit on ambition. And my ambition is a society where chaos is an everyday occurrence, I want total anarchy so that everyone associated with me and affiliates will be the royalty of the world that we have brought out of the fire in which we lit. If you want to be a part of something that would earn you not only respect but fear as well then join me. My arms are always open to those who think they can handle the bittersweet yet rewarding Toxin of Genocide more thing, I love to play games. especially those of the mind. And our crime formation will be built around using your wit to always keep one step ahead of the others. if you wish to join simply add a reply at the bottom of this page and I will welcome you. Although be warned, those who are among the first to join will have it easy for a while but there's always competition in life so be wary of those who are stronger than you that happen to be making their way up the ranks. I will view all of my followers as precious assets and rest assured if one goes down the rest will pick you back up. now of course ill need an overseer for the unlikely scenario that genocide jack goes down for a bit but ill need time to establish trust and figure out the best candidate. the overseer will be my right hand and over time you'll see them handle things for me as well. (if you have any questions be sure to leave them at the bottom of the page in a reply and I will get back to you ASAP). now we cant have an organization that's disorganized can we? ~Basic Rules 1. homophobia, sexism, racism and discrimination of any kind will be intolerable and breaking this rule will be the biggest and easiest mistake you will ever make. 2. trust must be established before you become an official member, you can prove this trust by performing a designated task to fit our groups needs at the current time 3. there will be absolutely no aiding the enemy of any sort unless there has been prior consultation with me 4. you fight to defend this cause, this organization, and the person you see when you look in the mirror 5. backstabbing, lying, stealing, or breaking any of these rules will result in immediate ban from the organization. I don't tolerate the rats 6. respect those in rank above you unless they have broken a rule 7. upon initiation you are sword to secrecy and you are forbidden from revealing sensitive information 8. when a member falls PICK THEM UP 9. if you have any questions, concerns, or info, consult Genocide Jack, (you will be rewarded for useful information). in the case that Genocide Jack is unavailable consult the current overseer 10. Genocide Jack's word is final ~Ranks Genocide ~ "Genocide Jack" leader and high court Overseer ~ (Pending to be chosen by Genocide Jack) advisor and right hand to the Genocide rank. will oversee the organization while genocide jack is unavailable, reinforces the rules and sends orders to the Arsenic ranks. Arsenic Corporal ~ (open) oversees the Arsenic ranks Arsenic ~ (open) will fill in for the overseer in case of emergency, looking out for the ranks below them and organizing crime Arsenic ~ (open) Hemlock Corporal ~ (open) oversees the Hemlock ranks Hemlock ~ (open) goal is to carry out the orders of an arsenic and lead the mission Hemlock ~ (open) Hemlock ~ (open) Hemlock ~ (open) Night Shade Corporal (open) oversees the Night Shade ranks Night Shade ~ (open) mission is to follow the Hemlock ranks orders, do spy work, and be assigned solo or CO-OP missions. Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Night Shade ~ (open) Toxin Corporal (open) oversees all of the Toxin ranks Toxin ~ (unlimited amount ~ open to anyone) polices the organizations turf, follows orders from above ranks, assists on missions when needed and will be chosen for missions by the Arsenic ranks who organize the crime. is also responsible for bringing in revenue for the organization. Sincerely ~ Genocide Jack ~{ × _ × }~ "Those who fail to follow the rules will be subjected to a fate worse than death"
  22. Black Market Discord

    I am taking it upon myself to start a discord for underground jobs, drugs, guns, protection, etc. This discord requires maturity and respect at all times. We have a system for getting rid of insiders and cops. There will be some snakes, narcs, and cops slipping through here and there but with mistakes come corrections. To be able to see deals and all info on sales you will need to be interviewed by me or one my staff. This is the discord for the Farmers Market. FYI for whoever is half retarded this is for the VIDEO GAME Identity that is going to be released soon, not an actual black market.
  23. The 17th Coven

    I am starting a league of extraordinary criminals to start in this marvelous world. Together we will rob, steal and flourish. We are anti government but for the people. We rob corporations and police, not civilians.
  24. In Game Trolling and Griefing

    What do the different political parties intend to do about trolling and griefing? Things that aren't necessarily illegal but will be plain attempts to grief other players. Trolls can be very persistent and will find a way to try and ruin this game! Is it even the in-game government's job to fix problems like that?
  25. Hey guys I did a breakdown of the new trailer/gameplay video and I'm sure I've caught some things you might've missed! Check it out here: