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  1. Street Racing?

    Yes but if you drive for pink slip you would need a mechanic to register new ownership of the car.
  2. Street Racing?

    Will there be street racing mechanics?
  3. Which cars do you want to be in the game?

    As long as we have a All black windows and some bling rims so i can roll up on em fools. Makes for a fast getaway as well. #IdentityRangeRover
  4. Current plan for the next stream (June 28th)

    Great news also remind Jhon to compile and cook client & server before the stream this time.
  5. In the town square

    Mess around, check out the shops, clothes and appartement,maybe see how much is intractable. I guess it will take about 1 hour then i will wait for a update. Rens and Repeat until its actually interesting.
  6. Well, the day is almost here.

    Its not done before its done dude, can be weeks for all we know. All this speculating is no good.
  7. Dear Identity devs....

    Hey John while you are here way don`t you take some time and answer some questions around here.? Like whats the real reason you cant get a payment provider?
  8. Where are you from?! (Europe)

    Haha aint that the truth they are more like a frienemi sendt in time out lol.
  9. Is this a scam or a game

    Well my experience of 17 years in the MMO scene is this. If you sit back think its going to be ok and not say a word. Then problems presist nothing gets fixed and game sucks when it comes out. If you call them on there shit stuff can change, look at all the loot box controversy and so on. We as consumers have a lot of power to effect change if we are not afraid to voice our unpopular opinions.
  10. Is this a scam or a game

    If you don`t like my opinions don`t read them. Way should i refund i want to play this game IF it comes out I don`t care about the money i have more, its the principle. But am stile going to voice my opinion on stupid decisions and bullshit lies. Now instead of attacking me personally way don`t you try a decent argument? Or do you realize i am right and you just salty? And it has nothing to do with like or dislike that is what you blind supporters don`t understand. It is about how they treat us, lie to us and mislead us, disappoint and always have a excuse that is not relay there fault they always act as a victim never taking any responsibility..
  11. Scope of this game is too large

    LOL they did NOT make Arma Life. They are just running a server and making some script changes to a already developed mod. They took the core and changed and added to it, they did nothing of the nitty gritty stuff. The core was done for them.
  12. Is this a scam or a game

    I see becuse you have no good arguments against the truth you have to try attacking me calling people idiot. I don`t know how the idiot on here is, if you don`t like my opinion. Then stop replying to me like a dweeb and go tell your mommy the internet was mean to you, and don`t agree with you.
  13. Still no updates?

    Meaning Town Square will not be released even if done, unless you have got back to the payment provider? How do you know it would take longer if you don`t have contact with the provider, but you know its faster to do nothing and wait? Again yet another excuse that makes no seance... A bit insulting seeing you must think everyone on here is a imbesill?.
  14. Is this a scam or a game

    Thats has been disused a lot here and while they have no credibility. Are viewd as unprofessional and incompetent Identity is not a scam. It just have relay bad dev`s. State of Identity is that its first module is not released but available Soon™. See tracker for more "info".
  15. When will the second module be released?

    Can you blame anyone? They Lie, Delay and disappoint consistently. Actions speak louder then words and they don`t do much. But they talk a lot e.g: Rens and Repeat stream (No Gameplay Today ETHER).