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  1. Hey guys I did a breakdown of the new trailer/gameplay video and I'm sure I've caught some things you might've missed! Check it out here:
  2. Alright so since we already know that we will be able to use our own custom logos made within the game's logo creation tool, I was wondering if there was anyone in this community with some sort of photoshop/graphic design experience who would be interested in partnering in game and creating graphic design for logos as well as merchandise within the world of Identity. If there is anyone out there who is interested in such, send me a private message along with your contact info so that I may get in touch with you once the game launches!
  3. Identity YouTube Videos!

    If the error message was something such as "There was an error posting the message" or something similar, just so you know I end up getting that message sometimes when I try to comment on my own videos XD, I'd recommend signing out of your account then signing back in to try to comment again and that should fix it , like I said whether you want to post something positive, hateful, or even criticize me or something I said in the video you are more than welcome to! I respect the fact that not everyone will see things the way I do so I don't get mad at that. I saw you answering comments on my video that you commented on helping out the others who didn't know as much about the game so thanks . That's definitely welcome on my channel as I don't have much time to respond to every single comment and I don't want people to feel bad if I don't get to them and I answered someone else so thanks for the help! And if I do ask @HairyGrenade for an answer instead of you @JamesLuck01 please don't take it personal as I am just trying to get the most confirmed info about the game so that's why I ask hairy since he has direct contact with the devs. However you do know much more than the majority of the people here and I'm sure the devs are thankful for you helping them as am i for you responding to some of my comments for me! Feel free to help out again if you ever want to it's greatly appreciated
  4. Identity YouTube Videos!

    fixed the original one, it posted before I was done my speech
  5. Identity YouTube Videos!

    I 100% agree here with @PowerGaming7. I'm not going to write a whole paragraph about it since he basically said everything I would've said. This isn't a competition between us YouTubers and I assume that power gaming is going about this the same way as I, where we are trying to get people to learn more about Identity and give it some exposure since the devs do not have the funds to market the game properly. Although it definitely grows our audience we are trying to grow the name and brand of Identity as well. The more people showcasing Identity, the more people will know about it's existence. A game like this truly needs to be well known in order to do well comparative to other games otherwise the game will just flop. @JamesLuck01 I'm not sure what you mean by I blocked you on the forums but I haven't as I still see your messages and reply to them. I do appreciate your help with providing me with some of the answers even if you can't help me with all and that is understandable since you are not a dev or with the staff. I did NOT however block your comments on my YouTube channel, (I don't even know who or what made you think that I did), as the last person I had to block was about a year and a half ago but that's another story. I welcome all comments on my videos whether it is positive, questions, criticism, or even just straight up hate. I do understand that you may not like me as a YouTuber or even a person but hey I can't be liked by everybody right? I just want you to know that I have not blocked you on my YouTube comment section and you are free to comment whenever you'd like! (P.S. I know that i didn't state in the video that the map was concept art but I did however put it into the pinned comment when i released the video!) Nonetheless thank you @ThePro for your support! And yes I will admit @PowerGaming7 definately knows more than me about the game as he has been following it far longer than I have so I would definitely recommend his videos as well as he has way more Identity videos than I (Which I'm hoping to change ) and is a great person as well and is a great source of information about the game! Oh look I did end up writing a paragraph , that's all thanks for reading!
  6. Yeah I was just looking for more specific answers but yeah if nothing more is confirmed yet then that kinda sucks, guess I'll just have to wait a bit for more info. Thanks anyways
  7. So when the town square module comes out and I increase my pledge afterwards, will I be able see the apartment I just pledged for in game? Or will I need to increase the pledge before the module is out?
  8. @HairyGrenade do you happen to know about this temp apartment? Is it true?
  9. Officer Dynasty YouTube Series

    Not sure who that is so no not really, I sorta just thought it was going to be a cool idea and it won't always have to be funny, as long as it is interesting then it will be good
  10. Officer Dynasty YouTube Series

    Thanks buddy
  11. Officer Dynasty YouTube Series

    No it's not really a reality series, it's more like a comedy series / walkthrough series of my character's life as a cop. And thank you but i'm not really into the whole scripting thing I like to make things up on the spot and i like it when things happen randomly, makes it more genuine and less cringey
  12. Officer Dynasty YouTube Series

    Hey guys some of you may know me some of you may not. I run a YouTube channel with 5800 Subscribers at the time I am writing this. I am planning on doing a YouTube series as a police officer following along my journey and perhaps some funny encounters (I will also do other types of videos on the game of course).I am really looking forward to this game as there currently aren't any games where there is a real and good dedicated police force! I hope some of you will be able to join me along in this journey and maybe I'll see some of you on the field! My YouTube channel is TheDynasty in case you were wondering .
  13. I was kinda looking for a detailed list lol that's just one thing
  14. Do you know where they said this? The temporary apartment?